Many people dream of being a homeowner. An even greater number dream of owning a custom home, but probably don’t realize the many benefits of a custom built home, or the tedious and meticulous preparation of the house plans and accompanying process required, to get one.

House Plans | 8 Benefits of a Custom Design Built Home

Image 001 for House Plans Blog ArticleSome believe that owning one is just beyond their reach. Generally, this is caused by being misinformed.

The reality and truth is that the benefits of a custom built home far outweigh any negatives of home ownership, and it’s much easier to get a set of architecturally designed house plans than you might think.

We’ll touch on 8 of the key benefits of custom design house plans to get a custom home built in this article.

While it’s true that any house plans involving custom homes are going to involve some time and effort, it’s not necessarily true that the benefits are outweighed by these factors.

The dream of a custom home is one that should be shared by anyone who truly wants a customized place to call their own.

The key to having the custom home you’ve always wanted, is to have the right custom home designers and custom home builders in your corner doing your house plans.

This is the only way to get a custom home ideally suited to your lifestyle. One that will look beautiful, flawlessly fit the family, and last for years and years to come. A place to live that enhances your lifestyle and your net worth through the benefits of a custom built home.

What Are Some Benefits Of A Custom Designed Set Of House Plans?

You might ask yourself, what are the benefits of a custom built home? Why should I tread into unknown territory, rather than just buying an existing home that’s on the market? Why would I want to endure the perceived stresses related to designing and building a new custom home?

The short answer is, you get exactly what you want, and need, without incurring anyone else’s blunders or tastes, and, at wholesale price instead of retail. Beginning with a well thought out and drafted set of house plans is paramount though.

Whether your needs and budget are lavish or modest, whether they lie in luxury or simplicity or whether they be in Canada or Mexico, The Urbane Residential Group of Associates is ready to answer your call and deliver the perfect set of house plans for your dream.

The best custom home contractors for your ambitions, tastes and budget will work with you every step of the way, to get those house plans just the way you want and need them.

They will be able to help you with any obstacle that stands in the way of you and an extraordinary customized residence. Although the benefits of a custom built home are many, we shall highlight some of the more significant ones below and why proper house plans are so important.

Learning The 8 Benefits Of A Custom Set Of House Plans For Your Dream Home

A primary factor in the benefits of a custom built home set of house plans is that the custom home designer helps you to better understand what exists on the market versus the benefits of a custom built home for you, your family and guests.

Custom Home Architectural Designers are professionally trained in modern house plans CAD 3D Architectural Design drafting technology, and are well-versed in such issues as land usage, topography, sustainability, greener technologies, bylaws, scheduling, budget, materials, project management, and regulatory requirements.

Professional custom home designers work with you through each step to assist in defining the benefits of a custom set of house plans and perfectly built home, including:

  1. Paying wholesale price for the single largest investment you are likely to ever make in your lifetime, rather than retail price. In today’s society, there are 2 main price-points, wholesale and retail. A new custom designed and built home will be at wholesale price because you are starting from scratch. Buying an existing home on the market will be at the market retail price. Therefore one of the hugest benefits of a custom designed set of house plans built home, is instant equity in your net-worth portfolio, not in the pocket of the seller and the Real Estate Company!
  2. Having a home that will be custom designed through a comprehensive set of house plans and built to your exact specifications. You’ll get the precise floor plan and house plans that will be tailored to your specific needs, family, lifestyle and financial comfort level. While it’s true that a number of outside factors can influence what you want, it’s also true that a top-quality custom home design and build Firm such as The Urbane Residential Group, will help you to make changes along the way that will not sacrifice what you want. In getting the perfect set of house plans, you are involved every step of the way through the proven System for Success, so nothing will slip through the cracks.
  3. No renovating, painting, upgrades or immediate maintenance. You will be getting a brand new product, fully covered by an industry-exceeding warranty, fully illustrated in advance with a set of house plans.
  4. Plenty of time to sell your existing home or giving your Landlord ample notice of your departure. On average, for example from the time our Firm is contacted, retained, drafting, reviews of the concept drawings and house plans completion, and construction, until our Client moves into their new Custom Dream Home, it takes about 18 months. That gives plenty of time to find exactly the right buyer for your existing home, while your house plans are being finalized and home construction is underway.
  5. Designing and building a custom home will take full advantage of modern technologies in the house plans, such as ‘green building’, sustainability, smart technology and energy efficiency. This is particularly true of advances in a broad domain of environmental technologies, as they relate to designing the house plans and undergoing the home construction. It takes a collaborative Team of Professionals to pull this all together for you. But the benefit is that you utilizing the expertise of a wide variety of professionally trained people, experienced in Architectural Design and drafting house plans.
  6. The excitement and satisfaction of knowing that you will own a home that will be as unique as you are. With custom designed house plans, there will not be another house that’s exactly like yours, anywhere!
  7. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that because you were involved in the process of designing the house plans and the home being built, everything will be built to endure time, weather, and whatever else life might throw at it.
  8. You are in total control of the house plans and construction of the home, from conceptualization to completion. The Urbane Custom Home Architectural Design Team work exclusively with you, customizing, tailoring and altering the custom house plans design, budget allowances, fixtures, interior design, landscaping, gardens and outdoor living spaces as you see fit.

Getting A Full Set Of Custom House Plans Is Easier Thank You Might Think

Custom homes need not be an impossible dream. Through the comprehensive house plans protocol and systems that Urbane’s veteran custom home designers and builders have perfected since 1971, #TheUrbaneTeamOfExperts can help get you there.

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