Our consulting service for the most part, is a two stage process. Often, however, consulting services, do not end until a client’s needs are satisfied. And, the project is fully completed.Whatever, it may be. Including professional advice and project management assistance. Initially, from the point of first contact, we engage in a phone consulting session with our potential client. Hence, this phone consultation is the starting point for every inquiry we receive. And, for every project we give our consideration to.

Consulting helps us understand the clients’ directives. Furthermore, objectives and what they are looking for, is more clearly defined. Sometimes, it is real estate. Other times, a new custom home design.

Consulting Residential Team | Your Worry-free Success

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Whatever the case, it is important for us to have a clear understanding and general information about the client. Likewise, how they wish to live on, and use their land, is important. Important, that is, if we are to be of maximum help to people in achieving their goals. This phone consulting conversation is a service we provide to every prospective client. Plus, it’s FREE. Equally, it also helps us determine who would be the best choice for them, within our firm.

Also, during the phone consultation, we will explain our company protocol. Similarly, the way we work. Lastly, we’ll discuss the systems we’ve developed and utilize. Likewise, during this initial consulting conversation, we’ll sometimes provide professional advice. However, only when necessary. Typically, we also make a preliminary determination of our compatibility. Compatibility, between each other, to work together. Or, not.

Universal’s Residential Process In A Nutshell

What’s more, the client typically does a similar assessment. An assessment about us. And, makes a related determination during the consulting process. A determination of whether or not he/she is desirous of working with us. Usually, we’ll also answer any questions. Additionally, explain how we charge for our services. As well as, giving a clear understanding of our terms of engagement, including fee and rate schedules.

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Hence, most of the time the client will want to come to our offices to meet with us, for more extensive consulting dialogue. During this discussion time, we need to gather information about the clients’ needs. In addition, their lifestyle and tastes. Doing so, ensures working together effectively. And, a successful relationship down the road. Thus, a proper initial consulting phase is the cornerstone for each project we engage in. Similarly, it is your foundation for the work to come, as well.

Going The Extra Mile For You

Moreover, it all begins, by our team of professionals laying the groundwork. Additionally, by dedicating the extra time and care to ensure that we know everything we need to. Including, budgetary matters. We’ll also make sure and explain everything. So, the client knows what they need to know, about us. A thorough introduction of sorts. From there, we are generally retained and officially hired. As the consulting agency for the clients. In, whatever capacity they need us.

Residential Consulting Services For Every Need

However, sometimes, a client may wish to conduct this process, in the reverse. Some, will request us directly for an on-site appointment, right off the bat. Or, to conduct a formal consulting session at their property. When this happens, the consulting service, of course, carries our standard hourly fees. Which, are in complete alignment with schedules set out by the Professional Consultants, Engineers and Architects Association’s guidelines. And, are based on the individual skill-set, experience and seniority of our professional, who will be conducting the site visit.

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In a more typical scenario, it is only after the successful completion of the phone, and, office consultation that we get booked to attend and conduct a field consulting session. Otherwise, or a walk-through of a property. There are also many occasions, where a client will retain us on a turnkey basis. Therefore, to do any variety of consulting tasks. Some, related to real estate. Others, lifestyle enhancement. Still others, design, project scope, trouble shooting, project management and many other functions. However, there is great value in the fees involved, for any of these processes.

Purpose of the Site Consulting Visit

In addition, to walking through the property together, we gather data first hand. Thus, getting a crystal clear vision of how things should, and need, to be laid out for the clients needs. For this, we take our time with you. And, document in detail, the entire process.

Also, we’ll discuss the sales listing contract, the offer to purchase, permits, architecture or engineering processes and documents, for example. Our professional will empower you with the knowledge, ideas and the advice you will need, for a successful project.

An Added Bonus – These Consulting Fees Are Credited Back To You

Later, as we advance together, we’ll credit a portion, or all, of the consulting fees you paid to us. This credit, will go toward any design or construction work. Work, required or requested of us. It’s just one of many ways we help with your budgetary guidelines. Plus, it’s also one of our ways of saying ‘thank you’ for your business. Remember, not every company works this way! But, we appreciate your work and your confidence in us, so we reward you appropriately.

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Furthermore, not every company goes to the great lengths that we do to ensure a clients’ complete comfort. As well as, satisfaction and success in their proposed project. Similarly, not every contracting firm is equipped with the knowledge, experience or skill-set, to handle everything for you. Bear in mind, that whenever there are unknown elements to a project, shortcuts taken, or when things are not properly understood or handled – there will be problems. Nearly, always!

Reasons For The Detail

Therefore, that’s why our consulting process is so detailed. And refined. Moreover, with an entire integrated team of professionals in their fields of expertise. Hence, it ensures an error-free working relationship together. What’s more, in order to achieve that, consulting and communication is paramount.

Construction Project Inquiry Image 00012URBREG International Inc., recognizes that we are not perfectly suited for every client. That’s a given. But, for the ones who we are – they can expect an exciting, rewarding, stress-free and fun experience. Through our two stage consulting process, the guess work is eliminated. We begin to develop the deep-rooted relationship with every client, who chooses to work with us.

Thus, typical rifts caused by moving forward to design and build are eliminated through our comprehensive UCG System For Success. A tried, tested and proven system, that has been perfected by 47+ years, in the making. A great accountant can save you loads of grief and money at tax time. Similarly, our professional team can save you a heap of heartache and wasted cash at project time. No matter, how simple, or how complex. And, no matter what your project may be.

Consulting Conclusion

Construction Project Inquiry Image 00014In closing, feel free to contact us online. Or, give us a call today. In Canada/USA, call toll-free at 1 877 9 URBREG.

Thus, call to inquire about our variety of professional consulting services. Likewise, get our rates. Perhaps, discuss your needs for the next project you are considering.

Any way you slice it, you’ll be glad you did. Because, it’s been said that “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

And with your upcoming project, so it is as well. Money, you invest in consulting today, will yield predictable results tomorrow.

Plus, remember, that a portion, or all, of your initial investment, will be credited back to your final purchase. Therefore, there’s no way for you to lose.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But, in this case, something invested, everything gained!

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