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Architectural Design Services & Products Canada – Mexico

Therefore, we welcome you to URBREG International Inc., (Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group International Inc.) of Canada – Mexico. Now’s the time, to browse our website for home design and many other residential solutions.

Of particular importance, is the fact that we’re about ‘everything residential’. URBREG is your real estate, home design and construction one-stop-shop! Especially noteworthy, we’re in Canada, USA and Mexico – down the western side of the continent.

Home Design, Architectural DesignResidential Renovations, Heritage Home Restorations, Project Management, General Construction, Mexico Real EstateProperty Management & Vacation Rentals

Most noteworthy, when you want a custom home design created, get the skills and expertise of URBREG on your team! We’re the one-stop-shop for everything residential. Check out our renovation home design page too. The perfect, no moving solution!

In addition, the URBREG design team also will do the interior design on your new or renovated home. Utilize the interior home design expertise from our skilled associates. Incorporating the latest modern home design trends.


Also, even if you’ve never touched your outdoor spaces in the past, it’s never too late to get it customized to your lifestyle and family’s needs. Get URBREG in your corner, for a full landscape home design & outdoor living master plan!

Over 6,600 customers can’t be wrong. Utilize the architectural design and home design skill-set from the URBREG Team of Experts on your next project. Incredible support, punctuality & unlimited creativity with emphasis on sustainability.

Systematic Architectural Design To Meet Every Need

There are several approaches when it comes to residential home design consulting. But, clients consider our advanced ‘Systematic Success System‘ to be among the very best. In addition, there are many merits to a consultation system, such as the one we’ve developed and use. Here’s a summary.

Stage 1: Phone Conference

Stage 2: Office Meeting & Consultation

Stage 3: Preliminary Budgeting

Stage 4: Site Meeting

Stage 5: Conceptual Rendering

Stage 6: Material Selection

Stage 7: Project Management, Construction, Completion

We prefer a detailed, personalized and comprehensive one-on-one consultation process with our clients. Consequently, the benefits are many. Most noteworthy, however, is a greatly reduced possibility for errors and misunderstandings. Therefore, less risk means better results!

The biggest benefit is that you can see and understand how the elements you’re looking for, will appear at any given time, as your home design takes shape. Long before the crew ever arrives at your property.

This is why we have implemented tools like a ‘live walk-through’ of your project for the various elements. So now you got the best of both worlds! Easy to follow design and advance layout building with ongoing editing, made easy and possible. Consequently, you’ll be apprised of your project before a shovel ever hits the ground… 🙂

Awarded Architectural Design, Construction & Real Estate 47+ Years

Secondly, URBREG International Inc. started serving clients 47+ years ago. Established on May 12, 1971, to be exact! As a result, we’re super proud to have achieved an average home design and general business practices rating of 4.85 out of 5.

Plus, our firm has been honored with nearly 770 Consumers Choice & home design awards! Consequently, it’s our opinion, that you’ll be hard pressed to find ANYBODY who offers better service.

Most noteworthy, the firm is a home design, real estate and construction pioneer. We wrote the book on value, honesty, quality, integrity, punctuality, attention-to-detail and specialized diversity. Hence, we’re referred to as the URBREG professionals, #TheUniversalTeamOfExperts. Full service inside & outside your new custom home – From extensively trained, highly-skilled associates. Get in touch TODAY! Email Us: info . general @ urbreg . com.

Also, please #HelpUsOut and #SpreadTheWord to celebrate the success, all our wonderful clients have given us. #ThanksAMillion!

Real Estate -> Architectural Design -> General Construction

Integrity, Honesty, Creativity

Especially noteworthy is the fact that our integrity is everything when serving our customers! Of particular importance, we’ve been rated tops in home design, architecture, architectural design, sustainability design, custom building, project management, general construction, Puerto Vallarta real estate, property management and vacation rentals.

Equally important, is that it all comes bundled with an extra helping of honesty, integrity, punctuality and friendliness – governed by an extreme Code Of Ethics. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. There is no better time than right now. We’ve professionally served more than 6,600 home design, real estate and construction clients, since 1971, and satisfied every single one, fully!

Home Architectural Design, Construction, Real Estate, Vacation Rentals and Property Management Testimonials

Of particular importance, most URBREG home design and other clients have been extremely pleased with their purchases. Consequently, many have voluntarily sent testimonial letters to our offices. As a result, we’ve included a few of them on our websites. Thus, we’ve set it up for you to view those through this linkGo ahead, have a look for yourself what they’ve written… 🙂 Henceforth, feel free to contact us for anything residential. Consequently, we challenge you to discover anyone else on the globe with that many clients, and a rating this good. Therefore, contact us TODAY for any of your residential needs!

But, hold on a second! URBREG does a LOT MORE than just Architectural Design.

General Contracting, Project Management, Custom Building, Renovations, Restorations, Landscaping, Outdoor Living, Puerto Vallarta Real Estate, Property Management & Vacation Rentals – Just to mention a few of our diversified services! We’ve even got skilled Web Designers and Internet Marketing professionals, as part of our team.

In addition, to over 60 vacation condos our URBREG real estate & home design teams professionally manage, in metro Puerto Vallarta, for our remote owners, we also offer high quality vacation homes and villas too. Consequently, we’re honored to be ranked among the top Mexico vacation property suppliers and property managers. You got a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

You really owe it to yourself to check us out. Get in touch with an URBREG Architectural Design Pro TODAY!

URBREG is the best-rated top seller for a reason. We bring a lot of great real estate and architectural design benefits to the table. As well, great customer support, integrity, honesty and deep-rooted, solid core-values. But, at the same time, we always try to keep things as simple as possible. Hence, our firm makes it easy for you to rent with confidence, reliability and peace of mind.

A growing inventory of more than 60 top-quality, architectural designed Puerto Vallarta area vacation rental properties. Professionally managed by the URBREG Real Estate & Architectural Design Teams. Our architecturally designed vacation rentals are truly, one of a kind. We only offer fully equipped, inspected and professionally managed vacation condos. Consequently, you will be not only in paradise, but in complete comfort while you are there. 🙂 Learn More.

Especially noteworthy, is the fact that each one of our condo units has satellite TV, with a wide variety of channels. Also, we’ve gone to great lengths to have top-of-the-line internet service. In fact, most are at least 10 Mbps. And, some units have up to 50 Mbps, exclusively for our business clients. Thus, you can be assured of comfort, all the luxuries supernatural Puerto Vallarta has to offer and connection to the entire globe!

Most noteworthy, all visitors to our real estate, architectural design & construction website can use the Specialty Contact Forms, for any need.

Including, subscribing to our Newsletter and blog article notification. You can unsubscribe at any time you wish. No questions asked! If, that should become your choice later on . . . Just click ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom and you’ll never hear from us again.

Real Support by Real People. Architectural Design, Construction & Real Estate Professionals.

Especially noteworthy, the URBREG team all possess deep-rooted core values, integrity and expertise. Consequently, thousands of solved inquiries, since 1971. Plus, a customer satisfaction rate of 97 %We CARE about YOU. Period!

Thus, best support and service you can imagine, is offered daily by the URBREG Home, Architectural Design, Real Estate, and Construction Teams. Therefore, use our Specialty online contact forms if you’ve got any question. In conclusion, URBREG’s team will respond, that’s for sure. Welcome Home!

Inquire About Architectural Design By Phone

Similarly, as an aternative to online contact, you can call us about architectural design, home improvement, or anything we offer. Call toll-free, from anywhere within North America at 1 877 9 URBREG (1 877 987 2734). Or, if you’re calling from within Mexico, get in touch with us at 044 322 146 8325. Internationally, reach us by phone at 011 1 52 322 146 8325. Para hablar en Español, por favor llame a: +52 1 322 152 6747.

After all, we are considered the ‘one-stop-shop’ for home improvement and everything related, by our clients from around the globe. Therefore, learn about our products and services. Also, get helpful tips, advice and how-to’s on our Blog. Or, contact us, with specific questions.

Perhaps, you are a professional who wants to share your knowledge. Do you like to write? If so, we’d love to hear from you. URBREG customer support is always on the lookout for talented and knowledgeable writers to contribute to our site. We’re  quite determined to supply our readers with great info. Likewise, our visitors with great home improvement, architectural design, engineering,  construction, maintenance and real estate articles.

URBREG Architectural Design Helpful Links & Main Social Media

In addition, we’re pleased to advise, that we have separate Facebook Pages for each of our various business domains. Like Us on one, or all. Design, Construction, Sustainability, Landscape, Gardening and Vallarta real estate.

Of particular importance, Follow Us on Instagram too. Likewise, check out all the home improvement on our Pinterest Boards. Get to know our firm on LinkedIn, on YouTube and Google+ too.

Secondary Social Media for URBREG Architectural Design

Similarly, we’re on Tumblr, Flickr, Dribbble, Yammer and Path. Likewise, ScoopIt, MySpace, Blogger, Instapaper, FlipBoard, FourSquare and BlogLovin, are social presences we like to frequent, as well. Furthermore, StumbleUpon, Plurk, Pocket, Fancy and Delicious are also some of our posting favorites. Lastly, you’ll find our architectural designing overview info on Diigo and VK, as well as, Vimeo, Behance and Yelp, as well.

Additional Architectural Design Resources

Finally, in addition to architectural design, stay current about all URBREG International Inc.’s products. For example, trends for homes. Learn more about renovating, or things to avoid when remodeling. Also, have a peek at our ‘Additional Stuff’ section. Lots of info on a variety of topics there. In addition, if you are into boring reading, you might check wish to out our anti-spam policy, website Terms of Usage, Payment Options, or Privacy Policy. On the other hand, you might find the terms of engagement section quite interesting. Especially so, if you’d like to know how we work and benefit you.

Rewarding Careers, the Photo Gallery, our Vision and Mission Statement, customer testimonials & Reviews, and Blog Articles, also have a lot of helpful info for you.

Often, we’ve got special supplier promotions, incentives, contests, rewards running. Have a look. And while you’re looking, you probably would like to know more about our design build overview too.

Get Into the Architectural Designing Business

If you’ve got an interest in getting into business for yourself, you’re at the right place! Our franchise opportunities page, related to home improvement and everything related, has all the info. We look forward to adding you to the Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Inc. (URBREG International Group Inc.) family.

Or, if it’s a rewarding career, job or employment opportunity you’re after, go to our Rewarding Careers, Jobs and Employment Page. And, apply for any job offering that suits your skill set. We offer much more than just architectural design job opportunities.

Perhaps, you need to go back to our Home Page. You can do so, by clicking HERE. To find other locations on our website quickly, our Sitemap will help you. Whatever home improvement or architectural designing assistance you need, URBREG is here to help.

Architectural Design Conclusion

Besides architectural design, home design and the like, you can also learn more about such things as Nuevo Vallarta real estate. Or, the Puerto Vallarta real estate market trends and such. Maybe, you’d like to know more about the Puerto Vallarta Time Capsule.

Or, perhaps you need a more specific contact form at our Contact Forms Page, to make an inquiry. Lastly, thank you in advance for your contact to our Client Care & Customer Support Team. Our home improvement team appreciates your patience, while we process your residential online inquiry. URBREG’s customer support personnel will get back to you, for sure!

We’re mighty obliged that dropped by our page. All my Team also appreciates your COMMENT’s, LIKE’s and SHARE’s too! Therefore, feel free to #HelpUsOut and #SpreadTheWord! We say, #ThanksAMillion from all the #TheURBREGTeamOfExperts.

So, whether from Calgary | Red Deer | Edmonton | Grande Prairie | Bonnyville | Lloydminster | Kelowna | Vancouver | Bellingham | San Diego | Phoenix | Puerto Vallarta | Puntarenas or Barcelona – We want to be your premiere choice for architectural design. Or, any of our services. Better yet, all of them. Experience our architectural design, construction and real estate skills and expertise. We’re pleased to let you know, that this Architectural Design Page was LAST UPDATED and worked on: 28 December 2018.

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