Garden Design Ideas and Plans

Gardens are a place of peace, relaxation and healing. Furthermore, somewhere to reflect. To enjoy the tranquility and inner beauty of your home and property. Also, a place to putter. To seek refuge. A spot to unwind. An area of solace. Therefore, garden design ideas and plans is as vast a domain, as the universe itself.

Garden Design Ideas and Plans

What’s more, every garden has a reason for being. Each garden a life unto its own. Plus, every garden design is different. Individual and independent worlds. As unique, as their creators themselves. Thus, all of this is what makes the garden a sanctuary. And, garden design ideas, is where a combination of vision, creativity and talent can be unleashed and crossed-over.

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Front Yard Garden Design Ideas

As a general rule, your frontal gardens are designed to compliment the home’s architecture. Usually, they add pleasing aesthetics and curb-appeal. When planning, you should maintain or enhance the general appearance and landscape of your neighborhood.

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Creating garden design ideas that are at odds with the general appearance of your neighborhood, may not be a good idea. Thus, a proper garden design can be fostered by one of URBREG’s landscape garden designers. Check out the rest of our Website to learn about the diversity. Specialty domains and quality of our firm. You’ll learn we do a whole lot more than just garden design ideas and plans.

Backyard Garden Design Ideas and Plans

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By contrast, your backyard gardens are a totally different story, since they are private. Those are the ones where you can let your creative juices loose. Backyard gardens have a totally different purpose. Unlike the frontal gardens, your backyard garden design ideas and plans should be for you. And, only those you choose to invite.

Garden Design Layout

You have completely transformed our backyard. I can’t believe how beautiful it is. My husband and I sit for hours in our new gardens. We enjoy watching the birds, butterflies and waterfalls. Thank you so much to Al, Diana, Nick and all your landscape garden design and construction team. Sincerely, Mary & John Achison, West Vancouver, BC.

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Garden Materials

Footpaths, stepping stones, bridges, ponds and streams are incorporated into garden design ideas and plans. Our award-winning landscape designers provide an environment of peace and beauty.

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The architectural technicians at the URBREG team of professionals can draw it all in advance. Inspired by your desires, the elements used in the garden design ideas and plans, enhance the beauty and solace of it. Thus, they enrich your life on many levels.

Garden Ideas Nurture Garden Design

Now, a few words about garden design ideas and plans. Themes vary from English to French. And, from West Coast to traditional garden design style. The four words that should most influence your front yard garden design ideas, are Unity, Proportion, Balance and Variety.

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Similarly, the 3 words applicable to the backyard garden design ideas and plans, are Form, Function and Style. Each has a purpose. With each, a place. These 7 important garden design ideas and plans words, should be the foundation for your garden layout, garden landscape, garden structures and planting plan.

Gardens Themselves After Garden Design Ideas Implemented

Moreover, the gardens of your choice, can be many. For instance, flower, water, ornamental or Japanese rock-gardens. Water features with water plants, coy fish and waterfalls, add a special touch to any backyard garden. Likewise, an element of beauty, solace and soothing sound.

Garden Ideas and Plans for Your Property Image 00013Metro Vancouver and the BC lower mainland enjoys a temperate climate, that allows a wide array of plants. What’s more, trees, shrubs, water-plants, flowers, and even different grasses are afforded to flourish. Often, people are surprised to find out exotic plants such as bamboo, palm, and banana can survive in metro Vancouver.

On the other hand, Alberta, requires some special design and plant skills, to correctly implement garden design ideas and plans. URBREG’s experts know the differences. We coach and plan according to climate zones. However, water and plants can still be incorporated into colder climate gardens with astounding success. All it takes is knowledge and technology to create the garden design of your dreams.

Simplicity in Garden Design Ideas

Garden Design Ideas and Plans for Your Property Image 00020Garden design does not have to be a complicated domain. It can be, as simple as converting an old stump, or an old wine barrel, into a feature garden. The effectiveness of garden design ideas and plans, comes not from complexity or simplicity, but from knowledge, vision and creativity. Therefore, any garden design dream can be fulfilled with the proper know-how and artistic flair.

Garden Design Gives The Garden’s Their Purpose

Gardens, the world over, are created for healing the mind, body and soul. The garden design ideas and plans contemplated must take many factors into account. As garden and landscape designers, we are forever mindful of these factors, when developing a particular garden design. The phrases above must integrate into the garden designs, we create. Hence, a little piece of heaven in your own backyard.

Garden Design Master Plan

Garden Ideas and Plans for Your Property Image 00017First off, we’ll meet with you for a consultation. Thus, utilizing the URG System For Success. During the meeting a better understanding of your goals will be obtained. Our landscape design team will design and install any type of garden structure you desire. Garden structures, such as pergolas, archways or seating benches compliment and highlight the gardens. The garden design master plan is the blueprint, of all to be built and installed.

Garden Design Planting Plan

Plants play a critical role in garden design ideas and plans. Plantings soften. Plant materials enhance. Also, plants beautify. Likewise, plants detoxify. As well, plants provide habitat. Some plants, such as legumes, also provide nutrients to the soil. Thus, plant materials are as varied as the stars in the night sky. But, choosing the right ones, is just one more way an URBREG landscape designer can assist and guide you. Furthermore, it is essential to have a planting plan. And, a plant layout as part of your garden design ideas and plans.

Garden Design Structures

Garden Ideas and Plans for Your Property Image 00014In addition, to your own ideas for garden structures, our landscape designers are loaded with them. Thus, we provide custom designed gazebos, sheds, pergolas, trellis’s, sun-rooms, arbors, railings and planters, to mention a few. Additionally, custom designed buildings and structures from our Landscape Architectural Technicians are built by our skilled master journeyman landscape carpenters. So, whether, simple or complex, small or large, URBREG Landscapes, will create perfect garden structures to compliment your garden design ideas and plans. Conceptualization to completion.

Overall Landscape Garden Design Master Plan

Garden Ideas and Plans for Your Property Image 00009Lastly, many considerations are given to the overall garden design ideas and plans. Likewise, to ones home design and accompanying house floor plans. Marrying hardscapes and softscapes in unity is paramount. Avoiding mistakes. Matching wood with stone. Interconnecting, fire with water takes a talent and skills. Skills, that cannot be mastered overnight. The veteran team of professionals at URBREG Landscapes have been doing it since 1971. That’s over 47+ years, folks! Therefore, our motto is, “If you can dream it, we can design and build it.”

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