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UPDATED: 26 May 2018. Hey there! We are URBREG (Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group). Making really beautiful and amazing stuff is our specialty. Consequently, our home living blog news articles are intended to be instructional. Hence, they describe what to do, how to do it and why. View them HERE.

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Of particular importance, the URBREG Team cover a whole wide variety of topics in our blog. In view of our Firm’s diversity, it’s hard to ‘pigeon-hole’ us into any one category. However, we had to give our Blog a name. As a result, we chose the title to be home living blog. The primary reason is because others refer to us as the one-stop-shop for everything residential. Of particular importance, indeed we are!

Therefore, as you’ll see, we cover a whole lot more than just ‘home living’. From the specific category area of specialty we are involved with, you’ll be able to get up to date info on a host of topics. Have a look for yourself. If there is something you need, just shoot us an email or call us. Consequently, we’re confident you’ll enjoy our home living blog. It’s our mission!

Urbane Home Design & Home Living Blog Image IGenerally, we’ll give you all kinds of helpful tips and news on topics related to our fields of expertise.

Home Living Blog News Articles

Especially noteworthy, is the fact that everything that‘s going on at URBREG International Group is displayed here.

In addition, our blog contains useful tips, instructions and how-to’s. Whether, you are at home, or at a home away from home.

Hence, you can view news articles on a variety of topics HERE.

Therefore, our team hopes you enjoy reading the news articles in our blog as much as we do writing them. Enjoy  :-)

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Presented to you by a variety of professionals in their fields, we hope you will find the URBREG Blog helpful & informative. There’s a whole lot for you to choose from.

Where to go to find helpful home living blog news articles

Check out our news blog often. We’ve got some great writers and are constantly adding more home living blog experts all the time. It is a goal of ours to develop strong relationships with a whole host of expert news blog writers for everything residential.

After all, we are considered the ‘one-stop-shop’ by our clients from around the globe. We’re adding to our living blog all the time, so check back often.

Some of our readers want a news home living blog about Mexico real estate. Others want one about custom home design, construction, landscaping or outdoor living. Whatever your needs, we want to be your source for quality tips, ideas and advice. Still others seek info about house plans.

Always on the Lookout for Talent to Enhance the URBREG Home Living Blog

URBREG Home Living Blog and News Articles is Always on the Lookout for Quality Writers Image 17At the URBREG Team of Experts Home Living Blog news, you will find a variety of categories. These are related to Optimized Living, Lifestyles, Puerto Vallarta Real Estate topics, and Architectural Design. Custom Homes, Horticulture, Gardening, Landscaping, Outdoor Living and ‘Everything Residential’ is also covered.

A customer service-based firm, make this residential international Real Estate Company, a winner. However, unlike any other, we engage in sustainable Architectural Design Services, too. Services include, Custom ‘Green’ Dream Homes, Renovations and Interior Design. Outdoor Living, Landscapes and Gardens are also a specialty.

Consequently, URBREG’s head office is in Olds Alberta, Canada. Why Olds? Well, because it’s central, yet rural. This all stems back to and compliments our humble beginnings. Friendly, small-town Alberta, customer service and client care.

Our primary International Office is in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, Mexico. We’re completely fluent and conversant in 2 languages, English and Spanish. Nuestro Grupo es completamente bilingüe Ingles – Español. Therefore, you’re completely covered, no matter where you are from.

Professionals Needed to Write for our Home Living Blog

Are you an expert in something related to residential real estate, design or construction? Perhaps, a Mortgage Broker? Maybe, a Structural Engineer? Or possibly, you are a veteran Red Seal journeyman carpenter?

No matter your profession, if you have expert advice, ideas and tips to offer, then the URBREG Home Living Blog news Team wants you! Readers, seek the very finest in everything. Therefore, we’re always on the lookout for high-quality, expert, guest writers.

Most noteworthy, our Team is Consult, Design and Build. Urbane’s blog writers come from an architectural, consulting, contracting, project management, or real estate background. Consequently, they’re highly qualified to give advice. Great advice, yields a great user experience. Thus, the more you know, the better we all like it.

A Quality Home Living Blog You Can Trust

As you are aware, there is a world of information on the internet. Not all of it, good. Thus, we have made a pledge to change that, with our home living blog. Of particular importance, as the one-stop-shop, one our many goals is to be the trusted resource. Offering premium Mexico services and products too.

Therefore, to become the most trusted authority and usable resource for renovations and restorations. Also, for new home design, custom building and general contracting, in addition to landscape and outdoor living. Equally important, for real estate expertise. As a result, URBREG Group is building a diverse, high-quality residential home living blog, that’s second to none.

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Whether you are an expert on a topic, wishing to give us an article, or you are someone looking for advice and tips… Contact Us! There are about a dozen categories, in our home living blog. Under each category, you’ll find published articles to read and utilize. Quality advice, tips and how to’s all FREE of charge. Including, info for buying your home. You can read the ones of your choice and interest HERE.

And, the best part is, it’s ALL FREE!

If you need to contact the URBREG International Group Team for the Home Living Blog for any reason, you can do so  HERE. Clicking the link will take you to our contact form. Thanks a million for dropping by.