Excavation, Earthwork, Land Reclamation

Excavation, Earth-work, Earth Moving, Land Reclamation, Erosion Control Image 00008First off, excavation, earthwork, land reclamation & erosion control contractors is a part of URBREG Construction’s field of expertise. Whether, you need a basement dug, or a, a pond excavated. A swimming pool hole for your backyard or an oilfield lease remediation.

The URBREG  team of professionals, can expertly handle your needs. Likewise, with a soil erosion control plan.

Secondly, we started in the Leduc area in 1971. And, have grown into a leading residential, commercial and industrial excavation, earthwork, land reclamation and erosion control contractor. Moreover, our 47+ years experience in the Alberta oil-patch has lead us to earth-moving.

Likewise, R-O-W clearing, erosion control, rollback, lease reclamation and access restriction on oilfield rights of way.

Simultaneously, our landscape personnel have done hundreds of residential and commercial excavation projects, as well. Thus, giving us a unique blend of experience in everything from residential to industrial applications.

Excavation, Earthwork, Land Reclamation & Erosion Control Contractors

Excavating, Earthmoving, Land Reclamation Image 00002Excavating, Earthmoving, Land Reclamation Image 00003Thirdly, besides site excavation, ponds, pools and the like, there are a host of needs for our skilled excavation contractors. Erosion control and land reclamation are among them. Furthermore, the award winning landscape designers, at URBREG Landscapes can transform your residential property, into your own piece of paradise. Or, your decommissioned oilfield lease, back to mother nature’s original state. Furthermore, we’re experienced in landscape grading and land clearing. Trenches and ditches. Drainage and land reclamation. Plus, for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Earth-moving, Land Clearing, Reclamation

URBREG’s erosion control & land reclamation division has the expertise. And, the earth moving equipment to give your property a beautiful makeover and remediation.

Remember, soil and land erosion, costs landowners millions annually. Much, of which can be prevented. Prevention, with a proper erosion control plan. Likewise, in many cases, erosion can be controlled through the use of plants and shrubs. In other situations, you may require retaining walls. Or, perhaps, erosion control mats. Either way, our Master Landscaper can help determine which method is best for your property. Or, right of way.

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URBREG General Construction Contractors International Canada Mexico Image 00006URBREG General Construction Contractors International Canada Mexico Image 00004What’s more, we’ve been in the business since 1971. Started as an excavation, earth-moving, land clearing, erosion control and land reclamation construction company.

Hence, URBREG’s Teams have worked throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

Consequently, when need arose for excavation, earthwork, earth-moving, ditching, trenching, land clearing, grubbing, erosion control, roaching, or land reclamation services, we’ve been the first and preferred choice, for well known clients, such as:

  • Excavation, Earth-work, Earth Moving, Land Reclamation, Erosion Control Image 00007Imperial Oil
  • Shell Canada
  • Talisman Energy
  • Chevron Resources
  • Mobil Oil
  • Texaco Canada Resources
  • PanCanadian Petroleum
  • Husky Energy
  • Renaissance Energy
  • And dozens more

Additionally, our firm maintains our COR Certificate Of Recognition. And, PIR Partnership in Injury Reduction. Both, certified by the ACSA Alberta Construction Safety Association. Furthermore, our HSE Health, Safety and Environmental and A & D Alcohol & Drug Policies are industry-exceeding, approved and rigorously upheld.

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