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Because, “Nothing happens, unless first a dream first.” We’re proud of our Landscape Design and landscape architectural team. Blended together. 47+ years of top architectural landscape design with modern technology. Thus, giving you, the finest in landscape design results. Creativity, originality, quality, integrity and attention to detail. Herein, we’ve included a few samples of our design work for you to look at. Hopefully, those will inspire some dreams and thoughts for you!

Top Landscape Design & Architecture | By URBREG Inc.

Want to make a great first impression on your visitors? Of particular importance, a beautiful property with striking gardens and immaculate grounds, is always the first thing people notice from the street. Also, curb-appeal increases the value of your home. Hence, if you need some help, bring us your landscape ideas. We will create a prefect landscape master plan for your property. And, your lifestyle. It all starts with a meeting and a landscape design. The URBREG Landscape Design Team are seasoned veterans, second to none. Thus, “Dream it up and we’ll unveil the astonishing!” Since 1971, our expertise includes large-scale projects, in and around…

West Vancouver | North Vancouver | Vancouver | Burnaby | Delta | Tsawwassen | Richmond | New Westminster | White Rock | Coquitlam | Port Coquitlam | Maple Ridge | Pitt Meadows | Surrey | White Rock | Cloverdale | South Surrey | Langley | Abbotsford

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Furthermore, landscape planning and design requires an in-depth knowledge of landscape architecture. Additionally, gardening and horticulture. Similarly, construction assimilation expertise. So, bring your landscape design ideas to life. Our expert team will work with you, to design your dream landscaping ideas. Using, the latest in IT software and over 47+ years’ experience in landscaping. We guarantee you will love the results of your landscape design. Of course, it goes without saying, that fees apply.

Large-scale Project 3D Video Walk-through Landscape Design

Moreover, this firms’ landscape design capabilities are virtually boundless. Have a look at this video walk-through, and you’ll see for yourself! Full visual, in advance. So, you can see your landscape and outdoor living spaces, via landscape design, before a shovel ever hits the ground.

Landscape Master Planning – Need and Purpose

Whether, for a newly constructed home, or a total landscape makeover, the “Art of Landscape Design” requires extensive planning. Likewise, an in-depth knowledge of landscape architecture, gardening and horticulture. For instance, artificial stone.

Landscape Design Company Image 00020Similarly, a landscape upgrade, a yard overhaul, grounds renovation, or the addition of an outdoor living area, construction assimilation expertise is a requirement. Therefore, we’ve been selected many times, for extensive landscape projects at…

Mission | Chilliwack | Kamloops | Kelowna | Penticton | Castlegar | Pincher Creek | Lethbridge | High River | Okotoks | De Winton | Turner Valley | Black Diamond | Longview | Bragg Creek | Cochrane | Canmore | Banff | Calgary

Residential & Commercial Landscape Master Plans | 2-D, 3-D & Video Walk-through

Our Landscape Team has over 47+ years of worldwide hands-on experience. Both, in landscape design and landscape installations. Thus, we designed and built some of the finest gardens and landscapes, anywhere on the globe.

Core staff, make a lifelong commitment and career in this profession. Paralleled, by our hand-picked field team of installers, builders and craftsmen, the URBREG Team will deliver a unique landscape design. And, a finely finished outdoor living area, that will far exceed any client expectations. Your vision, will be fully illustrated on a detailed landscape design plan. As well as, a landscape design walk-through, as illustrated above, in the video. Hence, all of it will be custom tailored, to your needs and lifestyle.

Flawlessly designed property with stunning gardens and immaculate grounds, is always the first thing people notice from the street. Sharing your landscape design ideas can be a useful beginning. Those, are critical for us to design the perfect plan for your property. Also, your lifestyle and investment strategy.

Landscape Design Requirements

Landscape Design Company Image 00019Landscape design architecture requires a strong, thorough understanding of the land. In addition, the compatibility, circulation and usage between humans, pets, the environment, and varied ecosystems. It requires the usage of creativity. Uniqueness, and innovation and cannot be left in the hands of amateurs, due to the sophistication involved. Landscape Design Architects, are professionals who’s work ranges far beyond only design.

Architects aim to meet the needs of people. While, improving land, diverse environments and ecosystems. They draw up plans for outstanding places. Environments, that are striking and practical. In doing so, much consideration is given to prolonged usage. Also, factors affecting the way our cities, suburbs, rural and wilderness areas are planned, designed and managed.

Explore All Your Landscape Design Possibilities

Equally important, this company has strong affiliations. Kindred relationships with many distinguished and prominent landscape designers. Also, landscape architects globally. Thus, over the years, our firm has worked with designers and architects, throughout the world.

If you have landscape architectural needs at any scale, or any place on the globe, contact us. Likely, we have a landscape design staff member, associate, or architectural colleague there. URBREG’s mission, is to always do our very best to assist and accommodate you, our client.

Additionally, we are very proud to be members of a wide range of landscape architecture and design associations and groups- worldwide.

Landscaping Ideas, Garden Design, Consultations & Master Plans

Landscape Design Company Image 00018A professional landscape consultation (for home or business) is only an online inquiry, or phone call away. Thus, make a great first impression on your visitors. Properly executed, the landscape design will be constructed to exacting standards. Not to mention, beautiful, once implemented.

Quality landscape design is much more than just drawings. Instead, it’s a complex orchestration of many elements. Materials, such as wood, stone, fire, water, soil and plant life. As such, it demands many years of experience and dedication. Devotion to the profession is paramount to receiving top-notch work. Toil, which demonstrates originality and creativity.

You can commonly view ours, in many surrounding areas. Such as, Medicine Hat | Red Deer | Drayton Valley | Edson | Edmonton | Grande Prairie | Bonnyville | Lloydminster | Wainwight and Provost. Likewise, throughout other areas of Alberta | British Columbia | Canada | United States | Puerto Vallarta | Mexico | Latin America. URBREG’s brand, is both locally and globally.

Award-winning Landscape Design & Installations By Top Construction Craftsmen

Initially, one of the goals of the consultation, is to define your project. Definition, in terms of general concept. Of course, material options and technical applications are also worked into the landscape design. Thus, we’ll walk you through all the components, and steps to success, together. Ensuring, the end result, is your dream, come true!

Book Your Personalized Landscape Design Project TODAY!

Landscape Design Company Image 00017Primarily, the expert landscape designer team’s job at the firm, is to take your vision, establish your needs, and propose solutions. Then, by the end of the consultation, we will all have a clear idea of what subsequent steps to take. Thus, moving your landscape ideas, towards the finished landscape project.

Landscape Design Toll-free in Canada – USA 1 877 987 2734

You can call URBREG International 24/7/365. Additionally, phone from anywhere within Mexico, at: +52 1 322 146 8325. Or, Internationally, reach us at: 011 52 1 322 146 8325Email us at: inquiries . general @ urbreg . com. Para hablar en Español, por favor llame a: +52 1 322 152 6747.

Share our Successes | URBREG Landscape Design – Construction Management Group

Perhaps, you have an interest in getting into business. A business of your own. But, you are unsure where to begin. If, that’s the case, you’re also at the right place! Visit, our franchise opportunities page, for some preliminary information.

It’s true, that you too, can share in our successes. Whether, it be landscape design, or otherwise. It’s easy to become a part in the long success story, of URBREG International Associates. Moreover, we’d love to add you to the Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Inc. And, the URBREG International family. But, we offer so many more possibilities too. Remember, we are THE one-stop-shop, for everything residential.

Other Construction Management & Residential Things to Check Out

Landscape Design Company Image 00016Hence, some of you, will come as our guests. And, stay in one of our vacation rental condos or else one of our Puerto Vallarta vacation homes. Whatever it is, that you like to do on vacation, URBREG Real Estate, likely has the perfect vacation home or condo, just for you. Hence, soak up some rays. Recharge. Relax on the beach. Or, do yoga. Write your memoirs. Have a cold, refreshing drink in the sunshine. Maybe, meditate.

Otherwise, you can also get tips on such things as buying your first home. Or, dealing with a mold problem in an existing one. Furthermore, on our auxiliary websites, you’ll find more about residential architecture. Similarly, Mexico/Latino and Canada/USA custom home building, As well as, landscape/outdoor living. And, playground construction, play-sets and play equipment. Outdoors and indoors too.

Additionally, we’ve got many other topics and pages of interest. For example, extra info related to the Puerto Vallarta real estate market. Perhaps, general construction or likely custom homes, is more your interest.

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Maybe, you’d like to visit our About Us page, to learn more. Whatever, Canada, USA, Mexico assistance you need, URBREG is here to help. Of particular importance, residential and commercial architectural design, is an integral part. Likewise, is high-quality, elegant interior design at the firm.

Also, be sure to have a look at the home improvement section, or the sustainable garden design ideas article. There, you will learn the benefits, as well as, why, you need a landscape design. We’ve got a great article about Mexico real estate too. And, more info about real estate market design trends.

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Finally, whether you’re from Grande Prairie or Edmonton | Bonnyville or Lloydminster | Red Deer or Calgary | Kelowna | Vancouver | Bellingham | San Diego | Phoenix | Puerto Vallarta, Puntarenas or Barcelona – Get In Touch With Us. For any landscape design needs! Plus, experience URBREG’s top-of-the-line, 7 Step Landscape & Construction Management Success System, Services and Products NOW!

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Lastly, just so you know, we LAST UPDATED this Landscape Design page on March 20, 2019. Below, are a couple more color concept landscape design drawings. Also, we’re including four, ‘before and after’ photos of completed URBREG projects.

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