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URBREG Group believes firmly, in “doing things by the book.” We’re fairly certain, you do too. It’s better for you. Likewise, it’s better for us, when business arrangements are clearly defined and written. Therefore, here, on this page, we’ve written about our engagement terms summary. It details the terms of service, under which we will provide services, to you, our clients.

A business relationship must be defined concisely. Hence, having a Service Engagement Terms Agreement (SETA) in place defines your business conditions with us. Clear, written agreement in place from the start, eliminates misunderstandings. It averts mistakes too. URBREG’s team makes sure it is all spelled-out, up front. Thus, giving you the comfort and confidence you need to get our firm, in your corner. Consequently, engaging us as your business partners. To get your project underway! Efficiently done, no matter what it is. Real estate, property management, architectural design, project management, construction or general contracting.

URBREG Terms of Engagement

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As a result, you’ll have a clear picture going in. Also, a complete understanding what both parties need to contribute to the business relationship. As outlined above, it so happens, we refer to our in-house client contract as a SETA (Service Engagement Terms Agreement). Therefore, by having an engagement agreement in place, we can commence with your work. Our teams know what your instructions are. Furthermore, it defines what is expected of you too. All of it is laid out in writing.

Why We Both Need Engagement Terms Outlined

Image 007 for SETA Page at URBREG International GroupSadly, in many cases these days, someone’s word and their handshake is no longer good enough. When we started business back in 1971, a handshake was all that was required. Moreover, aside from a person’s good word, it was the only thing any of us had. There was no such thing as a contract, back then. Business relationships, small and large, were all based on someone’s good word. And, a handshake.

Image 009 for Terms of engagement Page at URBREG International GroupHowever, seemingly, humanity has evolved for the worse. Some of that is due to people getting burned, scammed or ripped off. Another part of it comes from skepticism. More recently, due diligence began playing an important role too. It seems, now-a-days, you have to go over things with a magnifying glass. Everything has changed. Thus, clients demanded a contract. And, we listened. This firm was among the first, to heed the terms of engagement request. Although, it is referred to under several synonyms by different company’s.

Services Contract, Engagement Terms, Engagement Contract, SETA | Different Wording for the Same Thing

So, to fix all the foregoing issues with a single solution, we came up with our SETA. Tested and proven. This firm has been using it for over 30 years. Of course, there are places like the Realtor’s MLS Board, that also have an additional contract to be put in place. But, our terms of engagement begins with our own Service Engagement Terms Agreement. The beauty of ours is, that we can both mould it to suit specific your needs. It has some flexibility. Unlike, the Realtor documents, for example.

What Terms of Engagement Means

First of all, a terms of engagement agreement is a specific set of written instructions. Those come from you. Simply put, the directives clearly outline why you are hiring our firm, in the first place. Plus, to do what.

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In it, you will find the terms and conditions under which, both parties will move their business relationship forward. Things like services or products to be provided. Of course, the corresponding fees, are detailed in it, as well. In some cases, a portion of fee could be a percentage factor. For example, such as with real estate. Or, perhaps property management.

In addition to that, general and specific time-frame terms are also detailed. Lastly, for this short definition anyway, the engagement terms agreement will define how long it is in force and effect. Usually, that can be set from 3 to 5 years. Unless, of course, the project is very small and simple. Then, it could be from 12 to 18 months.

Time-frame & What the Service Engagement Terms Agreement Includes

Generally speaking, the larger, and/or, tougher the task(s), the longer the engagement agreement will be in place. The reason  for this is simple. As you can imagine, we’re not desirous of getting your requested tasks advanced, only to have our work contract expire, for example. Especially so, if the compensatory package includes commission-based remuneration.

Further, the service engagement terms agreement will include the retainer amount, which you the client, will provide to us. In other words, this is the sum of money that needs to be paid to our firm up front, for your work to be commenced. Usually, it is used for ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses and disbursements to third party associates.

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However, it is important for you to know this in advance. Right? Equally important, is how your retainer will be drawn down. Also, the rendering frequency of your account. And, how it must be replenished. Thus, these items are all covered thoroughly in the SETA (Service Engagement Terms Agreement).

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Our Service Engagement Terms Agreement

URBREG Group, together with all our associates are considered the one-stop-shop for everything residential. This distinguished designation, was give to us by our clients around the western hemisphere. Therefore, you may wish to learn about our Mexico products and services. Also, here, you can get lots of helpful advice, tips and how-to’s on our Blog. For instance, topics such as Puerto Vallarta real estate. Or, Nuevo Vallarta real estate. Maybe, first-time home buying tips.

Do you have Puerto Vallarta area property you want to get listed and sold? If so, have a look at this PAGE. It will give you more info about our real estate listing and sales services. Get an engagement terms contract in place with your URBREG neighborhood professionals, who WILL get the job expertly and professionally DONE for you!

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Image 005 for Terms of engagement Page at URBREG International GroupFinally, in addition to all of the foregoing, stay current about renovation pitfalls or sustainable garden ideas. Likewise, learn more about getting custom designed plans for your new dream home. Maybe, for a new revenue, vacation or retirement property, with our Puerto Vallarta – Nuevo Vallarta division. Also, find out about our various services and company divisions. We’ve also got a detailed Privacy Policy that explains how your personal information is handled and safe-guarded too.

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Image 018 for Terms of Engagement Page at URBREG International GroupOr, if you’re thinking about getting into business for yourself. You’re also at the right place for that! Have a look at our franchise opportunities page. Check out getting into business as a franchisee, with us. Maybe, our company smash hit interests you and you’d like to buy one of our available franchise territories! If so, we look forward to adding you to the Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Int’l. Inc., or the URBREG International Inc., family. Feel free to get in touch, with any questions. And, to buy.

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Image 021 for Terms of Engagement Page at URBREG International GroupPerhaps, you owe yourself a reward. Come as our guests and treat yourself to one of our vacation rental Puerto Vallarta homes, condos or villas. Relax on the beach. Soak up some rays. Have a cold drink. Recharge. Meditate. Do yoga. Whatever it is you like to do on vacation, the URBREG International Group likely has the perfect Puerto Vallarta vacation home or condo, just for you. We’ve also got an engagement terms document for that.

Maybe, it’s a career you’re looking for. If so, we’ve got you covered there too. Simply, go to our careers, employment and jobs page. There, you can apply for any job that suits your skill set. You’ll see we offer much more than just real estate, custom homes and design build career opportunities.

We’ve got current real estate opportunities also available in the metro Puerto Vallarta area, as well. If that doesn’t suit you, let us know about your skill-set. How can you make the company even better? Maybe, we can create a customized career opening, just for you.

URBREG Engagement Conclusion

Maybe, you need to go to our About Us page. You can do so, by clicking HERE. Whatever Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias, Punta de Mita or other assistance you need, URBREG is here to help. So, get your engagement terms agreement in place with us TODAY!

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Lastly, unlike some companies out there, URBREG personnel WILL get back to you! Unless, of course, you’re sending us unsolicited ‘junk or spam‘ materials. If, that’s the case, you probably shouldn’t count on hearing from us any time soon. However, most of you are legit. Therefore, we thank you in advance for your contact. Our client care & customer support team appropriate team member will get back to you in a flash. However, they appreciate your patience, while your online inquiry is being processed.

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