First off, few people realize that a landscaping designer is a professional, who can help achieve your dining goals. But it’s true. Trained in sustainable garden ideas and practices.

Thus, pair him with a horticultural landscape contractor, and you’re all set up. Hence, easily grow your own fresh, organic produce. Perhaps, with the assistance of Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Inc., (URBREG Inc.) experts.

The Know-how to Grow Food | Sustainable Garden Ideas

What if you could cut your grocery bill by half? The Universal Design Team presents the key points to making sustainable garden ideas work. They’re viable, easy and successful. Through, professional landscape designers, trained in organic gardening. Among, many other domains. Also, in ‘green’ practices and sustainable living. Of course, one element of that, is sustainable gardening.

Therefore, well-known colleges and universities, such as Olds College and Lakeland College are ranked with the best. For teaching sustainable garden ideas technology. Many members from the Universal landscaping designer Team have graduated from these fine educational institutions.

Garden Design Ideas from URBREG’s Professionals

More and more, people desire growing their own food. But, many don’t know where to begin. Or, how to go about making it sustainable for that matter.

Thus, Universal’s key sustainable garden ideas. Outlined in this article. Those may help you achieve higher standards. Foodscaping is the primary sustainable garden ideas technology and science of it. Isn’t it what everyone should be doing in every neighborhood?

In Canada, the USA, Mexico and around the world, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Sustainable garden ideas is only the tip of the iceberg. However, it’s something everyone can do. And, with very little cost. These days, people’s homes in modern metro areas are more ornamental than productive. Why not make your yard beautiful, but functional and food-producing at the same time? With the right sustainable garden ideas put into practice, it’s easy.

Sustainable Garden Ideas Image 001e

A Quality Landscape Designer For Sustainable Garden Ideas

Rural properties have long been food producers. By the very lifestyle of their occupants. Sustainable garden ideas are practiced. On the other hand, and although often desirous to do so, by and large, ‘city folk’ don’t have the background or upbringing.

By contrast, country folk, have grown up with a sustainable lifestyle. Taught, at a very early age. Not only, how to garden, but also how to grow at least some, of their own food. Likely, they didn’t even realize that in the process, they were perfecting sustainable garden practices!

In speaking with Freyja Prit, a top-producing real estate agent at Re/Max in Vancouver, BC, she says, “I can’t imagine why more people don’t do so.  Today’s home buyers seem to react very positively to the concept of seeding and reaping their own foodstuffs. But, that’s about as far as it goes.”

She believes it is largely because most people just don’t have the knowledge. (On a related note, visit her blog for lots of great information about local Vancouver real estate)

FoodscapingAn Anchor in Sustainable Designed Gardens

Vertical gardening is also a form of sustainable gardening. Especially so, in tight or limited spaces. Referred to as ‘upright landscaping’. Therein, a property owner designates and plans a part of the yard for a garden. The result, is fresh garden produce. Grown, in a vertical fashion, using sustainable garden practices. For the family’s usage.

But, it goes way beyond that as well. Re-purposed as planters, are old household materials. Or, sometimes, recyclable and other items, which might be otherwise discarded. For instance, PVC plastic pipe wooden crates, plastic pop bottles or old rain-gutters.

Early forms of foodscaping originate back to the days of our rural ancestors. Neighbors would meet and jointly decide how much land to allocate for growing their own food. Then, as a group, they would work to make it happen. Thus, everybody ate fresh, home-grown produce. Healthier lifestyles, and reduced grocery bills were the by-product.

Home Grown Sustainable Gardens | Rural Traditions & Practices

In addition, the ‘grow committee’, also decided who would grow what. That minimized duplication. Trading, also ensued. Back in those days there was no trained landscaping designer to assist.

Yet, together, they developed and utilized sustainable garden ideas. Likely, at the time, people didn’t even realize they were doing it. Sustainable garden ideas and practices were just a way of life. Plus, an economical way of feeding large families. A means of survival. And, less cash outlay at the general store.

Knowledge of Gardening Deterioration

However, over the generations, many people inhabited suburbia. Town and city people lost their way with food growing, as the metro areas grew. Along with that, the knowledge of how to do it, also deteriorated. Of course, we’re referring to metropolitan folks, mostly. Country residents still grow a large part of their own food.

For instance, Hutterite colonies, are a perfect example. In fact, they generally have surplus, that they sell to others. Garden produce, potatoes, eggs, chickens, and the like, are generally available at your local Hutterite colony.

Now desired, are healthier lifestyles. In today’s more ‘earth-friendly’ society, it’s ‘green this’ and green that’. Fears of pesticide contamination, global warming, pollution and so on, abound. Thus, rekindling a growing demand for these nearly lost arts. Our ancestors methods are back in practice. Thankfully, revived from the dead!

Sustainable Garden Practices are Returning to the City

In fact, several prestigious vocational colleges & universities, including Cornell University, are teaching courses on sustainability. Also, organic food growing. However, not everybody enjoys the luxury of being able to go back to university. Even though, they may have some sustainable garden ideas or notions, floating about their heads.

Thus, we help folks learn how to grow vegetables and organic produce. And, chickens too, for example. In their own back yards. Universal Group’s landscaping design teams come into play, front and center. They can design it for you and teach. Utilizing, modern technology with cutting-edge sustainable garden ideas and practices. Then, we’ll build it too, if you like.

Hence, all the homeowner has to do is plant the seeds and reap the harvests.

Potential Roadblocks for Food Production Sustainability

Meanwhile, municipal regulators, are often a potential roadblock. They tend to always counter-attack any notion that doesn’t quite fit their guidelines. But, there’s a problem. Outdated, are many of the guidelines. Sometimes, years behind, where they should be. Not to mention, over-regulated, over-stated and over-rated. Quite often, largely governed by the minority.

Government of any sort is very slow to move. Unless, of course, you owe them money! Incorporating sustainable garden ideas in metro neighborhoods, is no exception. For example, most communities have a conniption, if they discover you have a few laying-hens, in your back yard.

Self-Sustaining Neighborhood Produces Its’ Own Power and Food

To reduce human footprint, we must overcome these obstacles. Primarily, by planning, at the outset. As well as, developing metropolitan living communities, geared toward sustainable, organic food production. Gradually, others will follow and come on stream, right behind.

Consequently, the Universal Team of Experts, has developed our patented, trademarked, technology called ‘OLE!‘ (Optimized Lifestyle Enhancement). If, new communities planned for it in the first place, it wouldn’t have become the problem we face today. Little by little, residents would comply.

In the process, they’d learn, practice, teach and pass on the sustainable garden ideas know-how, of our ancestors. Money would be saved by the bushel too. Therefore, these communities would reduce their human footprint. Additionally, reliance on non-renewable resources, as well.

Going Greener for the Greater Good

Thus, going ‘truly green’, would progressively become the world-model. Instead of, it being just a fad or trendy phrase. Like many European countries. Countries, who by the way, are thriving and more advanced. To illustrate, have a look at this recent video. It will really open your eyes. Perception, of sustainable garden ideas, living practices and ‘earth-friendly’ notions will change, once you do.

Change is here. It’s here for good. Today and now. Instead of falling hopelessly behind, we must get on-board. First, it will catch on. Then, spread. Reach perfection. Of course, slowly, at first. A more local example is Okotoks, Alberta. Sustainable living is a way of life. And, certainly it’s working well. Visit Drakes Landing solar community, next time you’re out that way. There, you’ll see some amazing, cutting-edge accomplishments, for yourself.

Certain Landscape Architectural Designers are Trained to Focus on Sustainable Planning

Sustainable living is real. It’s viable, completely doable, growing, and here to stay. Likewise, so is incorporating sustainable garden ideas, to produce your own food. We continue to hear sustainability propaganda. Shouldn’t we ensure growing our foodstuff at home, organically?

Or, at least some of it? Plus, wouldn’t it be ‘truly’ organic, if we did? Thus, allowing us to live healthier lifestyles and reduced footprint on our planet. Take a backward step and think for a moment, about what’s being said. “Growing a garden and having a few chickens is all fine and dandy, but, we don’t want an ugly neighborhood”, they say! Remember though, cutting-edge technology is being developed continually. Just as you saw in the video.

Moreover, they’re being advanced at Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group (URBREG Inc.), for example. As such, we’ll give you tips for a fabulous looking yard, as well. These technologies and practices do not subtract from the aesthetics of your yard. Nor, from the neighborhood, for that matter. Rather, they enhance lifestyles, reduce footprint and make sense.

The concept is referred to as OLE! (Optimized Lifestyle Enhancement). Ask our Architectural Landscaping Designer Team, for an expert opinion.

OLE! Alternative Sustainable Idea Practices

If you like, speak with an Architectural Designer at our firm, to learn more about this amazing concept. Get details on the following, at the same time. Especially so, if you are thinking about building a new home. At that stage, you can incorporate some, or all of these:

  • Geo-thermal
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind chargers
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Biological Sewer
  • Vertical Gardening
  • Aquaculture
  • Hydroponics
  • Bio-Domes
  • Solariums
  • Atriums
  • Greenhouses

Living Practices That Make Sense

The foregoing barely scratches the surface yet summarize a few technologies that we’ve worked with. However, there are many more aspects we haven’t even mentioned. Now, eco-friendly homes, food-scapes and sustainability, are being better received. As we evolve from the industrial revolution.

Previously, we humans had a blatant disregard for everything. It was all about greed and speed. Waste and exploitation. Polluting, pillaging and destroying. Racing, to see who could grab the most, in the least amount of time. Of course, lots of that still exists. But, together with the alternative ideas above, humanity is in a better place, these past 20 years.

And, as a bonus, we’ve managed to overcome many of the bylaws, in existing neighborhoods, as well. Many answers are a just phone call or email away. Now, you’re able to book a consultation, with an expert residential planner. Many home owners never give a second thought to anything ‘yard related’. Except perhaps, outdoing the Jones’s, down the block. Can’t a yard be used for more? Isn’t it a waste to only have a lot of rich-green, water-guzzling, lush-looking lawn?

Greener Gardening Ideas that Give You the Best of Every World

In places, such as Vietnam and Switzerland, foodscaping, and many other sustainable living practices, have been in place for decades. Moreover, with great success. And, with no apparent drawbacks or downsides.

Likewise, at our firm, we believe in solutions. Solutions, that will deliver the best of all worlds. Beauty, usability, functionality and productivity. We recognize, there are issues and problems. However, being solution oriented, the URBREG Teams overcome them. Furthermore, it involves a corporate culture. A unified team belief-system. It all begins, through a conversation with the Architectural Design Team. Then, planning and execution.

For example, our landscape designers and home planners, will work with you to redesign your property. Included, can be benefits related to foodscaping. Or, if you prefer, we can create you a new ‘greener’ and ‘smarter’ custom home. One, that will be much eco-friendlier. Of course, utilized and integrated, will be the latest in sustainable living technology. Like the ones summarized above.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Media-Fed Hype About Sustainability Being Too Costly

Imagine if, one-by-one, in Canada, the USA, Mexico and Latin America, we grew a little garden! Doing so, would make our travel for getting fresh produce, about 50 feet. No driving. Therefore, no emissions. Likewise, less human footprint.

Additionally, certainty that the produce we are getting, is truly an ‘organic product’. Rather, than the over-priced fakes. Like, the ones we get in most grocery stores today. Not strictly regulated, is organic growing. Certainly not, as strictly, as it should be anyway. You’re being lied to and ripped-off in some cases. Rooked, in others. Especially so, at the supermarket. Unfortunately, some retailers are using the “organic” concept, as a ‘selling gimmick. Sadly, you might be paying a premium price, for something that is very ordinary. Or worse yet, perhaps even a GMO.

Beware of Hype, Gimmicks, Media and Marketing

Similarly, some ‘bottled water’ is promoted as having come from a mountain spring. However, many times over, it has been proven otherwise. Not all of it, just some. In fact, some brands of bottled water, originate from a very typical city water-tap. It’s simply ran through a carbon filter and sold as “Mountain Spring water.” You don’t know any different! Regrettably, both foregoing, are often nothing more than ‘marketing gimmicks’. In addition, to get the truth unraveled, is tough.

Unless you have tested soil and no neighbors, you are likely not getting organic products at the local supermarket. Due to, all sorts of collateral pollutants, even buying direct from a farmer, often guarantees little, in terms of ‘organically grown’. In view of all that, it makes even more sense, to incorporate your own sustainable garden ideas, on your personal plot of land.

Bemused on Where to Start with Sustainable Gardening?

Of particular importance, as we move away from non-renewable resources, and more toward renewable ones, greater purity is going to become the way of life and resulting by-product. Through, recycling, reduced waste, greener living and advanced sustainable garden ideas, our future is enhanced.

Look at smoking, for example. It has been banned from inside nearly every building in North America. Also, look at the leading role, Costa Rica is taking on many matters.

Equally noteworthy, many types of doorknobs, have been recently banned by the City of Vancouver. Favoring, more ‘user-friendly’ living. Additionally, many types of light bulbs are banned throughout Canada by the Federal Government. DDT is gone, along with many other pesticides. And, the list goes on. However, it is slow to move and time-consuming to get the desired results.

Furthermore, it will get even more strict folks! Consequently, there is a lot of pressure, being put on huge companies, like Monsanto. People are joining a ‘purity movement’. Why? Because, they’re sick of being slowly poisoned. Meanwhile, discovering that life on earth, is indeed enjoyable. As such, many have decided they want to be here longer, if possible.

What About LEEDs Living Practices

Although, LEEDs is not yet fully perfected, it has come a long way. Reduced water and energy consumption, among other things. And, many more advances are inevitable. Universal Group has been working on various sustainable technologies, for over 20 years, as well.

We have the ability to design and build a more sustainable world. Organic, and sustainable garden landscapes are included. Through purer, earth-friendly, garden and property ideas, our quality of life improves. Are you up to date in sustainable technologies?

For example, imagine, never having to buy carrots, beets, parsnips, turnips, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cucumber or herbs, ever again. Or, bell pepper, pumpkin, watermelon and, squash. Instead, have your own delicious home-grown vegetables. To do so, you’d have hanging, vertical, horizontal, greenhouse and bio-dome gardens. Putting sustainable garden ideas design into practice, is what makes foodscaping, a reality and completely doable!

And, how about NO utility bills ever again? Another bonus, that’s completely achievable with ‘greener’ lifestyles, habits and practices! Through solar, wind and thermal technology. Universal’s top-quality, cutting-edge Architectural Design Teams can guide you to independence. Or, at least partial freedom. Depending upon, what you are ready for.

Expert Landscape Design Team for Sustainable Gardening & Living Practices

If you have questions, need advice, or just want to pick a trained brain, get in touch. Give us a phone call. Or, send in an inquiry through one of the easy to use Contact Form to start with. Let’s discuss what your goals and needs are. From there, we’ll be able to analyze your property. Then, more accurately, we can begin a residential design that will work for you. And, satisfy the municipal regulators as well.

You can go it alone, of course. Alternatively, get in touch with our Architectural Design Teams for help! Whether, it’s a yard overhaul, a renovation of your existing home, or a brand-new design build, you’ve found the company, who can take care of your needs.

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Keep Current on Sustainable Gardening Ideas and Other Living Tips on Social Media

Lastly, the fruit is ripe for pluckin’ folks. Just imagine, if all we did, was to get the ball rolling on a larger scale, in Canada, the USA and Mexico! Think, of the sustainable living potential with all the land we have, in those 3 countries alone! Maybe, we’d be able to teach the Europeans a thing or two.

Similarly, we’d produce genuinely ‘organically-grown’ garden produce, poultry and livestock. All, at the same time. From there, it would naturally expand. Eventually, there would be no more GMO’s or GMF’s either.

Consequently, sustainable garden ideas are the place to start. It must begin somewhere. So, why not in each of our own yard? Therefore, let’s begin right here at home. Get help when you need it. Universal’s Landscape Architectural Design Teams are professionally leading the way. Welcome, to the new generation!

URBREG’s Team is here to Inform, Strengthen, Fortify, Assist and Constantly Create Confidence for Sustainable Design

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