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There tends to be a public misconception at the consumer level about Puerto Vallarta property management. URBREG’s professional property management team is trained and ready to get you results! Put rental cash into your bank account.

Puerto Vallarta Property Management – Professionally Done

Some ask, “Why would I pay for a professional Puerto Vallarta property manager? Can’t I just do it myself and save the money I would pay to the property management firm?”

URBREG Puerto Vallarta Property Management Image 019The simple, quick answer is this: Of course, you can go it alone and manage your own property. It is entirely possible to D-I-Y and act as your own property manager. However, you could be missing out on some pretty significant benefits!

And, you better prepare to make a large commitment of time, patience and money. Not to mention that you may not be familiar with the tenancy laws. Especially so, if you are not Mexican. Moreover, legally, everything must be done in Spanish. Remember, English is a courtesy only. Therefore, you might want to read on, to find our more.

Do-It-Yourself Puerto Vallarta Property Management

URBREG Puerto Vallarta Property Management Image 020Nevertheless, with today’s technology and available information online, and in other places, you could “do-it-yourself,” no doubt. However, there are some key questions you may want to ask yourself. A self-analysis of sorts. Before making D-I-Y decision:

  1. On the topic of time, how much do I want to allocate to the property management tasks?
  2. What knowledge do I have of the real estate process and all that it involves?
  3. Am I fluent in Spanish? Reading, writing, speaking and understanding?
  4. Where will I find my tenants or do my solicitation advertising?
  5. When am I available to show the property?
  6. How will I screen, and background check the applying candidates?
  7. Guarantees, what assurance do I have, that I will make a good selection of the right tenants?
  8. If they default on paying the rent, then what happens?
  9. Who will I contact to get repairs done, if something at the property malfunctions, or requires maintenance?
  10. Why, would I want to bear the burden of any of the foregoing?

Another Consideration Regarding D-I-Y Puerto Vallarta Property Management 

URBREG Puerto Vallarta Property Management Image 024Similarly, when doing a self-analysis, to see if you are cut out for the task of Puerto Vallarta property management, also ask yourself this key property management question:

  • How much do I know about Landlord and Tenancy legislation and all the intricacies that go along with it? Especially so, in Mexico?

Why a Professional Puerto Vallarta Property Management Firm

On this page, we will attempt to demystify Puerto Vallarta property management for you. Plus, break it down and analyze it. In doing so, you can learn more about the way we work, for you. Subsequently, you can make a more knowledgeable decision.

To help illustrate, we’ve included a photo of a professionally managed condominium, below. This one, on El Tigre Golf Course, is in Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

These owners are from New York city. Therefore, since they are not from Mexico, it is impossible for them to ‘have eyes’ on the property. Consequently, they opted for professional property management services. URBREG proudly manages and maintains this condo.

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Our firm also manages and maintains many more condos. Also, homes, vacation properties and commercial spaces. Largely, for ‘distanced owners’. These properties are always kept in tip-top condition. That way, they can be shown to potential renters, and/or, buyers, at a moments notice.

Role of the Property Manager at the Puerto Vallarta Property Management Firm

URBREG Puerto Vallarta Property Management Image 010A task as seemingly simple, as ‘managing a home or condo’, entails a lot more than what one might think. Or, what meets the eye for that matter. It all appears quite simple, to the onlooker. That’s because the pro’s make it look easy. Much like a mechanic, makes repair-work on your car, look routine.

But the reality is very different. The truth of the matter is, that these people, like the mechanic in our example, have undergone professionally training. Moreover, they are experienced in their field of expertise. Experts in objectivity. Pro’s at marketing. Knowledgeable in current market trends. Skilled at presentation. Authorities at delivering the whole picture. Arrangers at showing property. Specialists at closing and getting deals written.

Professional Skills of the Puerto Vallarta Property Manager

Professional property managers also have established networks. Those consist of other respected real estate and rental professionals. They work closely with this group. Sharing listings and leads. Getting to get top-dollar for the property owners. In addition, because they get paid on a percentage basis, it’s always in their best interests, to squeeze every penny out of each property rental deal. Just like in selling real estate. The gross earned commissions are split 50-50 between cooperating brokers.

URBREG Puerto Vallarta Property Management Image 023Contrary to what many might think, being a property manager is no easy task. For starters, you must have a thick skin. Furthermore, a very high tolerance level to questions. In some cases, ridiculous ones. Plus, excellent time-management skills are a must. Also, great customer relations skills must be possessed. Each day, dealing with inquiries, problems or complaints. Groundless, or otherwise, each has to be addressed. And, resolved.

Likewise, you must know a lot of ‘tricks of the trade’. Scams, fraud schemes and all sorts of other undesirables, lurk in the shadows. Not everyone, is a ‘nice guy’. Some, are waiting to pounce on the right opportunity or the unsuspecting. So, both the Puerto Vallarta property management firm, and the property manager himself/herself, must be trained, skilled and ready.

Professional Puerto Vallarta Property Management Strengths

Generally, residential property management professionals are college graduates. Furthermore, any that are worth the salt for their soup, have been educated at reputable colleges. Or, respected post-graduate institutes and universities.

The good ones are not part-timers, dabbling. Or, somebody trying to make an extra buck after hours, from their regular job. They are expert, full-time managers and organizers. Organizers, of time, tasks and budgets for their clients, the property owners, themselves and others.

Equally critical, is the possession of skills and extensive knowledge in marketing and supervision. Professional property managers must be proficient in the staging. Booking appointments and showing property are also mandatory skills. Not only to potential renters, but also to other rental and real estate colleagues. Associates, who may have potential clients, as well.

Professional Puerto Vallarta Property Management Benefits

There are a few very significant benefits to having professional property management. We’ll just touch briefly on a few of the bigger ones. First, things first. Condo and house keys are managed. We always keep them within our control on your behalf.

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Second. Your property is ready to rent, at all times. URBREG’s Puerto Vallarta property management team keeps the property clean, tidy, and pristine. Spic and span – always. Professionally cleaned after each rental – laundry and all. Third, and very important, you will have a single point-of-contact, with the Puerto Vallarta property management firm. That property manager is accountable, to you the owner, in every way.

Furthermore, professionally managed properties have market exposure. Global exposure, to at least, a hundred times more places, than any one person could do, by themselves. Puerto Vallarta property management firms spend a lot of money on strategic marketing.

In addition, there are literally thousands of real estate agents, property managers and rental agents around the globe, working harmoniously. Property representation occurs with associates, as well. Through our real estate network. At our firm, we never exclude anyone. Because, you just never know, who will have the most suitable client, for the showing.

Biggest Benefit of Professional Puerto Vallarta Property Management

  • Perhaps, the biggest benefit to an owner, is the hands-off way, everything is handled.
  • No muss and fuss.
  • All handled, by the property manager and the property management firm.
  • Consequently, the owner needs to give a simple “yes” or “no” answer, to the final offer. Then, sign the completed paperwork and watch the bank account grow.

Critical Puerto Vallarta Property Management Tasks

  • Then, there is the process of screening and selecting renters. Choosing the right one. Doing the legal paperwork. Documentation, such as a lease, or Hospitality Contract Agreement.
  • URBREG Puerto Vallarta Property Management Image 003This is in addition to, the post-renting, day-to-day management of the home, condo or property.
  • And, what happens if something goes wrong? Are you protected?
  • Professional property management and real estate firms are covered for those types of unfortunate situations. Through our professional associations & networks, we are required to carry insurances and bonding.
  • Almost invariably, a professional property management Puerto Vallarta real estate firm will be able to get you a better price as well. The reason is a simple one-word answer. Competition.
  • Potential tenants, and/or, buyers for that matter, searching for high-quality rental properties, compete to get them. Professional property managers and real estate agents create that environment, through their marketing expertise and initiatives.

Professional Puerto Vallarta Property Management Inclusions

There are several primary functions, in the role of effective Puerto Vallarta property management:

  • URBREG Puerto Vallarta Property Management Image 034Analyzing the property to determine its’ rentability. And, true rental potential in a given real estate market.
  • This process includes an objective (and sometimes harsh and critical look) at the property. Analyzing it, to make improvement recommendations to it’s owner. Thus, making it more rentable. Maybe, at a better price, as well.
  • Outlining and specifying property owner objectives and plans.
  • This includes, delineation of scope, budgeting, scheduling, setting performance requirements, and selecting participants who will partake in the marketing and property management.
  • Marketing the property to its’ full potential, in a manner that interests as many potential candidates as possible.
  • And, attracting as many other real estate and rental professionals as possible, to assist in working the listing.
  • This process also includes answering inquiries, staging, showing, key control, screening, background, employment and credit checking potential tenants.

Daily Puerto Vallarta Property Management Tasks

  • Ongoing care, preservation and regular inspections of the property.
  • Dealing with day to day issues, not only with tenants, but also equipment, appliances, et cetera. Thus, maximizing the resource efficiency through the procurement process of labor and materials for repairs.
  • Implementing various team operations, through proper coordination and control of showings. Plus, supervision, planning, estimating, collections and day to day overseeing in the entire process.
  • Developing effective communications practices and mechanisms for informing both owners and tenants, and/or, resolving any issues or conflicts.

URBREG Puerto Vallarta Property Management Image 031Typically, professional Puerto Vallarta property management firms, have an established protocol for handling all the foregoing. But, it takes a full team. Not any one person can do the job effectively. That’s why, quality firms, like URBREG International, employ professionally trained property managers.

Dedicated Puerto Vallarta  Property Management Client Care Team for You

Expert property management personnel generally work for high-quality firms and real estate companies. They do exactly as the term ‘property management’ implies. They professionally attend to, market and manage real estate properties on behalf of the owners.

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Furthermore, within our firm, there is an established network, that we have pre-approved. It consists of other realtors and rental professionals. In addition, trades, maintenance and repair people who are tried, tested and proven. Hence, these can be called upon when issues arise.

Premium-Quality Listing for Puerto Vallarta Property Management

Premium-quality Puerto Vallarta property management firms, such as URBREG International for example, recruit for, solicit and hire such individuals. Applicants are rigorously screened at the outset. This procedure ensures they fit within the firm’s quality control, values, areas of practice and Code of Ethics.

To ensure transparency, and single-point-of-contact, a designated property management staff member is assigned to the residential property, by the firm. That person has a full team of leading support staff working with him/her, to provide the level of service needed.

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In our case, we have the advantage of being an international firm. We are also much more diverse than most. Your property will have a professionally prepared listing. A presentation that will be displayed to the maximum number of potential renters. Most significantly, it will be digitally mastered for online presence, as well as in print form.

On-Site Puerto Vallarta Property Management Personnel

Additionally, a huge benefit to you, is that our property management personnel live right in the communities where they work. Condo communities such as Playa Royale, Isla Palmaras, and Green Bay. Also, Peninsula, Mariposa, Peninsula Golf, and Taheima, at El Tigre in Paradise Village.

This unique combination gives URBREG a significant edge, in real estate & Puerto Vallarta property management. Plus, our focus is not all over the place. Predominantly, in Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, metro Puerto Vallarta, La Cruz and Punta de Mita, at Bahia de Banderas.

URBREG Puerto Vallarta Property Management Image 030URBREG’s experience and practices have resulted in over 6,200 highly-satisfied, repeat clients, as of March 31st, 2018. Clients, for our firm, since 1971, who come from all walks-of-life.

And, who have retained and utilized services we offer. Not only, Puerto Vallarta property management. But also, in every aspect of residential lifestyle, real estate and custom homes design-build. In Mexico, Canada and parts of the USA. We’d be delighted to earn you on our growing list of Clients.

Let us assess your property, so you can decide, if we’re a good fit.

Furthermore, once we’ve earned your business, we’ll keep you as a client for years to come. Through our professionalism, expertise, experience and 5 Gold Star customer service. Read some of our client reviews to see for yourself.

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If, however, you are going to try ‘going the task alone’, we wish you every success. Whatever your choice, we’ll be happy to help, if we can.

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