We're Updating Our Real Estate, Design, Construction Websites

Howdy Friends! We’re mighty obliged that you stopped by our online home, Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group. (URBREG INC.)

A few Updates and Upgrade Renovations are Underway on our Real Estate, Design & Construction Websites

The section you are looking for is currently being worked on. Sorry, about that. But, we want your user experience to be optimum, so that’s why we’re doing it. Our firm apologizes for any inconvenience caused. But in the end, we know you will appreciate our efforts.

Meanwhile, why not CONTACT US with any questions or requests. Otherwise, please stop by again soon to check on our progress.

We sure appreciate your understanding during this transitional period. And, we truly appreciate you, too! Have yourself an awesome day.

Very sincerely yours,
Jen (Jennifer) N. McNeil,
Executive Administrative Assistant

URBREG INC. (Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group)