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Common Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Often there are questions from our Clients and visitors. In an attempt to save time for everyone, we’ve compiled this list of common Frequently Asked Questions we get asked, along with some detailed answers. Certainly, if you cannot find a answer to yours, whether it is on our frequently asked questions list or not, contact us. We’ll do our very best to get you clear, concise answers quickly and comprehensively.

Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

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Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions and their Quick Answers

What type of Projects do you do?

What type of insurance does your company carry?

Are you covered by Workers Compensation?

Does your company offer maintenance services?

What is a Consult|Design|Build Company?

We already have professional plans and blueprints; can we get your company to build them?

What about requirements like Engineering, Permits or dealing with City Hall?

We only want design services; does your company offer that?

Do you offer free estimates?

What type of return can I expect from my investment?

What should I expect to spend on my project?

What are the terms of Project payment?

What forms of payment do you accept?

What kind of warranty do you offer?

What happens if I want to make a change once work has already started?

Why is Urbane’s price more than the other guys?

I’m a handyman. Why do I need to hire a Consult|Design|Build Construction Firm?

Frequently Asked Questions: What type of Projects do you do?

We get frequently asked questions about us. The URBREG Construction Group is a full-service, custom, Residential Consulting, Designing and Building Firm for everything – from single family dwellings – to Tropical 5 Star Resorts.

The Landscape Division specializes in upscale full outdoor living enhancement and makeover Projects for residential, rural residential and Resort properties.

This Company is not a perfect match for everybody, but for those who we are suited – expect nothing but the best – in every respect.

Frequently Asked Questions: What type of insurance does your company carry?

Clients have frequently asked questions about insurance. Like any reputable Construction Firm, we are fully covered by $6,000,000.00 in full coverage Contractors Liability Insurance and Bonding.

Frequently Asked Questions: Are you covered by Workers Compensation?

Another series of frequently asked questions relates to Workers Compensation. Absolutely, the safety and well-being of our workers is of primary importance to us. We are active working members of ‘Partnerships in Injury Reduction’ and have a comprehensive, strictly enforced Health, Safety, Drug and Alcohol Policy.  We maintain our COR (Certificate of Recognition) as well, through the Construction Safety Associations and semi-annual audits.

Frequently Asked Questions: Does your company offer maintenance services?

One of our most frequently asked questions. No, we are a full-service Consult | Design | Build Firm who specializes in Constructing Projects. We have a list of reputable maintenance companies who we will refer to Clients who require various types of maintenance services.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is a Consult | Design | Build Company?

Each year we get hundreds of frequently asked questions about what our Firm does. Consult | Design | Build is the best way to run any major project. It begins with a comprehensive consultation and then moves into the Design-work, including regular Client reviews and material selection. From there, everything is costed out and we proceed to build it.

We take full control of the project, and become familiar with it from its inception to completion, thereby eliminating the need for the Client to spend hundreds of hours researching, as well as having the aggravation of dozens of Trades from different companies working on their Project. We arrange and manage it all.

Frequently Asked Questions: We already have professional plans and blueprints; can we get your company to build them?

Another of our most frequently asked questions. URBREG Construction does build other companies plans, from time to time. However, that is assuming everything is designed to internationally recognized and accepted Building Code. And, in full compliance with all regulatory authorities. Finally, it must be reviewed and accepted by our construction managers.

Frequently Asked Questions: What about requirements like Engineering, Permits or dealing with City Hall?

Common frequently asked questions, include this one. URBREG Construction can handle anything related to your Project. The client simply signs an authorization form for us to act on their behalf. Then, our experts will make the process painless, efficient and swift. Consequently, with nothing overlooked. Hence, obtaining Building Permits and everything related to your project, is one of the many services we offer, day in and day out.

Frequently Asked Questions: We only want design services, does your company offer that?

Here’s another of the most common frequently asked questions. Absolutely! We offer full design services – inside and out, as well as full Architectural services as well; mostly ‘in-house’, but periodically, outsourced independently from the rest of the company.  Contact one of our professionals to inquire further about your design needs – Interior to Landscape and everything in between.

Frequently Asked Questions: Do you offer free estimates?

This is without a doubt the #1 frequently asked question. Although we do not affix a rigid cost factor to our estimates, we technically don’t go about giving out “free estimates” for Projects, of any size. Estimating is a fine science, requiring skill, experience, a lot of time, accurate measurements and precision.  An estimate of any sort, free or otherwise; cannot be provided accurately, or precisely, without professionally prepared, scaled drawings accompanied by a professionally written scope of work.  Anyone, who tells a Client otherwise; is doing them a disservice and will be looking to make up the incurred expense elsewhere.  Neither can they achieve any reasonable degree of accuracy.  All this combined can be a costly undertaking to do, properly.

Since getting to the estimate phase most often requires Consulting and Design work – from that perspective, our estimates are not really free. While we do not charge for “Project Estimates” in the literal sense; we do of course, have applicable fees for our Consulting and Designing services, which generally goes hand in hand with materials selection and estimating.

We are all professional career people and cannot, nor will not, guess at construction work. Keep in mind; a proper estimate with any value, or validity, cannot be done without solid data to estimate from. Any estimate made from someone else plans and scope of work is based solely on that information. All deviation from the plans and scope of work will result in pricing adjustment(s) becoming necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions: What type of return can I expect from my investment?

People look for guidance with frequently asked questions and this is a very common one. This varies case by case and is dependent on a myriad of factors, such as style of home, location, size of lot, type of home, functionality of the yard and curb appeal; just to name a few factors. A properly landscaped property for example; can see upwards of a 15-35% increase in value, and a 100-300% return on the investment upon selling the property. Consulting with our professionals will ensure much more certainty and reliability and prevent regrettable mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions: What should I expect to spend on my project?

Among the frequently asked questions we receive, this is near the top of the list. This largely depends on what you are looking for. We have done Projects from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions- depending on whether it is a single family dwelling, a 5 Star Resort or, an upgrade and renovation to an existing home and Outdoor Living Landscaped area.

Looking strictly from a ‘Landscaping perspective’, a general rule of thumb is to spend between 20-30% of your home and property’s retail (market) value on the Outdoor Living and Landscaped areas.

New custom homes and renovations can vary dramatically, depending on the Clients tastes, needs, choices and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions: What are the terms of Project payment?

Once we have been retained to work with our client, each Project varies case by case, depending on size and many other factors. Our payment schedule is generally progressive lump sum draws and is based on the Project budget allowances.  Full details can be seen within our information booklet.

Frequently Asked Questions: What forms of payment do you accept?

One of the biggest frequently asked questions. We accept cash, cheque, Bank Draft, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Direct Deposit and Credit Cards. There appears to be a growing demand for Credit Card acceptance in spite of the extra charge, with this form of payment we recently added online payment to our Website. We found it was convenient for our Clients and customers to be able to pay online.

Frequently Asked Questions: What kind of warranty do you offer?

Continual frequently asked questions about this topic. Warranty varies from 1 year to 25 years, depending on the item.  Detailed information can be seen within our information booklet.

Frequently Asked Questions: What happens if I want to make a change once work has already started?

There are always frequently asked questions about this topic. Changes happen during construction. We know that and we’re fully equipped and experienced to deal with them as they come up. Nobody likes unexpected or creeping costs and that’s why our policy concerning changes and amendments is very defined, comprehensive and strict, for everyone’s protection and clarity.

Although a proposed change to the original agreed upon Scope of Work is usually generated by the Client; periodically, authoritative, or regulatory bodies may also cause a work change, as well. Wherever it comes from; the desired work change must be in writing and sent through our Offices to be priced and approved by a Construction Manager. Once that is done; a formal detailed Work Change Order document will be prepared, discussed, approved and signed; by both the Client and our Firm.  Absolutely no changes will be made on verbal say so.

Frequently Asked Questions: Why is Universal’s price sometimes higher than the other guys?

Among the frequently asked questions we get asked, this one is near the top of the list. The costs attached to our Projects generally may be higher than other Contracting Companies. There are a variety of very good reasons why that is the case.

Part 1 of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Pricing

First, we are not a ‘Ma and Pa’ operation working from a kitchen table, or the seat of a pickup, like many are. We maintain a professional Office environment and with that, comes the cost of Office personnel, support Staff, phone system, switchboard, voicemail, internet, computers, Office supplies and many other costly business overhead items, as well as full Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance coverage.

Second, our Personnel are educated, trained, professional craftsmen and journeymen; not self-taught do-it-your-selfer’s.  With that comes a large payroll burden to keep these Personnel employed and completely attentive to our Projects. Over 47 years of experience has taught us that underpaid Personnel will deliver proportionate results.

Third, we use only select, top quality materials in our Projects, not seconds, not culls.  The cost of these can be significantly more than used, or seconds because our Preferred Suppliers are delivering products that last and products you can show off with pride for years to come.

Part 2 of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Pricing

Fourth, we don’t take shortcuts, cut corners, do things under the radar of the governing bodies, or work without proper engineering, architecture or permits – on anything we do.  If it is proposed to be done any other way than built right, to code and with quality, pride and warranty – we turn it down.  We would sooner turn a Client down today, than let them down later on.

Fifth, we don’t “bid” or cut prices, just to stay busy.  We know what things cost and we need a continual profit to stay in business, maintain financial health and grow, since we are not a charity.  We present the cost that it takes for our Firm to do the particular Scope of Work; fully well recognizing at the outset, that there are people out there who will be cheaper and cut-throat.  We are completely OK with that, but it is not an arena we enter into, at any time, for any reason.

Sixth, we are efficient.  Proper advance planning, continual communication and Site efficiency goes into everything we undertake.  Our Clients are very discerning and have busy lifestyles of their own. They don’t want or have time, to babysit their chosen Contractors.  Customers demand a Company who will get the Project done efficiently and not take forever to do it, or worse yet; one who goes broke part way through the Project, thus leaving them hanging out to dry.  They want the assurance of a no-nonsense, efficient, professional, financially sound Contracting Firm – who gets the job done – on their property.

Part 3 of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Pricing

Lastly, our warranty, customer service and optional extended warranty is unparalleled, unrivaled and unmatched – bar none.  If warranty is important to you as a customer, you can’t make a better choice than URBREG.

An old cliché summarizes it all very well – “one gets what one pays for.”  With Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group International Inc. (URBREG International Inc.), our Clients get over 47+ years of quality, integrity and proven reputation – and nothing less, than the best that money can buy.

Frequently Asked Questions: I’m a handyman. Why do I need to hire a Consult | Design | Build Construction Firm?

You don’t necessarily have to hire anyone for your Project, however; the work and know how it takes is very specialized. Building a modern new custom home, renovating, or putting a major addition on an existing one, is no small undertaking.  It requires knowledge, skill, expertise and experience, as well as proper tools and equipment. In addition, a thorough knowledge of the Construction Code is essential, to ensure that everything is built to at least meet, if not exceed, certain recognized minimum legislated standards.

Landscaping as well, is much more than digging holes and planting flowers. It is a complex building process which frequently requires interaction with governing bodies, engineers and sub-trades.

Hiring a general contractor like us allows you to enjoy your time away from work and reap the benefits of having beautiful indoor and outdoor living spaces that will be the envy of the neighborhood – without the headache and guesswork of having to figure out how to build it yourself.

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