First of all, construction, does not necessarily mean only the erection of buildings. It comes in may forms. From basic to complex. For instance, a bridge. Perhaps, an oilfield facility. Or, it could also mean the construction of a structure. Such as a condominium.

Another example might be the construction of a new house, or cottage. Maybe, a winter vacation and revenue-producing home in Mexico. Perhaps, a shop. Or, a barn with corrals on the farm. Whatever it is, although the word is simple, it can take on a broad array of meanings.

The Construction Domain is Very Vast. However, This Firm Handles Every Facet Of It.

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Facets of Construction

Thus, it also includes the usage of heavy, or specialized equipment too. For example, excavating machinery. Similarly, specialized equipment, such as a concrete pump for a high-rise. Therefore, frequently, the word construction is used in a more general sense. In so doing, it can include anything and everything, related to all forms of erection of something. In other words, anything, that involves building something. For example, a custom home. Maybe, a deluxe outdoor living space. Or, a large retaining wall. Perhaps, a water feature.

Need For Architectural Design In Construction

However, each project, regardless of size, must have architectural design drawings done in advance. It’s the only way. Perhaps, landscape design is needed, as well. Whether it be for residential renovations, a heritage restoration, or a brand new home. Thus,  architectural design, ensures accuracy for the client. And, a blueprint for the building teams, to work from, as well. Likewise, for permitting from the regulators. Including, your landscape & outdoor living spaces.

Plus, proper design protocol minimizes the risk of costly mistakes. After all, you are dealing with the single largest investment you are likely to have, in your entire life! Are you prepared to take a gamble on it? Or, do you want the #1 team of professional experts, in your corner? Remember, it costs you nothing, to make an inquiry. It’s FREE! So, go ahead.

Maybe, you’re looking for a rewarding career, or employment opportunities? If so, send your curriculum vitae to our Human Resources department HERE.

We’re in the Architectural Design & Construction Business – Over 47 Years – Building Top Quality Products

This firm was founded 47+ years ago, during the early stages of the building frenzy, in the 70’s. Est. May 1971.

Since then, we’ve built hundreds of custom homes.

Additionally, thousands of landscapes and outdoor living spaces. Similarly,  we’ve  designed and constructed commercial, government, public and private buildings.

Also, facilities of every description too.

Hence, if you calculate our firm’s experience, in terms of manpower, working hours, materials, planning and correlation – the numbers are staggering! Likewise, our productivity is unfathomable.

Construction Help:

Mexico/International: +52 1 322 146 8325 <> Canada/USA Toll-free: 1 877 9 URBREG (1 877 987 2734)

No Project Too Big For URBREG

And, no project is too small, either, for that matter. Every client’s construction job, is of extreme importance to us. No matter, the size of it!

Hence, whatever kind of construction you’re after, you’ve found the #1 voted company in Canada and Mexico. In fact, the top veteran experts throughout the entire western hemisphere. Including, most of the USA, Latin and South America too. In this article, we’ll outline a few tips, do’s and do not’s, for your benefit.

First off, nearly every type of building construction, requires a permit. For instance, interior renovations. Or, exterior renovations. Likewise, house building, landscape overhauls, property enhancements and outdoor living spaces. Typically, permit ready drawings will be required. Probably, for most types of construction. These serve as the ‘blueprint’, for the work to be done. Plus, project management might likely be required too.

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Client Testimonials Summary

“Well, we are all settled into our new home now. So, I’m sending this short letter, to express our total happiness with your company and all who proudly work there.  And proud they should be!” READ ENTIRE REVIEW

Dr. Robert & Marjorie O’Connor

Edmonton, Alberta

“As a retired CEO of a large international technology company, I have been particularly impressed and exceedingly pleased by the way all of your Staff has handled themselves, ever since the very first meeting.” READ ENTIRE REVIEW

Douglas & Barbara Lavigne

Sayulita, Nayarit Mexico

“We’re writing to express our total satisfaction and excitement about our new home. We’ve always got to check the house number twice to make sure we are pulling up into the right driveway!” READ ENTIRE REVIEW

Terrence & Leslie Braun

West Vancouver, BC

Let’s Build Something Together

To avoid future problems and unnecessary stress, we always follow proper construction protocol, in our projects. For example, we’ll take care of all negotiations and obligations with the City. Or, the municipality on your behalf. And, our firm will invoice you for time and disbursements.

As with anything built, compliance is critical. Failing which, you may have to tear it down. If, you are one of the ones, that ‘doesn’t get caught’ doing a project without having a Building Permit, you may still lose out in the long run. That’s because, you might not be allowed to sell.

Your Home | Building, Reno, or Landscape | Our Team

Veteran site supervisors manage your project site. From start, to finish. Part of their role is ensuring that you get the highest quality work, and craftsmanship. Your Project Manager will meet with you.

Similarly, as necessary, throughout the construction process. Either on site, or in our office. Depending upon what is most fitting, and as situations warrant. During that time, you’ll be provided with any updates. Tours, and details of the work in progress are included as necessary. Additional material samples and schedule revisions are also covered. Likewise, for those who want them, financial and accounting reports, can be supplied, as well.

Getting Ready for Building

Once everything is reviewed and explained, we all sign the document as required. Then, you’ll get your deposit placed in our Trust Account. Next, begin booking materials, equipment and personnel. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, usually within a few weeks, we’ve generally got everything arranged. Ready to go.

Building Changes, Additions, Deletions and Amendments

Of particular importance, any and all changes to the project work scope of the original contract documents, are detailed. No matter, how insignificant those are. Included, are such things as ‘unforeseen vices’. All, are properly recorded, priced, and approved in writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often, there are construction questions from our clients and visitors. Thus, in order to save time for everyone, we’ve compiled this list of common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). Also, with some detailed answers. Certainly, if you cannot find an answer to your questions, contact us below. We’ll do our very best to get you clear, concise answers quickly and comprehensively.

What type of construction insurance does your company carry?

Clients have frequently asked questions about insurance. Like any reputable construction firm, we are fully covered by $10,000,000.00 in full coverage Contractors Liability Insurance and Bonding.

What type of construction projects does URBREG do?

URBREG International is a full-service, residential & commercial custom consulting, designing and building real estate firm. For everything – from single family dwellings – to tropical 5 Star Resorts. Similarly, the Landscape Design & Construction Division specializes in upscale full outdoor living enhancement and makeover projects. For residential, rural residential and resort properties. We recognize, our company is not a perfect fit for everybody. But, for those who we are suited – expect nothing but the best – in every respect.

Do you offer free construction estimates?

This is without a doubt the #1 most frequently asked question. Although we do not affix a rigid cost factor to our estimates, we technically do not go about giving out “free estimates” for construction projects, of any size. Estimating is a fine science. It requires skill. Also, experience, a lot of time, accurate measurements and precision. An estimate of any sort, free or otherwise; cannot be provided accurately, or precisely, without professionally prepared, scaled drawings accompanied by a professionally written scope of work. Anyone, who tells a client otherwise; is doing them a disservice. Thus, those types will be looking to make up the incurred expense elsewhere. Neither can they achieve any reasonable degree of accuracy. All this combined can be a costly undertaking to do, properly.

Complexities of Construction Estimating

Since getting to the estimate phase most often requires consulting and design work – from that perspective, our estimates are not truly free. While we do not charge for “Project Estimates” in the literal sense; we do of course, have applicable fees for our consulting and designing services, which generally goes hand in hand with materials selection and estimating.

Construction Estimating Accuracy

We are all professional career people and cannot, and will not, guess at construction work. Keep in mind; a proper estimate with any value, or validity, cannot be done without solid data to estimate from.  Any estimate made from someone else’s plans and scope of work is based solely on that information. Thus, all deviation from those plans and scope of work, will result in pricing adjustment(s) becoming necessary. And, applicable fees being applied. Our estimates are carefully prepared, calculated, authenticated and ensured accurate by veteran professionals. So, in short, no, we do not supply “free” estimates, because more often than not, those are worthless and inaccurate anyway. We love our client inquiries and working with them. But only professionally. Not amateurish.

If we already have professional plans and blueprints; can we get your construction company to build them?

URBREG Construction does build other companies plans, from time to time. However, that is assuming everything is designed to internationally recognized and accepted Building Code. And, in full compliance with all regulatory authorities. Finally, it must be reviewed and accepted by our construction managers.

If we only want design services; does your design & construction company offer that?

Absolutely! We offer full design services. Inside and outside. As well, full architectural services. For instance, custom home design, interior design, sustainability design, renovations design and landscaping design, are just a few.  Mostly, our designing work is done ‘in-house’. But, periodically, some of it is outsourced independently from our company, through pre-approved ‘independent contractors’. Contact one of our professionals to inquire further about your design needs. Interior design to Landscape design, and everything in between.

Are you covered by Construction Workers Compensation?

Another series of frequently asked questions relates to Workers Compensation. Absolutely, the safety and well-being of our workers is of primary importance to us. We are active working members of PIR (Partnerships in Injury Reduction) and have a comprehensive, strictly enforced Health, Safety, Drug and Alcohol Policy. We maintain our COR (Certificate of Recognition) as well, through the Construction Safety Associations and semi-annual audits.

What about construction requirements like Engineering, Permits or dealing with City Hall?

URBREG Construction can handle anything related to your Project. The client simply signs an authorization form for us to act on their behalf. Then, our experts will make the process painless, efficient and swift. Consequently, with nothing overlooked. Hence, obtaining Building Permits and everything related to your project, is one of the many services we offer, day in and day out. See directly below, for more info.

Applying for Your Construction Permit

Additionally, transfer title may be blocked on your property later, when the time comes to sell. Therefore, follow the rules, and you’ll have no problems. As with everything, we’re here to simplify the processes. with our tested, proven, structured systems Also, to make your progress, flawless. And, your life easier.

Construction Commencement Date

We’ll also have a solid, finalized construction commencement date set up for you. Barring, any unforeseen delays, back-orders, or adverse weather, of course. Our key field personnel and specialty trades come out to your property. They’ll do a full review and orientation of the Site. Furthermore, the drawings, plans, scope of work, utilities, access, permits, staging areas, demolition, waste disposal strategy and every detail of the job, will be reviewed in advance.

This gives everyone, an opportunity to get familiarized with everything in advance. Also, to be able to match the drawings, to what will soon become, the reality on the ground. Field Team Leaders will organize their project execution strategy. Moreover, prepare for one final project review, prior to commencement day.

Construction Work Change Orders

An official, building construction Work Change Order document is prepared, prior, to any change(s) being scheduled and executed. No changes of any sort, verbal or otherwise are permitted at the field level. They must, all be communicated through our offices. Moreover, approved, before they can be put into effect.

As such, your project management Team will be your liaison. He/She will deliver all authorized and approved work change instructions, to the field teams, for execution. Thus, your assurance of compliance and cost control. Additionally, it also ensures the minimization, or total avoidance, of cost creeping and over-runs.

Design Construction Estimates

Some of our Preferred Suppliers Info

URBREG Construction works with literally, thousands of materials suppliers. Depending upon the needs of each project. At the link, we’ve showcased a few of our favorites. And, the most frequently used ones. We’ve even got a preferred search engine!

Therefore, to get more info on the one(s) of your interest, just click on their Logo. Then, you’ll be redirected to that website. Thus, you’ll be able to get the info you need. All, are tried, tested and proven. We don’t list any, that we haven’t used ourselves. Pre-approved and preferred Suppliers and Vendors.

Additional Specialty Services

Mexico Real Estate

URBREG Construction Checkmark Preferred Image 0056aThere’s a veteran URBREG Team of Real Estate Professionals, at your pleasure, in metro Vallarta and metro Cancun. Get in touch with them for any Mexico Real Estate needs. Selling. Purchasing. Renting. Property Management. Vacation Rentals.

Architectural Designing

URBREG Construction Checkmark Preferred Image 0056aThere’s a veteran URBREG Architectural Design Team of Professionals, at your pleasure, in Mexico and Canada. Get in touch with them for any architectural or designing needs. Houses. Buildings. Renovations. Interiors. Landscapes. Sustainability.

Custom Homes

URBREG Construction Checkmark Preferred Image 0056aThere’s a veteran URBREG Custom Home Construction Team of Professionals, at your pleasure, in Mexico and Canada. Get in touch with them for any building needs. Houses. Buildings. Renovations. Restorations. Outdoor Living. Farm & Ranch.

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In conclusion, the company divisions section is interesting, and the contact overview page, is where you can send in a quick inquiry. There’s so much more. Maybe, the sitemap can help you explore all the URBREG possibilities. Whatever your needs might be,  contact us anytime!

Last of all, you may not realize that we have several Facebook Pages. In fact, we’ve got one for each of our business domains: Design  |  Build  |  Sustainability  |  Gardens  |  Landscape/Outdoor Living  Mexico Real Estate  Of course, we’re very active on Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as, Instagram and Yelp. Likewise, we’re also on Tumblr, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.