First off, when it comes to mimicking the appearance of hardwood floors, laminate flooring is the best. Plus, without compromising on quality, is the added bonus!

Pros & Cons of Laminate Flooring

Due to this, laminate floors in Canada have become a trend. Modern, classy and low maintenance. However, before deciding to install laminate flooring, there are a lot of factors you should consider. Whether, in your home or the workplace. Hence, these considerations help you decide whether a laminated floor, is the right choice for you.

Laminate Flooring Pros


As related to architectural design, laminate floors do an excellent job. Thus, elevating the house appearance to a whole new level. As such, it ranks among the top options for a flooring material. Therefore, making it a top choice among various comparable, and competitive products.

Multiple Styles, Colors & Patterns in Laminate Flooring Boards Image 00018

Also, laminate floors are less susceptible to blemishes. Hence, striking an awesome balance between color and succeeding uniformity. Furthermore, laminate floors withstand the scorching effects of the sun. Plus, retain a long-lasting fresh, classy look.  By contrast, natural hardwood flooring, is susceptible to fading when exposed to direct, prolonged sunlight.


Laminate Flooring Pros & Cons Image 00012Among many reasons why laminate flooring in Canada is popular, is ease of cleaning. Opposite to carpets, laminate floors are easy to clean with common house-hold cleaning supplies. As a result, it is a great choice in homes with pets. Or, children, for that matter. Unlike carpet, pet hair, dust and grime does not get embedded in the floor. This, leading to problematic allergy symptoms and excessive soiling. Such, as is the case with wall-to-wall carpeting.

Laminate Flooring Pros & Cons Image 00001aSimilarly, unlike its counterparts, laminate flooring is covered with a wear resistant coating. Such coating, withstands the tests of time. Without wearing out. Additionally, the floor does not allow water to seep in. Thus, it ensures that your house does not suffer from dampness or mold.

Easy installation

Also, unlike other flooring alternatives, laminate floors are easy to install. So, it could be taken up, as a D-I-Y project. Moreover, due to the click-lock design, the laminate flooring segments outdo their counterparts, that require adhesive to install. Ultimately, creating stronger bonds with greater ease for the handyman home owner.

Since laminate boards are easy to cut through with a knife, jigsaw or miter saw, they reduce the need for investing in expensive power tools too. As a result, laminate flooring installation takes a shorter amount of time. Hence, making it easier and cheaper as a D-I-Y project.


Multiple Styles, Colors & Patterns in Laminate Flooring Boards Image 00020Multiple Styles, Colors & Patterns in Laminate Flooring Boards Image 00023Likewise, a showing factor in all articles comparing flooring materials, is versatility. For this, hardwood floors and laminate floors are the best options. Regardless of your interior décor, you can get a suitable color of laminate flooring. And, a better appearance in your house.

Additionally, laminate floors conform to the trends in flooring, which uphold maintaining a single color when installing your floor. Laminate flooring also presents opportunity for creativity in design. While ensuring that you don’t compromise on the overall floor pattern.

Multiple Styles, Colors & Patterns in Laminate Flooring Boards Image 00022Multiple Styles, Colors & Patterns in Laminate Flooring Boards Image 00019With laminate, there are many designs that you can adopt. Consequently, making it easy to put your ideas into reality. To get the right plan for your house, it is advisable to consult professionals, beforehand. Laminate flooring experts in Canada have amassed a lot of knowledge, skill, experience and “tricks of the trade”. Therefore, these pros know the best fit for various house designs. Resulting, in a great resource for you, if you like to D-I-Y. Most, are only too happy to offer you FREE expertise, when you buy your product from them!


Comparing all flooring services, laminate flooring in Vancouver is the least expensive. Since hardwood floors are made of exotic wood, acquiring them can cost you a fortune. On the other hand, laminate flooring is made of synthetic material. The end result? Reducing the price by half. And, giving similar results to their hardwood counterparts.

Laminated Floor Cons

Although laminate flooring is supposedly indestructible, accumulations of water left sitting on it for longer periods of time, could seep in. Thus, causing damage. Pooled water may cause your floor to swell. Hence, bringing about, the need for replacement. To avert this, ensure that your floor is mopped adequately, drying up any traces of liquid spills.

Hardwood vs Laminate

With hardwood flooring, you can always reinvent your design, or re-purpose the wood. Onsite, this can be done by sanding off the top coat. Then, staining and polyurethane application, in your desired color. Conversely, to change color in laminate flooring, it needs to be completely replaced with new boards. This makes it an expensive endeavor.


Multiple Styles, Colors & Patterns in Laminate Flooring Boards Image 00004

Another issue with laminate flooring is noise. It will vary, depending upon various grounds, where it is installed. As a result, you are forced to buy an underlay for some surfaces, to curb noise. Doing so, incurs more out of pocket cost. Nevertheless, by comparison, the combined price-tag for this is still dwarfed against the cost associated with installing hardwood floors.


Furthermore, laminate flooring requiring replacement from damage, could cost more for repair or replacement, due to your original laminate floor product, possibly having been discontinued. Hence, finding the right replacement can sometimes become daunting. Further, it could lead to floor patterns having to be totally replaced, due to non-availability of original product and mismatching. However, by getting some extra blocks during the initial laminate installation, this can be avoided. Together with, the stress associated in having to get a suitable total replacement for repair, later on.


Lastly, ensure that you confirm the quality and authenticity of your laminate flooring boards. And, more importantly, the reputability of your supplier! Unfortunately, there is a supply of counterfeit laminate flooring boards in the marketplace. Remember, not everybody is a straight-shooter. No different than identity thieves, there are professional criminals in the flooring industry too. That’s how they make their living. So, do your due diligence! Before, parting with your hard-earned cash.

Laminate Flooring Conclusion

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Therefore, now knowing the laminate flooring pros and cons, deciding what type of floor to install, should be an easier task for you. It has been said that “knowledge is power, certainty is strength and combined, they instill confidence.” Thus, this knowledge and certainty, builds your confidence, in deciding about the right floor. For home, office or workplace. In advance.

Undoubtedly, as you have now discovered, the Pro’s far outweigh the Con’s in laminated flooring. So, don’t let anything hold you back. Align yourself, with a reputable supplier, just as we have done as a construction contractor, for years. Request a consultation HERE. Then, choose your color and pattern. After that, happy installing!

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