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If, you could have any kind of custom home, would you want it to be, just ordinary? Or, do you prefer it be done by an award-winning firm? Either way, custom house floor plans will be essential.

Firstly, some concepts, in residential designing, are very simple and basic. Others are more sophisticated, detailed and complex. Regardless, of the projects’ sophistication, there are a few basics and consistent things needed from every client. These basics, aid in getting the designing process and work underway.

Secondly, you’d work closely with our award-winning residential design team. When the consultative work is done, URBREG’s architects will develop a detailed, written, scope of work. From there, the process begins. Our drafts-people, interior designers, landscape designers, and LA’s (Landscape Architects), will all contribute. Thus, the creation of your personalized living spaces begins. Synergistic, inside and outside. Living spaces, you’re dreaming of! And, all perfectly synchronized with your lifestyle and family needs. So, we’d love to be your preferred choice as a custom home designer and builder.

Modern House Floor Plans | Dream Home Creation Experts

Furthermore, experience true 5 Star Customer Service. Client care, from the #1 voted international custom house floor plans professionals. Why not have a top home designing, building and real estate firm in your corner? Whether, in Canada or Mexico. Additionally, we care about you, your family and their needs. Because, “we have family too.”

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Of particular importance, the hand-picked team at the Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Int’l. Inc., are well-educated. Plus, well-trained too. Tutored, by such fine schools as Stanford University  |  Rhode Island Institute of Design  |  Royal College of Arts  |  Pratt Institute of Architecture  |  Carnegie Mellon University of Design and The University of Cincinnati. Just, to name a few.

Moreover, URBREG’s network specialties lie in supplying outstanding residential real estate. Equally important, custom designed house floor plans and interior designing. Together with, construction network services and products. Supplied, in Canada and Mexico. Also, parts of the United States, Latin America and Europe. All, through our extensive network of highly-skilled, experienced, expert professionals. Therefore, undrape your house floor plans possibilities, excellently.

Customized Floor Plans | Indoors & Outdoors

URBREG International Residential Architectural Design Image 036Below, is a summary of benefits you’ll enjoy. As well as, details about designing assignments, in which URBREG engages. All illustrated here, for your ease of reference.

  • 2D and 3D residential designing to serve every need
  • Dream home designing
  • Home interior designing
  • Modern custom home designing
  • Sustainable living and green build designing
  • Custom home plans designing
  • Renovation plans designing
  • Custom house floor plans designing
  • Designing of landscapes, gardens, outdoor living spaces and master plans
  • Emphasizing cutting-edge, enviro-friendly, green and sustainable technologies and practices

URBREG International Residential Architectural Design Image 030For all House Floor Plans, Architectural Design, Construction, General Contracting, Landscape and metro Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services needs.

Summary Snapshot of Getting Customized Modern Floor Plans

Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Int’l. Inc., (URBREG International Inc.) consists of a global network. Included, is accredited Architects and international real estate agents. “One-stop-shop for everything residential.” Here, to help in every way, with customized house floor plans, just for you! When we’re chosen, URBREG International will design your custom dream. And, construct it too.

URBREG International Customized Floor Plans Image 040Secondly, URBREG International is home designers, interior designers, landscape architects, engineers, project managers, builders and general contractors. The most diverse team of specialists, anywhere, under one roof. Experts, in house floor plans. And, in what we call OLE!Optimized Lifestyle Enhancement.” Browse all the sections of our website to gain insight. Overcome the daunting task. The task of getting customized house floor plans designed. For your dream residence.

What’s Needed for Your House Floor Plans

Among others, the very first thing required from the clients, is a signed SEA (Service Engagement Agreement). It, outlines instructions to get the residential design-work underway. Additionally, this is the document that details, our Terms of our Engagement. Likewise, fees, protocols, possible disbursements, etc., are all documented. Together with, the client’s instructions to the firm. It’s probably similar, to one you may have received from your accountant or lawyer, for work you get them to do for you.

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Consequently, it protects you from any unexpected or undesirable surprises, later. Everything, is clearly documented. For your approval. And, in advance of engaging our firm, to do any residential design-work for your customized house floor plans.

Plans and the Property Surveys

We’ll also need an original, stamped, legal property survey. The survey ensures accurate information about the property legal boundaries. Additionally, it’s also required by the city or municipality. They use it, to base their permit and inspection requirements. If, you don’t have one available, our legal surveyors can complete one for you. Nonetheless, it is mandatory.

Often, the city or municipality will also require a topographical survey. Similarly, it defines all the elevations, site inventories and improvements. In that domain, we also have specialized surveyors who can fulfill these requirements, as necessary.

As well, we’ll require a signed ‘Authorization Direction Form’ from the legal property owners. Thus, authorizing us to deal with the city and municipality on the clients behalf. Only, in such matters that shall be required throughout the residential designing and permitting process. Put another way, it’s sort of like a ‘Limited Power of Attorney’.

A Bit of Homework for You Too

URBREG International Customized Floor Plans Image 042Then, of course, we’ll also need you to do some ‘homework’ for us. So that, we are efficient within your proposed budgetary guidelines. Believe it or not, designing house floor plans involves a lot of complicated mathematics, to ensure accuracy in every respect.

Furthermore, we’ll have you give us clippings, tear-outs from magazines, digital photos and other useful illustrations. Examples, or illustrations of homes, renovations, materials, landscapes, outdoor living areas, etc., as applicable. Both, ones you like and ones you dislike. Thus, we call this, the ‘Love it and Hate it List’. Depending, upon the scope of your project, giving us relevant examples of things you ‘love and hate’, defines clear direction. Hence, we proceed in developing your new house floor plans and work scope, by including things you love. And, omitting things you dislike and don’t want.

Probably, you’ll do much of this through email. Or, some clients have a file with their clippings, that they deliver during one of the consultations. All these, assist us, in fulfilling your goals. Primarily, delivering the most accurately designed project. Likewise, in the most cost and time effective manner possible, to you, our client.

Architectural Elements in your Modern Home Design

URBREG International Customized Floor Plans Image 037Coupled, with our consultation services, by combining both residential designing and construction expertise right from the start, we’re able to optimally guide you. Thus, giving defined direction in creating the house floor plans, derived from your fantasies. While, assisting you in setting an accurate budget & schedule for your proposed project, as well.  Our combined expertise and highly-refined system, facilitates completing your project in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible.

URBREG International, utilizes and integrates sophisticated 2-D & 3-D technology. Technology, with CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) capabilities. Drafting programs, for maximum accuracy, efficiency and illustration. All too often, people have trouble interpreting blueprints. Or, visualizing 2-dimensional drawings, in a 3-dimensional environment or space. With that in mind, we’ll typically provide our clients with a realistic 3-D rendering of the new home.

Modern House Plans & Blueprints Technology

Likewise, with landscape, outdoor living or home renovation, as may be applicable, to their project. That way, they can see what it would look like in reality. By doing so, early in the residential design process, they gain a clear understanding, before a shovel ever hits the ground at their property. Additionally, this illustrative and interactive process saves costly mistakes. Moreover, it allows for changes to be made easily. Efficient and cost-effective amendments, right from our computers.

Conceptual Drawings

URBREG International Residential Architectural Design Image 028In addition, to the conceptual drawings, we’ll provide permit ready prints and construction drawings, as well.  Our professional Residential Designing Team takes care of every detail that arises. Also, every challenge that comes along. Whether, designing simple or sophisticated projects. The residential design process is interactive. Often, we’ll continue to work on the integration of various elements for several months, on larger-scale projects.

Large or small, we conduct regular design and budget reviews with the clients. Reviews, to ensure we are on-track and on-point with their wishes, dreams and desires. And, of course, their needs and lifestyle. URBREG’s highly refined system, removes stress and pressure from our clients. Therefore, the only thing you need to do, is let us know what you want. Then, watch their property be transformed, by our experts. Thus, benefits galore, to the clients.

Designing Specifications and Shopping

Once, we have the basic design concept completed, we also guide you through a detailed process of online-shopping. Finding products and accessories, that will be included in your project. This phase is referred to as ‘materials selection’.

URBREG International Residential Architectural Design Image 032Furthermore, a step essential to finalizing what specific products, styles and colors the client is going for, in their project. As well as, the related costs of these. Even though, we work on a ‘time and materials’ basis on the construction phase, it is important to have some advance notion of the materials costs. Hence, we are able to design customized house floor plans, within the clients’ financial comfort level.

Often, we will establish an ‘allowance’ for all the accessory and finishing items. That way, the client has a range, in which they can make selections. Most of the time, clients prefer this approach because it removes pressure. Sometimes, the allowance is based on your priorities. And, overall budget, of course. This same protocol is also utilized, when the specifics have not yet finalized or picked. Thus, allowing the house floor plans design process to advance, unimpeded.

In addition, to your wants, we’ll provide you with our professional opinions. Likewise, recommendations, product examples and suggestions. Subsequently, these come from our pre-approved suppliers and vendors.

Designing Custom Plans To Compliment the Engineering

Rarely, are people aware of the engineering requirements for their projects.  In most cases, engineering of one sort or another is a prerequisite. Additionally, a requirement, to pass city and municipal inspections. And, align seamlessly with building code. Regulators require an engineers’ input and intermittent supervision, to ensure things are built properly. Also, to code, and in compliance with, all safety essentials.

URBREG International Residential Architectural Design Image 033Our highly experienced team of consultants, engineers and architects are ready to rise to any challenge. From, all possible engineering disciplines (geo-technical, structural, civil, chemical, fluidity, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, etc.). If your project requires engineering, we bring in and involve our specialists, as necessary. If, we don’t have the needed individual on our own Staff, we have a diverse group of pre-qualified, experienced, competent sub-contractors at our disposal. Whenever, and wherever, they’re needed and required.

Final Design of House Floor Plans, Construction Drawings & Documents

By the end of the initial phases of the residential designing process, we’ll have completed your customized house floor plans, to your full satisfaction. You’ll sign-off on all the design-work, scope of work documents and the materials selections. Therefore, there is no misunderstanding. Or, misinterpretation at any time. None, with either the clients or the vendors, suppliers, sub-contractors or specialty trades.

URBREG International Residential Architectural Design Image 034Nearly, 5 decades of experience have demonstrated to us, that our clients love the “above and beyond the call of duty approach” we take. It ensures clarity, transparency, precision, and definition in their project. Before, they ever see our field construction teams arrive. Moreover, clients cherish the extra care we extend in protecting their best interests. All, by having everything signed off and troubleshot, before ground is ever broken.

So, whether you’re from Grande Prairie or Edmonton, Bonnyville or Lloydminster, Red Deer or Calgary | Kelowna | Vancouver | Bellingham | San Diego | Phoenix | Puerto Vallarta or Puntarenas – Get in Touch with Us, for any Customized House Floor plans and Architectural Services Needs!

By practicing these few extra small steps at the onset, confusion, misunderstanding and ambiguity is reduced or eliminated altogether. Also, it gives a clear point of reference for any changes, that may be needed, or desired, later. Including, unforeseen vices. Consequently, clearly defined and detailed documents, make it so simple to see what is, and what is not, included, at the date of sign-off. Thus, from that point of reference, it becomes a breeze to structure any future Work Change Orders. And, to determine the related extra costs or credits.

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 030URBREG client files, continue growing until it contains every bit of detail and information. All that, necessary for our field construction team of craftsmen to get the project underway. In addition, to managing it, with optimum efficiency. Hence, just one of many protocols we use to keep the client’s project on time and on budget, is by having our residential design services work compiled and completed in this way.

An Explanation of Customized Floor Plans Design Fees

The residential designing process, of course carries our standard hourly fees. In alignment with the schedules set out by the Professional Consultants, Engineering and Architectural Association’s guidelines. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to read it all. We’ll explain and review it with you in advance.

URBREG International Customized Floor Plans Image 047First off, it’s important to note that our rates are all in CAD funds. Unless, the work we are doing is in the USA. Either way, each individual’s rate at URBREG International, is based upon that person’s position, skill-set, experience and seniority. These rates vary, from $45.00 CAD per hour for office support staff, up to $655.00 CAD per hour for our most senior consultants, legal advisers, architects, engineers and specialists. Unless, otherwise specifically requested to do so, we will always integrate some of our firms’ less expensive, more junior or intern members, with a seasoned veteran. The latter, would oversee and supervise everything.

Effective Cost-Reducing Approach For House Floor Plans Design-work

This technique gives our client maximum expertise and experience. And, at the most cost-effective rate possible. In other words, “the biggest bang for the buck.”  For example, depending on the complexity of the task, we might team up an intern member at $75.00 per hour, with a firm specialist, at $275.00 per hour. The intern, would do most of the actual customized house floor plans design-work. Of course, under the direct, but intermittent supervision of the specialist. Thus, reducing the effective hourly rate. Typically, the time ratio factor of intern to senior specialist, we utilize, is 7:1.

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 026In other words, for every 1 hour a senior specialist contributes to the client’s project, the intern supplies 7 hours of time. Hence, lowering the effective hourly rate dramatically. Here’s how it works. Intern, 7 hrs. X $75.00/hr. = $525.00 + specialist 1 hr. X $275.00/hr. = $800.00 total, for 8 hours of work. Put another way, an effective hourly rate of $100.00 per man hour. By utilizing this strategy, we can offer the client our typical, outstanding, award-winning custom house floor plans work, at a greatly reduced cost. As opposed, to the increased costs, if only our seasoned veterans were to work on the project themselves, at their regular rate.

Turnkey Approach to Having Custom Floor Plans Completed Design

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 022Periodically, there are also occasions, when a client will retain us on a turnkey basis. Or, through a progressive arrangement to do their design-work. Then, we utilize the same principles. Calculating the estimated total number of man-hours needed, to complete the work, and supply the finished customized house floor plans. Accounting, allocates proportionate hours of contribution by various staff. From that, we arrive at a lump sum cost.

Pro’s and Con’s of Turnkey Costs Approach

The disadvantage of this ‘turnkey costs approach’, versus, a ‘time spent approach’, is that there is no refund. Nor, any reduction of the quoted lump sum amount. Even if, the work takes less time. You are still responsible to pay the quoted amount, even if, it takes less time than initially estimated.

Therefore, it is most often advisable to engage us, on a ‘time spent basis’. For two reasons. First, it gives you greater control to do more, or less work, at the corresponding actual cost. Second, you only pay for actual time spent. Put another way, you would only be charged for the actual time spent doing your house floor plans design and related work.

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 020Either way, we will require an up-front ‘financial retainer’ from you, once you’ve decided you wish to work with us, and, have us work for you. Our firm, accepts cash, personal or company cheques, bank drafts, direct bank deposit, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Interac Email Transfer and wire transfers.

Currently, we do not accept any credit cards. However, we’ve investigated it. And so, we will also be implementing credit card payment, during the last quarter of 2019. Important to note, we will have to surcharge our clients, an additional 5% of the gross amount, on credit card payment. Sorry, but this, is a by-product of extra bank service charges to us.

The Value Of Customized Commercial, Residential or House Designing

Although, some people might initially question the value in design-work, mainly because of the costs involved, nearly all see, and understand, the great value in the fees they pay. Even more so, as we advance through the detailed and intricate process with them. Design-work is the wisest expenditure you will ever make. Money spent, on designing your home, landscape and outdoor living areas.

Furthermore, it’s an investment, often recovered a hundred-fold. Mainly, because you’ll end up with an optimally designed and planned property, for value increase. And, precision, quality, error-free building. As well, savings you’ll gain, from money not being wasted at the construction site, later on. Money thrown away, through mistakes, poor planning, no planning, or, just plain ignorance.

Advantages, Benefits & Bonuses Of Getting your Customized Floor Plans Done By URBREG International

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 005And, as a bonus, Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group, sometimes has supplier incentives, or rebate programs, in effect. Plan your timing around one of these, and you will sometimes receive significant discounts. Discounts, on a portion of the design fees you’ve prepaid. Often, a portion, or occasionally all, rebated back to you. And/or, applied toward the future construction work, we will complete for you, on your project.

Particularly noteworthy, not every company works this way. But then, not every contractor has our experience, diversity and resources, either. Additionally, not every organization goes to the great lengths we do, to ensure our clients’ complete comfort, satisfaction and success in their project. Have a look at some of our client testimonials and see for yourself.

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 006Moreover, not every contracting firm possesses the knowledge. Nor, do they have the experience and skill-set, to handle everything for you. Plus, not every architectural design firm studio, has the capabilities and technology that URBREG International has. Especially, not to produce the products we do. To us, quality and client care is job one! Recommendations, and repeat business, are what built this company in the first place. Thus, we guard that core value and fundamental principle, fiercely.

Avoiding House Designing Pitfalls

Keep in mind, that whenever there are unknown, or undefined elements in a design construction project, there will be problems! Equally so, when shortcuts are being taken, or when things are not properly understood, planned and handled. Those factors are non-existent, non-issues, with us. No stress, for you, is a paramount goal for us. At the same time, URBREG’s professionals recognize, that we as an organization, are probably not a perfect fit, for every client on the planet. Therefore, some clients will choose others.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

We also recognize that there are many choices in the marketplace. Some of them, probably cheaper or less expensive than us. Consequently, some clients opt for the cheapest pick and get lucky. But, for others, the results of choosing the cheapest, is catastrophic. Plus, disastrous. The client ends up receiving major disappointments. Sometimes, for choosing someone cheap. Other times, for getting the inexperienced, rather than skilled, but a bit costlier. In the end, it is often much more expensive, and certainly stressful, to book bargain companies, or, do-it-your-selfer’s. All we’re saying, is to be careful and cognizant. Almost always, you end up getting, exactly what you pay for.

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 007Through, the deep-rooted and comprehensive relationships we develop, with every one of our clients, the typical rifts of customized house floor plans designing and building of projects are avoided. Or, eradicated. It is due, to a through and comprehensive, unique system, that has been perfected by the team of diverse professionals at this firm. Over, 47+ years in the making. We have found, that more often than not, the easiest money a client will ever make, is the money that they saved. Saved money, from error, inexperience, shortcuts and waste. Money kept, by hiring a competent firm in the first place. A firm, such as URBREG International.

Creating Something from Imagination Is What House Designing Is All About

For clients who do choose us, expect an exciting, rewarding, stress-free and fun experience. Together, with an exceptional finished product. At the end of the day, the money our clients spend is an investment well-chosen. Well-chosen, because all the guess work is eliminated. Additionally, the construction risks are minimized. By, a group who knows what they are doing. A group, who has it perfected. From, conceptualization to completion.

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 032Plus, all URBREG’s work comes with an industry exceeding, iron-clad warranty guarantee! We even offer an extended warranty program for clients, who want the extra protection. 5 Star customer service. Exceptional, client care. Unrivaled competency. Unparalleled workmanship. Together, with the best warranty and guarantees, in the business.

Perfected, Trademarked, Guaranteed

We’ve perfected it all for you. And, wrapped it all into our patented, trademarked OLE! concept. (Optimized Lifestyle Enhancement). A “one-stop-shop for everything residential’, custom house floor plans, design-build practice. All, at a cost, proportionate to our expertise. Including, the quality services and products we deliver. Every time!

Consequently, feel free to give us a call. Inquire, about the next project you’re considering. It costs nothing, to have a preliminary discussion about your needs. Similarly, about our wide variety of professional services. Or, our rates. Therefore, just like our 6,600+ previous clients, you’ll be glad you called. URBREG International is the place that believes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Contact Your URBREG Neighborhood Professionals | Floor Plans Designed Just As You Dreamed Of

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 014Enrich your net worth and lifestyle TODAY. Solicit, some expert help from ‘conceptualization to completion’. Go ahead. Make that custom house floor plans inquiry. You can thank us later! Hence, when you have questions, or want to make an inquiry, about anything residential, including customized house floor plans, simply complete and submit the handy inquiry form included.

URBREG International’s architectural designing team work from our global network of offices in Calgary AB, Red Deer AB, Edmonton AB, Grande Prairie AB, Lloydminster AB, Medicine Hat AB, Canmore AB, Kelowna BC, White Rock BC, North Vancouver BC, Bellingham WA, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, Phoenix AZ, Puerto Vallarta MX, Puntarenas CR, and Barcelona ES. By appointment only, for customized house floor plans and so much more.

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URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 016But, in case you need more info, below, we’ve included some handy links. These will take you to various other parts of our websites. Also, they’ll help to answer your questions. And, keep you up to date with all the architectural design, house floor plans news and latest trends. Additionally, developments and projects, from the URBREG Puerto Vallarta Architectural Design Team. Remember, URBREG International, together with all our associates is a one-stop-shop. For, custom house plans services, and everything residential.

Maybe, you want to learn more about our Mexico real estate products. Or perhaps, our Puerto Vallarta real estate overview. Do you own real estate in the metro Puerto Vallarta area, that you want to sell? If so, have a look at our real estate listings info page. It will explain our Puerto Vallarta real estate services. Plus, the way we work for you. Furthermore, get lots of helpful how-to’s, tips and advice on our Blog. Additionally, find out about our service terms of engagement, when you want to contract us for something.

Additional URBREG Residential Custom Resources

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 017Correspondingly, stay current about all URBREG International Group’s products and services through our articles. Likewise, learn more about home renovation, or getting custom architectural design plans for your new dream home. Maybe, you’re after a new revenue property. Get it, with our Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Group. Also, find out about our various home improvement services and company divisions.

In addition, there’s a detailed Privacy Policy. It explains how we handle personal information. Likewise, have a peek at our ‘Additional Stuff’ section. That way, you can enroll in our customer rewards programs, as well. It’s FREE!

Equally, get more info about our website Terms of Usage or custom home builders page. Too, writing for us, payment options, and rewarding careers are important. Besides, you’ll likely want to see our photo gallery, mission statement, client testimonial  reviews too.

Get into Business | URBREG House Plans & Architectural Services

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 035Perhaps, you’ve got an interest in getting into business for yourself. If so, you’re also at the right place! Visit the franchise page, for information. You too, can share in our successes. Just become a part, in the long URBREG International Associates success story. We’d love to have you in the Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Inc. And, in the URBREG International family.

Other URBREG Floor Plans Design Things to Check Out

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Furthermore, on our auxiliary websites, you’ll find more about residential architecture. Mexico/Latino and Canada/USA custom home building. As well as, building contractors.

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More URBREG Floor Plans Services Related Page Links

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 031You’d like to visit the About Us page, to get to know us better? Great idea! Whatever, Canada, USA, Mexico assistance you need, URBREG is here to help. Of equal importance, Puerto Vallarta landscape services, is an integral part. As well, be sure to have a look at the home improvement section.

Or else, the landscape master plan article. There, you will learn the benefits. In addition, why, you need a landscape design for your landscape services and outdoor living spaces. We’ve got a great article about sustainable gardening ideas too.

URBREG Customized Plans Design Conclusion

URBREG International Puts the Brakes on Spam With Enhanced Anti Spam Policy & Online Protection Image 00005When you make an inquiry, about customized house floor plans design services, or anything else we handle, the appropriate member of URBREG’s Team, will get back to you. If, however, you’re sending us spam or unsolicited junk materials, then we probably won’t. So, do us a favor and refrain from doing so please.

Of course, most of you are legit inquirers, so we aren’t going to sweat it too much about the ‘SPAM thing’. As such, we thank you in advance for contacting our Client Care & Customer Support Team. Your patience, while we process your online inquiry, is greatly appreciated.

Thank You for Making Us the Preferred Choice for Your House Floor Plans

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 033URBREG International’s Teams would like to thank you in advance, for making us your preferred of a house floor plans designer and builder. Consequently, you’ll get some of the finest 2-D and 3-D house floor plans design-work that we’ve ever done in our designing studios. They’ll be illustrative and precise. Thus, giving you an accurate idea of your new custom home, in advance. Resulting, from our Team’s house floor plans designing capabilities.

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