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URBREG Landscape Design Company, is a dynamic, international landscape design, landscape construction and custom home design-build firm. We are the head office for URBREG Global Realty, URBREG Designers, URBREG Custom Homes, URBREG Construction and URBREG Landscapers. Consequently, these are all divisions of Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Int’l., Inc., Our landscape design company ranks among the tops in the western hemisphere. Voted, by Consumers Choice. Over 700 times, since 1971.

This landscape design company designs and builds “everything residential.” Including, but certainly not limited to, elegant custom dream homes, family homes, outbuildings, custom landscapes, outdoor living spaces, and stunning gardens.

Top Landscape Design Company In Canada & Mexico

Our 4 main Offices are in Edmonton AB, Calgary AB, Vancouver BC and Puerto Vallarta MX. The URBREG Landscape Design Company global Teams are ready to serve Client’s needs, across the street, or around the globe. The Puerto Vallarta Office is our International Real Estate headquarters too. For example, offering some of the finest Vacation Condo Rentals, Long-term Rentals, Residential Real Estate For Sale, Commercial Real Estate, and Oceanfront Building Lots available anywhere. For, investment, leisure, recreation, retirement or winter get-a-way. Universal Residential Group was strategically planned with our Canadian clients in mind. Thus, all locations are serviced with several, direct, non-stop Westjet flights, daily. We have one centralized toll free number for everyone in North America, 1-877-9URBREG (or) Internationally at: 011-52-322- 146- 8325 (or) From Within Mexico at: +52-1-322-146-8325.

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The Design Team at URBREG Landscape Design Company, create some of the most outstanding homes, landscapes, gardens and outdoor living spaces on the planet. Landscape structures with stone, wood, fire and water showcase our creations around the globe.

Of particular importance, home to the Greatest Outdoor Show on earth, (the Calgary Stampede), is the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta. Bordering on the foothills of the breathtaking Rocky Mountain Range. It is snuggled among the foothill towns of Cochrane, Bragg Creek, High River and Okotoks. Calgary’s diversity make it one of the most resilient economies in North America. Therefore, you’ll find our primary landscape design company studio adjoining the raw beauty of the Bow River valley landscape. In Black Diamond Alberta.

Get A Premium DesignBuild Team in Your Corner

Calgary prides itself in being one of the most dynamic and diverse cities in the world. The area thrives on that diversity. Hence, a with a mix of agriculture, energy and technology. Pride of Alberta abounds in its’ residents. Raw unspoiled beauty of Mother Nature’s landscapes. Also, people take pride in their homes. Thus, a constant demand exists, for an outstanding landscape design company to help maintain that pride and beauty.

Carved and sculpted in the plains, hills, valleys, riverbanks and majestic Rocky Mountains, we have sprinkled our landscape designs built environments throughout Alberta. Although, URBREG’s Calgary landscape design company headquarters is presently in the northeast, we anticipate soon moving it all soon. Because, most of the landscape contracting work we do in metro Calgary, is in the southwest. And, the surrounding towns. Therefore, it only makes sense to be all under one roof in Black Diamond.

Landscape Design Specialties

However, we often conduct design-build landscape projects within city and town limits as well. But, our true talent lies in being able to ‘spread our wings’ in the country. Thus, aligning with our clients imaginations on the rural properties bordering Calgary and throughout Alberta.

Likewise, many of our clients also have our custom home & landscape design company teams design and build Winter Homes, with deluxe landscapes and outdoor living areas in more temperate climates. For example, in Sayulita, Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta, La Cruz, Bucerias, Riviera Nayarit, Bahia de Banderas and Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

If you drive around Springbank, Bearspaw, Valley Ridge or Poplar Ridge areas, chances are, URBREG landscape design company Calgary, had a hand in designing and building them. Along the Highway 1A or Highway 22 corridors you’ll admire the beautifully landscaped homes and acreages our Calgary landscape design company team has done. We’ve been in the greater Calgary area, as a landscape design company & landscape construction contractor, since 1971. Landscaping residential and rural properties for over 47+ years.

A Unique Landscaping & Design Build Team of Experts

Ours, is a unique assemblage. Seasoned veterans and hand-picked specialists. Skilled and experienced in their trade of design and build. Our backbone. Each individual in our group of pros brings a unique blend of talents. Landscape design and construction  skills, creativity and strengths. Together, they steadily enhance this landscape design company. Both in the field and Office. These personnel are our strength. They distinguish our landscape design company among peers.

Our primary specialty is designing and creating. With originality and integrity. Unique, supernatural landscapes, outdoor living spaces, gardens and new custom homes. In both, a rural and country residential setting. It’s where we shine. With the stone, wood, fire and water in our own landscape creations. Supernatural landscape creations, they are sprinkled amongst the foothills, flat expansive wheat-fields, lush rolling ranchlands and secluded residences. We’ve landscaped for year-round usage, high atop the monumental, jagged Rocky Mountains as well. For instance, in Canmore and Banff.

Collective Landscape & Construction Skills

But, despite our collective landscape design and construction skills, our contributions are only close to the creator of the most breath-taking landscapes of all – those of Mother Nature! The raw beauty displayed in the overall landscape master plan she has created for the Calgary area, is unparalleled and unrivaled. Thus, no man could ever do a landscape design like that which Mother Nature has done for us.

However, this company exerts every effort to parallel her in our designs and creations. Although, we have been the successful recipients of over 760 ‘People’s Choice and Customer Service Awards’ in every conceivable category, we are still made to feel humbly insignificant, next to the ‘Mother of all Landscape Architecture’. Our landscape design company and constructors have studied, admired and copied her for over 47+ years.

Beauty of the Natural & Built Environments

Furthermore, in the foothill and alpine communities, connecting Kananaskis Country, the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park is on Calgary’s western boundaries. There, the entire area has advanced with considerable change over past years. Albeit, reluctantly in some cases. Meanwhile in others, it has thoroughly become involved in and enjoyed still others.

Similarly, some of the most outstanding plots of real estate are boasted in places like Bearspaw, Springbank, Cochrane, Sibbald Flats, Canmore, Bragg Creek, Priddis, Millarville, Alderside, De Winton, Blackie, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Okotoks, High River, Longview and Pincher Creek. Hence, these make for some of the choicest places on the planet to build a custom home. Together, with an elegant landscape or outdoor living area. Therefore, our firm designs and builds amazing, sprawling estates as well as more modest features, a few examples of which are listed below.

Common Elements in an URBREG Landscape & Outdoor Living Space

Excavation & Erosion Control Services | Outdoor Living Spaces | Stunning Landscape platforms | Seasonal Gardens showcasing appealing Retaining Walls | Raised Garden Planters | Rainwater Harvesting | Irrigation Systems | Water Features | Personal Retreat Spas & Hot Tubs | Backyard Sanctuaries | Arbors | Pergolas | Pavilions | Gazebos | Solariums | Atriums | Bio-Domes | Pools & Swim Ponds | Outdoor Kitchens | Barbeque Pits | Fireplaces | Fire-Pits | Entertaining Patios | Childrens Playgrounds | Courtyards | Natural Stone highlights | Carpet-like Turfgrass | Elegant Fences | Cobblestone Driveways

Typically, if a client can dream it, our professionals can incorporate it into a landscape design. And, a landscape build installation. There’s miles of room in rural southwestern Alberta surrounding Calgary. So, use it efficiently and effectively. Through, well planned landscapes and outdoor living spaces. Our veteran landscape design company would love to be a part of fulfilling your dreams too. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask for our expertise.

Experienced Landscape Design – Build Teams

Voted as one of the most dynamic, trusted, original and admired landscape design company candidates in the western hemisphere by our peers, various associations and our clients; we’re ready to help. Of particular importance, many of our very best residential and landscape tradesmen, architects, landscape architects and landscape designers, and, most of our landscape tradesmen and craftsmen were born and raised in the local areas surrounding Calgary. The work ethic and attention to detail of the URBREG landscape design company teams and its’ sister divisions, is exemplary.

Also, we’re privileged to have some of our key landscape design personnel from other areas in Canada as well. However, our chief landscape architect is from Turner Valley. Similarly, our primary stone mason hails from Bragg Creek. Our lead red seal journeyman carpenter calls Priddis home. The key water feature technician comes from Alderside. And, our leading Irrigation specialist lives in Millarville, while our principal landscape horticultural specialist, grew up and resides in nearby De Winton.

A couple of our landscape design company’s consulting and drafting experts are native to Cochrane and High River. Meanwhile, we have our chief estimator and lead draftsman are from Okotoks and Bragg Creek. Importantly, we also have professional tradespeople from an immeasurable variety of places around the globe. Each brings something unique and original to the firm. For instance, a honor-student, internationally qualified, world design finalist, junior architect from Iran.

Mobility in URBREG’s Landscape Design – Build Crews

Hence, in every way, our landscape design company is very local. Moreover, very familiar with the metro Calgary culture, climate and surroundings. But, we are very mobile as well. with mobile camps, we answer and respond to project calls all over the western hemisphere.

This multiplicity gives us our strength as an organization. All in all, the URBREG international landscape design company is strongly localized and rooted in metro Calgary. Even though, we conduct inspiring landscape design and construction projects throughout all of Alberta, British Columbia, the United States and Mexico.

Many of our esteemed Clients also own property along the lakes of BC’s interior. Similarly, throughout the Kootenay’s, the Okanogan, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Mexico. That’s why URBREG Landscape Design also has Offices in Vancouver BC and Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Thus, these loyal customers retain us to do their secondary homes and recreational properties in Mexico as well. It’s, as a result of the exemplary results they received on their outdoor makeovers, landscape renovations, outdoor living space creations, gardens and landscapes at their primary homes. Hence, adding to our diversity. We feel honored to have such a wonderful collection of clients. Over 6,600 strong. Added one by one. Assembled, over our past 47+ years in business.

High Quality Staff Serving You

As a leading full service consult-design-build custom home and landscaping design-build firm located just minutes south of Calgary in Black Diamond, White Rock BC and beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico; we’re super-proud of our professional full-time personnel. Many, have been schooled at some of the most highly respected universities and polytechnic colleges in North America. For instance, just to mention a few, these include such outstanding schools as Olds College, Ryerson University, Algonquin College, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and Cornell University.

Our graduate staff takes great pride in their professional achievements. And, customer service practices. As well, their seasoned and unparalleled experience in landscape design and construction. To the more than 6,300 satisfied project clients, we’ve served over the past, nearly 5 decades. Proud the company team should be. Because, it’s a pretty remarkable accomplishment, as we move into the future. Lots of clients have taken the time to write to us. Mailing, in Customer Satisfaction Testimonials. Which, we are also very proud of, and humbled to receive.

Landscape design company pro’s and craftsmen that comprise the URBREG are fully cognizant and understanding of the fact that, for you as a future landscape design and landscape construction customer, there are other landscape companies and contractors to choose from. These choices are not always easy. But, we’re pretty confident that when you get to know us  a bit better, our work will speak for itself. Thus, sparking your interest in us. In fact, it is entirely possible you will see some project photos on our website, that you will recognize. Landscape design builds as being an URBREG landscape or outdoor living space.

Being Helpful to Clients is the Key Objective

Therefore, in the spirit of transparency and to aid our future clients in the decision making process, we’ve put together a section with some unbiased tips for choosing a landscape design company. Or, a general contractor.

Hence, all this will likely cause you to want to speak with one of our landscape designers, or landscape architects for a preliminary phone consultation. Guess what? It’s FREE! You’ll find us to be one of the most available, diverse, unique and creative – custom home, renovation, landscape design, and residential design build contracting firms, in the western hemisphere.

Choices for a Landscape Design Company Are Many | The Proven Are Few

Although, the choices are many, the proven are few. Equally few, are the ones that were founded all the way back in 1971. As well you can imagine, over that time, we’ve seen, set foot on, and enhanced a lot of real estate!

For example, as a landscape design company, we’ve survived 3 global economic meltdowns in the past 47+ years. However, we’re still going strong into another new century. As your local landscaping contractors for residential construction in Calgary and Vancouver, we will always endeavor to be at the cutting-edge of technology and sustainable living design as well. Through this pioneering approach we expect to continue on the front-line in surprising our clients with the visions and applications we derive from their garden and landscape dreams. Our unique ability to cast those imaginings into stone, concrete, wood and composite materials and dapple them with unique, creative and colorful plantings and Softscapes, is what sets us apart from our competitors. URBREG landscape design company vision and mission is one of an eco-friendly relationship between the built environment and the natural one.

Utilizing our training, wisdom and experience is what gives URBREG clients, a one-of-a-kind landscape garden and functional outdoor living area to enjoy the whole year round, regardless of weather. Thus, by assembling expanses of land in an organized, sensible and usable manner, the unique outdoor living elements that we incorporate into each of our landscape creations, is what will keep us going forward for at least 47 more years.

Effects of Landscaping on the Surrounding Landscape

In our previous 4 1/2+ decades we’ve seen Calgary, Springbank, Bearspaw, Cochrane, Canmore and Banff transform and change forever. Even the small towns like Bragg Creek, Millarville, Turner Valley and Blackie have received explosive growth. Hence, with that has come some of the most sprawling and luxuriously designed and landscaped estates in North America. Many of them, done by URBREG landscape design company. Although history and evolution has changed these areas on the surface, forever, the small town spirit lives on, throughout the area.

Moreover, for our many rural-type landscape customers who live in the ranch and foothill country of Longview, Sibbald Flats, Okotoks, High River, and Black Diamond, the beautiful City of Calgary is only minutes away. Plus, it offers everything you could ever need from a city. Except, an ocean! The smaller outlying towns to the south and west of Calgary are still home to some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet. Likewise, the finest beef in the world. Certified Alberta beef.

As an added bonus, the entire greater Calgary area is also home to some of the finest stream trout fisheries, too. Also, the finest hiking trails, mountain-biking paths, obstacle courses, triathlons, marathons, rock and fitness climbs, alpine ski slopes, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing, on the globe. All this, is just minutes away. By paved highway, to and from your awaiting outdoor living landscape space. That is, if you ever want an outing. The sound of bugling elk and the smashing of rocky mountain, bighorn ram, horned-heads, can be heard for echoing miles, on a cold day. Utopia, for outdoor enthusiasts who want to get up on the rugged mountain slopes of the Alberta Rockies.

Landscape Beauty and Functionality

Beauty abounds everywhere. Your chosen landscape design company, should be able to deliver a reflection of this natural showcase at your home. To not optimize, your personal outdoor areas by turning them into something you can proudly utilize for entertaining family and friends, is contemptuous. And, a genuine waste. A properly completed landscape master plan design, from the URBREG landscape design company and construction experts, will require little, if any maintenance. Plus, it only gets more beautiful and valuable as it ages. Thus, turning your property into a personalized outdoor oasis. Your own private retreat.

Landscape Design A Better Way. Tried, Tested, Proven As The #1 Landscape Design Company, Since 1971 With Over 6,600 Clients

Particularly noteworthy, unlike many landscape companies, nearly every single project URBREG accepts, is done for our clients on a ‘time and materials’ basis. This proven method and approach assures that you will be able to rest easy, knowing that everything is built in complete alignment with construction code. Hence, a shortcut will never have taken. And, conceivably, you could never receive a Work Change Order.

To highlight, the URBREG System For Success enables you to receive only top-of-the-line, recognized, quality materials and components. From, our pre-approved Preferred Suppliers such as:

  • Belgard, FireMagic, Jacuzzi, Beachcomber, Graf, Eldorado, Kichler, Tempest, Arcadia, Graber, DaVinci, Playworld, BlueStar, Rosetta, Barkman, Cambria, Westech, Trex, Endless Pools, Vista and Viking.

Therefore, you, the client, will be in complete control of the budget at all times. Thus, pay only for what you want and what you get. Build as little, or as much as you like. Controlled quality. Certified craftsmanship. No shortcuts. No hidden extras. No Work change Orders. Change, upgrade, downgrade, modify, add, subtract or amend whatever you like. Whenever you like. On the fly. Or, as construction progresses. Both, on your custom home, and landscape project. All our clients agree that the URBREG exclusive URG construction management system is superior. And, by leaps and bounds – the only way to go!

Business Privacy, Professionalism & Our Landscape Design Company

Your business privacy matters to us as well. Confidentiality in business dealings is another major benefit to choosing URBREG landscape design company. Our strictly enforced and adhered to Privacy Policy is published for all our future clients to review.

Additionally, many executives at energy and technology companies alike have retained and engaged the URBREG professionals to complete their residential and recreational outdoor living spaces, gardens and landscapes. They all agree without exception that timeliness and quality of the craftsmanship completed at their homes, acreages and ranches far exceeded their expectations. And, the limits of their imaginations.

Furthermore, with several thousand completed projects under our belts; URBREG’s expert landscape designers, landscape architects, project managers, and construction craftsmen, combined with the landscaping technologies and sustainable practices we offer, make us your #1 choice as a landscape design company. The proficient service, exemplary safety and environmental values our employees demonstrate, is a model for clients, neighbors, regulators and spectators alike. Thus, ranking this firm among the tops. This custom home, real estate and landscape design company cannot be beat. Either, on quality or customer service. Why? Because, of our tested, tried, proven and implemented systems!

Knowledge & Experience are Critical Components to URBREG International

Of particular importance, our immeasurable knowledge of landscape architectural design, construction, residential renovation design, landscape design, construction code, water properties, horticultural compliments, outdoor living balances, construction procedures and real estate value enhancement – warrants that, our primary goals to you, our client are consistently met.

We’ll maximize the return on your investment, whether it’s small or large.

  • Every dollar you spend on your property will augment not only your overall net worth, but enrich the personal enjoyment, usability and self-gratification of your property, since after all, it is likely to be the single largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime.
  • Such an investment within your control to accumulate wealth, get enjoyment from and use daily, is indeed one that you will want to have consistently gain in value, as it grows older with you.

Hot Landscape Ideas that are Currently Trending

  • An elegant Belgard Mega Bergerac Brick Paving Stone Driveway,
  • A figurative Front-entry Fountain or Water Feature
  • A large matching backyard Paving Stone entertaining Patio,
  • An incorporated Fire-pit, or Fire-table,
  • A BBQ Outdoor Kitchen in the back yard,
  • A series of terraced Pisa-stone, Allan-block, Stackstone brick, or Natural Stone Planters,
  • Retaining Wall systems throughout the property, to retain slopes and create an elevated 3D environment for lavish flora,

Elegant Landscape Accessories

Fine Woodwork and Finishing Carpentry abundantly showcased in a Great Outdoor Room,

  • Showcase a chiseled Stone natural gas Fireplace, hearth and mantle, with inviting Outdoor Furniture seating, to curl up in on a cold winter evening,
  • A big-screen Projection TV with Outdoor Surround Sound,
  • A built-in Jacuzzi or Beachcomber Hot Tub or Endless Aerobic Spa Pool,
  • A wet bar for entertaining friends and business associates,
  • An open-air Solarium, a Sunroom or Outdoor Atrium setting,
  • An in-ground Swimming Pool and expansive Pool Deck might take up another section of the back yard,
  • A Sport Court for the more athletic and fitness conscious individuals, could undoubtedly be incorporated into the design,
  • Complete circulation throughout the entire property is achieved by interlacing it all with serpentine Paving Stone or Flagstone Walkways,
  • Utilizing Stadium Steps to accommodate grade and elevation changes, as well as extra seating area,
  • Automated Irrigation and Sprinkler System within the Landscapes and Outdoor Living areas, to support Lawn, Gardens, Planters and Pots,
  • Low- maintenance, year-round groupings of striking Trees, Shrubs and Perennials,

More Outdoor Living & Landscape Enrichment

Enrich the property with an amazing Landscape Lighting display,

  • Finished off border areas with strategically placed, cooling strips of blended Kentucky Blue and Red Fescue turf-grass, front and back for barefoot comfort,
  • Encase the entire asset with stylish fencing,
  • Punctuated the front and back yard with stately Stone-clad Pillars or Columns,
  • Created Privacy-screening with evergreen columnar plantings, to complete your personal oasis and prevent nosy outsiders and jealous intruders from gawking or peering in,
  • Ensured family security with an outdoor video-surveillance monitoring system.

Hardscapes and Softscapes married, harmonized and blended into a single outdoor living space. Synergized, and integrated with the indoor living spaces. A personal retreat and sanctuary. Customized, to enhance our clients lifestyle, health, safety, property value and bank account. URBREG landscape design company is the one with creativity, originality, style and integrity.

Landscape Design Company With an Extensive Design & Construction Portfolio

Adding to our extensive and sizable landscape portfolio, which dates all the way back to 1971, or gaining more recognition and receiving awards, is nowhere near as important to us, as achieving our primary and deep-seated goal. Fully satisfying our customers. Making them ecstatic with our creations! That in itself will return their strong recommendations of us to their family, friends and associates. Which, of course, yields more work for the talented landscape designers, architects, landscape craftsmen and landscape construction assistants at URBREG landscape design and construction company.

CONTACT Us TODAY for advice, to get questions answered, Or to Book a FREE Initial Landscape Design Consultation!

Therefore, when you seek a top-quality landscape and outdoor living space at your property, there’s only one residential landscape design company choice. A high-grade landscape construction contractor. URBREG, landscape design company. It’s the only logical choice, to give you the greatest benefit. Whether you are in an urban, or rural Alberta area, whether for real estate, custom home or landscaping needs, make sure to fill out and submit the applicable ONLINE CONTACT FORM. Or, give us a toll-free call at 1-877-9URBREG. Thus, get answers and 5 Gold Star Customer Service.

A water feature should be built to look like Mother Nature put it there. Not man. As is evidenced in any amazing URBREG water gardens. And, coy ponds. Designed, by the talented staff at URBREG landscape design company. Despite, old man winter, it was built by our experienced craftsmen. Utilizing the latest in water feature technology. And, equipment. To operate year-round.

If you feel URBREG landscape design company is a good fit when we respond to your inquiry, one of our professional consultants, landscape architects, or landscape designers will arrange a meeting with you and your family. A meeting, to conduct a comprehensive home or landscape consultation. Additionally, at that meeting we’ll discuss all kinds of things. Including your needs. Likewise, your wish list and expected budget expenditure. Also, we’ll discuss a landscape design for your property. Such factors, as curb appeal, form, usability, functionality, value and style, will be taken into consideration.

A Landscape Design Company That Listens and Communicates. Offering Integrity, Transparency, Originality, Creativity and 5 Gold Star Customer Service – Continually

In the interest of transparency, we’ll also discuss our fees to produce it all for you. We’ll do our very best to uphold the track record of ranking first. First, in professional, no-nonsense advice and premium service. For all your custom home, renovation and landscape makeover desires. Including topography, drainage, hardscapes, engineering, permitting, master plan, the overall landscape, the horticulture needs, balances and softscapes. Together, with the proposed garden design, colors, textures and recommended plantings. During the entire consult, design and build process, we’ll work hard to ensure everything is discussed. Plus, all explained. Ensuring, that no question is left unanswered. Our objective, is to surpass your requirements and expectations – no matter what they may entail. Just as we have done, for nearly 5 decades. And, for the previous 6,300+ clients before you.

Whether you seek something extraordinary, or something commonplace, you really should CONTACT URBREG landscape design company TODAY! Because, not only are we talented at delivering what you aspire – there is no obligation, until you decide to retain us to work with you.

In addition, our professional approach to doing business in this industry, brings along some pretty skookum SEASONAL INCENTIVES. In effect RIGHT NOW – but only for a limited time. Check out and ‘Like’ our Facebook Page for more details. Check out the FREE Urbane Customer Rewards Program too. ENROLL TODAY to begin getting REWARDED. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting in touch! For Custom Homes, Residential Renovations, Outdoor Living Spaces, Landscapes or Gardens.

A Few Tips About How To Get The Most Benefit from YOUR Landscape Design Company

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  • Please include as much information about your request as possible.
  • Don’t forget your phone number and email address so we can contact you back.
  • Your street or legal land description is very helpful.
  • Give us some idea of your estimated budget expectations as well.
  • You can also upload Photos, Files and Documents using the ‘Choose File’ button below.
  • All this information assists us in being the best possible help and service to you.
  • You’re under no obligation for anything by contacting us.
  • A Landscape Design Company with quality, integrity & originality
  • We hope you are enjoying your visit to our website. Now, you know why we are referred to as the ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for  ’EVERYTHING RESIDENTIAL’.
  • When you are in need of experts, whether it’s for advice, a consultation, designwork, project management, construction, building, or real estate in Mexico – the URBREG International Company, is your premier choice.

We’ve Got Over 6,300 Completed Projects Under Our Belts, as of March 31, 2018

Get In Touch with the URBREG Professionals for any Local or International Needs

When you have a question, or would like some additional information from the URBREG landscape design company, please feel free to use our online contact system. Also, there’s specialty contact forms for any other inquiries such as real estate, consultations, careers, etc., on the main navigation bar of our website. Just select, complete and submit the inquiry form best suited to your needs.

For Those Who Prefer the Phone, Call UsToll-free from Anywhere in Canada or USA at 1-877-9URBREG (1-877-987-2734) [or] From Internationally at 011-52-322-146-8325 [or] From Within Mexico at +52-1-322-146-8325

Thank you once again for visiting us. And, for using our online inquiry system. Your contacting us, is greatly appreciated. A professional expert from our company team will be back to you as soon as possible. We all look forward to working with you, and we thank you in advance for your most appreciated business.

We’re pleased to advise, that this landscape design company page was last worked on and updated on 02 February, 2019. Thanks a million for stopping by!

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