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First of all, Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Int’l. Inc. (URBREG International Inc.) has many customer rewards programs. Furthermore, in conjunction with its’ ‘sister’ companies and various divisions, we have other ways to reward you for referrals and loyalty too. Read on to find out more.

Have you enrolled to take advantage of the many benefits of our customer rewards programs? If you wish to, you can do so here, by completing and submitting the handy form below. It’s FREE to enroll. And, not that you’d want to, but you can also cancel at any time.

URBREG Customer Rewards Programs Enrollment

To join, just complete and submit the URBREG Customer Rewards Programs enrollment form. Then, start getting rewarded like you deserveBegin TODAY! It’s FREE. The benefits are virtually endless! And, welcome to the luxury of getting rewarded for your efforts and assistance.

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Besides our own, some customer rewards programs are through our preferred suppliers. Sometimes, they also include us in phenomenal contests, incentives and discounts. Also, rebates, cash-back promotions and client rewards programs. We prefer to pass those along to you, our customers. Therefore, ENROLL NOW, so you don’t miss out!

URBREG International has CASH PROGRAMS too! Get paid, for referring your friends, family and associates. Furthermore, anyone, who you introduce and recommend to us, that ends up becoming clients to our firm, WILL NET YOU CASH. From our coffers. In addition, UIG (URBREG International Group) also has fabulous contests. For example, our Fire Magic BBQ contest.

URBREG Customer Incentives, Contests, Discounts, Rebates & Much More

Image 009 for URBREG International Group Customer Rewards ProgramsImage 003 for URBREG International Group Enter To Win A Custom Kitchen MakeoverA variety of customer rewards programs, contests, discounts, rebates & much more are available at our firm. Check into one. Or, check them all out, if you like. Then, choose the right one for you. URBREG International Inc.’s Team of professional experts continually shoot for the top, in everything we do. Therefore, that includes bringing you the very best customer rewards programs.

Furthermore, we often run ‘in-house’ contests and promotions. For instance, our Facebook LIKE promotion. Similarly, from time to time, we offer rebates, discounts and savings programs, as well. What’s more, URBREG sometimes has the benefit of fabulous preferred supplier promotions, which we partner in. Also, bringing you some amazing contests. For example, the $100,000.00 Dream Kitchen promotion. Wouldn’t that be sweet to WIN?

URBREG Rewards Programs | Get Rewarded Like You Deserve

Image 005 for URBREG International Group Enter To Win A Custom Kitchen MakeoverImage 008 for URBREG International Group Enter To Win A Custom Kitchen MakeoverAll in all, the Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Int’l. Inc., (URBREG International Inc.), has some of the top customer rewards programs.

Likewise, some of the most generous rebates. Plus, amazing promotions and prizes on the planet. All this, available through our customer rewards programs.

However, enrollment is required. Thus, don’t wait another minute. ENROLL RIGHT NOW. Because, the clock is ticking toward our next grand prize winner!

URBREG Rewards Enrollment Form

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Contact Us Besides Rewards

Furthermore, when you have a question, or if you just would like additional information on any topic, visit our specialty contact forms. You’ll find it under the contact tab. Simply, select the form most suitable to your needs from the URBREG contact forms. Then, complete, submit, that’s it. We’ll handle the rest.

Also, utilize our sitemap page, to get around our websites efficiently. Likewise, get the residential assistance you want. URBREG Customer Support is always here to help, too. Or, if you need us to work for you, they can also help you with the Terms of Engagement. And, much more. Maybe, you’ve got a Puerto Vallarta area property to sell. Or, one you’d like to buy. If so, get the help and advice you need HERE. Looking for work? Visit our Rewarding Careers page and apply.

Get To What You Need Quickly With These Links

Image 013 for URBREG International Group Customer Rewards ProgramsPerhaps, you are an expert writer and would love to contribute to our home improvement blog. Or, you simply would like to read some of the helpful articles. For instance, the one about sustainable gardening, designing a new home, doing a renovation, or getting a landscaping master plan done.

Maybe, more info about us and our company divisions, Mexico real estate products, or home improvement services interest you. Read what previous clients say about us too. View the gallery, for project photos. To get back to the Home page, click HERE.


Image 004 for URBREG International Group Customer Rewards ProgramsURBREG International Inc., has a customer rewards programs points collection plan for customers, visitors, friends, fans and followers. These incentive programs are promoted on our Social Media networks, as well. Start collecting to get rewarded later. It’s true, we ARE the one-stop-shop for ‘everything residential’, you can cash in there too!

Furthermore, simply engage in our promotions and we’ll reward you with collectible points. Even though they have no cash surrender value, you can redeem them for URBREG products and services, at any time. Thus, get enrolled in the URBREG International Inc., customer rewards programs NOW, and start collecting!

It’s also FREE. Just one more way, it pays to be a friend of URBREG. More details on this page. Or, by getting in touch with us.

Additional URBREG Customer Rewards Programs Helpful Resources

Image 011 for URBREG International Group Customer Rewards ProgramsOf particular importance, throughout our website, you will find many off-green colored words and phrases. These are all live links. Links, to additional information about a wide variety of topics or pages. As, each phrase describes. Thus, when you come across one that is of interest to you, simply click on it for more information on that topic. Some will open in a new window, so you don’t lose your place here. Similarly, others will redirect to a new page on that topic.

Particularly noteworthy, new products, customer rewards programs, incentives, contests, promotions, prizes, commissions, referral fees, discounts, deals, rebates and so much more, await you! If you want to be rewarded for loyalty, ENROLL NOW.

Watch our Facebook Pages on URBREG Customer Rewards Stuff

Image 002 for URBREG International Group Customer Rewards ProgramsHere’s a summary of URBREG’s customer rewards programs and incentives:

  • New Customer Rewards Programs are available to YOU. Keep an eye on our Pages! Take advantage. CASH IN!
  • TO EARN CASH COMMISSIONS, simply direct client referrals for real estate, design or build bookings, and/or, recommendations of URBREG International Inc.,, of people you know, to us. If we are a good fit and end up working with the person you referred to us, you get paid a commission.
  • Everybody is eligible, so get crackin’ folks!

Some Fine Print About URBREG Customer Rewards

However, URBREG customer rewards programs are for all legal citizens of Canada, USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Latin and parts of South America, unless otherwise posted. But, you can’t get rewarded without enrolling first! Get registered by completing and submitting the official customer rewards programs Enrollment Form above.

  • Opt-out of our customer rewards programs at any time you wish.
  • If you choose to opt-out . . . we promise not to ‘bug you’ like some do.
  • Also, we promise not to send you any further promotional materials, if that is your wish.
  • In fact, if you prefer, you have our promise not to contact you in any way at all, unless you request us to.
  • Same applies if you subscribe to one of our newsletters and wish to opt-out.
  • Unsubscribe from the URBREG Customer Rewards Programs. Or, Newsletter at any time you choose. If you do, we promise to never bother you – no exceptions.
  • Plus, you won’t lose any accumulated URBREG customer rewards points if you opt-out. Just in case, you change your mind back.
  • URBREG customer rewards programs points are transferable to alternate promotions, products or services.
  • It’s all part of the URBREG International Group Customer Service Pledge, to our clients, friends, fans and followers.
  • Email us for additional details or more information on any of our customer rewards programs or incentives programs.
  • Opt-in, or opt-out, of URBREG Customer Rewards Programs Hassle-free

URBREG Customer Rewards Programs Integration With Social Media

Image 007 for URBREG International Group Enter To Win A Fire Magic BBQLike or Share, our Facebook page(s) of your choice |  Architectural Design  |  Construction  |  Landscape/Outdoor Living  Gardens  |  Mexico Real Estate  | and collect additional rewards points!

  • Liking our Sustainable Vertical Gardens subsidiary page in Mexico, Tan Vert Jardines Verticales, gets you even more rewards points yet.
  • Similarly, we also have many other temporary and ongoing rewards programs. Therefore, watch our Facebook Pages for all the details.
  • Likewise, the same rules apply to earn rewards points from any other URBREG subsidiary or division.
  • Finally, get STAR RATING’s by Liking, Sharing and Tweeting our new Website Pages and Facebook Posts. Involve your friends in URBREG Customer Rewards Programs too!
  • More people you get enrolled, the greater you’ll ‘cash in’!
  • Lastly, it’s that easy to get rewarded!

Opportunity for Gain is Virtually Endless with URBREG Customer Rewards Programs & Incentives

Moreover, have some fun with our customer rewards programs! Also, earn URBREG Rewards Points through one of our rewards and incentive programs. And, good luck to everyone. Consequently, it is our sincere endeavor to bring you better contests, promotions, discounts, rebates, rewards and incentive programs, than anyone else in the industry. We’re all about Customer Service with quality, integrity and a friendly smile.

Additional Stuff Related To URBREG Customer Rewards Programs

Image 012 for URBREG International Group Customer Rewards ProgramsFurthermore, Liking, Sharing and Commenting right on our Website Pages and Blog Posts, is where you REALLY gain the advantage. Doing so, MULTIPLIES your URBREG Rewards Points entries. Each time someone does the same thing. As a result, of your initial actions! Similarly, in doing the same thing with Facebook Posts.

In addition, to amazing customer rewards programs URBREG International Inc.,, it’s subsidiaries and divisions, will always continue to bring premium products. And, services. Such as, the ones linked below.

URBREG Customer Rewards Programs | Your Dream Our Team | The Winning Combination

So, if you didn’t already realize it, you will soon learn that Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group, together with its subsidiaries are:

URBREG Customer Rewards Programs Conclusion

Image 006 for URBREG International Group Enter To Win A Fire Magic BBQNo matter who you are, we offer the very best customer rewards programs. Also, incentive programs. As well, discounts, rebates and much more. When you have a question, want some additional information, or to inquire about our services, go to our Contact Inquiry forms page. There, you can select and submit the inquiry form best suited to your needs. And also, explore other topics on the main website navigation bar.

Lastly, to receive the news announcements about all our customer rewards programs and incentives, FOLLOW US on Social Media. Hence, we’ll keep you up to date about the latest news, trends, promotions, incentives, rebates, contests and rewards.

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Thanks A Million for participating in the URBREG customer rewards programs. This Customer Rewards Programs page was LAST UPDATED: 29 July 2018.

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