It’s really as simple, as the preparation of a set of house plans. It’s a fact, many people dream of being a homeowner. An even greater number dream of owning a custom designed and built home.

However, a substantial number don’t realize the many benefits, of actually moving forward with having a custom home built. Nor, do they realize the importance of it, as a part of their financial planning. Likewise, the accompanying process required to get them. Plus, the advantages, far outweigh the disadvantages. And building, is not as complicated as one might think, either. Thus, we figured we’d write an article to help demystify some of it.

Dream It Up – URBREG Unveils Astonishing

Some believe that owning a custom-designed and built home is simply beyond their reach. Being misinformed, is usually what creates these beliefs. The truth is, that the benefits of a custom designed built home, far out stride any negatives of home ownership. It’s much easier to get a set of architecturally designed house plans than you might think. Thus, we’ll touch on 8 of the key benefits, of custom house plans and ownership.

8 Top Benefits for Custom House Plans

It’s true, preparing house plans for a custom home is going to involve some time, effort, and expense. However, it’s not true that the benefits are diminished, by these factors. In fact, quite to the contrary. The dream of a custom home is one that should be shared. Shared, by anyone who wants a truly customized residence to call their own.

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A key factor in having the custom home you’ve always wanted, is to have the right designers and builders in your corner. Firstly, doing your house plans. Secondly, doing the construction. This is the only way to get a custom home ideally suited to your lifestyle. One that will look beautiful. A home, that flawlessly fits your family. Also, one, that will last for many years to come. And, a place to live that enhances your lifestyle. Likewise, your net worth as well. These are just the primary benefits of a custom house plans built home.

Lifestyle Afforded Through House Plans for Custom-designed Built Homes

House Plans Blog Article Image 029Let me give you our own personal example, to illustrate. Our five children are now all grown and gone out on their own. Except for, our youngest son, who still lives at home, and helps us run our Mexico division of the company. Thus, our existing Puerto Vallarta home, no longer effectively served our needs, on several levels. Here’s a few factors explaining why.

First, more grandchildren are on the way (we have 2 gorgeous little ones already). As such, the kids will be coming and going between Canada and Mexico, quite frequently. Plus, we have a lot of family, relatives, and friends who come to Vallarta on vacation, from time to time. As well, many come, just to visit and relax for a few days. When the do, we love having them stay with us. Therefore, considering these factors alone, coupled with the love by all of us, to entertain, cook and bake, a ‘Chef’s kitchen’ was very necessary.

Personalized New Home Plans Perfectly Matched To Needs & Lifestyle

House Plans Blog Article Image 045Additionally, because of the gorgeous Vallarta climate, combined with the fact that we are all outdoorsy-type people with a lust for gardening, a fully developed, fenced backyard outdoor living space, with pool, patio, palapa, Fire Magic outdoor kitchen, and extensive gardens, was also a requirement.

Secondly, after mom passed away, dad was on his own. He’s 84 now, and although still in reasonably good health overall, we didn’t want him living alone. Neither, did he want to be alone. Furthermore, he needs some care, but also, full freedom to live, come and go. Certainly, he wouldn’t hear of going into an assisted living facility for seniors. That left only one choice. Dad needed to live with us. Therefore, both our architectural design and landscape divisions became involved in the designing of our new house plans.

Solutions Custom House Plans Facilitate

House Plans Blog Article Image 042However, one challenge was, that he could not go up and down the stairs, by himself, to the bedrooms, in our existing Vallarta home. Sometimes, he gets brief dizzy spells. Occasionally, he even faints and falls. Thus, he needed a large bedroom, on the main floor, with his own full bathroom. Also, he had to have his own TV, desk, etc., for privacy, yet independence. Additionally, it had to be furnished in such a way, that he can have his friends over. Extensive space was also needed for all his collectibles, memorabilia and belongings too. Yet, close to the kitchen and all, so he can easily get what he wants. Sort of like, having his own ‘private home’, within the home.

Being international realtors, we looked high and low for a suitable home on the market. Nothing was a perfect fit. Hence, one afternoon, I went to the office and turned our firm’s architectural designers loose, on our personal new home plans. After a detailed discussion about the “who, what, where, when, and why,” they came up with the perfect “how.”

End Result – The Perfect Home

House Plans Blog Article Image 028Now, we are in a ‘textbook’ 2 ½ storey-split custom home, on a massive lot, in a cul-de-sac. Ideal, for semi-retired, travelling, business-people, with a live-in daddy, all of whom love to entertain. Plus, there’s tonnes of extra space inside and outside, for when the kids, grandchildren, family and friends drop by or come for vacation. Also, the added bonus, is being within walking distance of a fabulous piece of private, Nuevo Vallarta beach. In short, we designed and built “just what the doctor ordered!”

Custom Design Questions & Answers

First off, there are a few common FAQ’s.

  • You might ask yourself, what are the benefits of a custom-built home?
  • Why should I tread into unknown territory?
  • Rather, than just buying an existing home on the market?
  • Why would I want the possible stress related to designing and building a new custom home?

House Plans Blog Article Image 037The short answer is, because, just as we did, you’ll get exactly what you want. And, need. Furthermore, without incurring anyone else’s building blunders, boo-boo’s and shortcuts. Or, unusual tastes, for that matter. Equally important, at wholesale price instead of retail.

However, beginning with a well thought-out, carefully drafted, set of house plans is paramount. Whether, your needs and budget are modest or lavish, you still benefit. Similarly, whether your likes, lie in simplicity or luxury.

Specialized Training in Custom House Design

Top custom home design contractors will work with you every step of the way, to satisfy for your ambitions, tastes and budget. They’ll get those house plans just the way you want and need them. Moreover, they will be able to help you with any obstacle that stands in the way of you, and an extraordinary customized residence. Although, the benefits of a custom-built home are many, we will only highlight some of the more significant ones below. Also, why proper house plans are so important.

House Plans Blog Article Image 043Additionally, a basic benefit in custom house plans, is that the designer can help you to better understand what already exists on the market. Furthermore, how that stacks up, versus a custom-designed built home for you, your family and guests. Quality custom home architectural designers are professionally trained. Knowledge lies extensively in modern house plans.

Expert Designing Skills Utilized

Also, they are skilled in usage of CAD, 2D and 3D architectural design drafting technology. In addition, they are well-versed in such issues as land usage and building envelope. Topography, sustainability and greener technologies, are also specialties with advanced house plan designers. Scheduling, budgeting, materials procurement, project management, and regulatory requirements are also part of their knowledge-base.

8 Biggest Benefits to Custom Design for Your Dream Home

Professional custom home designers work with you through each step. In addition, giving assistance in defining all the benefits for a set of custom house plans, comparative to your personal situation. Plans, for a perfectly designed and built home, include the following.

Financial Advantage of Custom Plans

The first, and perhaps the biggest benefit, is paying wholesale price. 

House Plans Blog Article Image 047After all, it’s for the single largest investment you are likely to ever make in your lifetime. So, why pay retail price? Existing, are 2 main price-points in everything, wholesale and retail. Your new custom designed and built home will be at wholesale price. Why? Because, you are starting from scratch. Conversely, buying an existing home will be at the market retail price, with market-profit, already factored in.

Therefore, the biggest benefit of a custom designed built home, from a set of house plans, is the instant equity in your net-worth portfolio. Not, in the pocket of the seller, in the case of an existing home! In other words, if you did nothing more than custom build and sell, you would stand to gain a substantial profit.

Exacting Specifications in Home Design Plans

House Plans Blog Article Image 030Second, getting a home that will be custom-built from a comprehensive set of house plans, will be to your exact specifications. 

Thus, you’ll get a precise floor-plan and designed outdoor living space in your house plans, that will be tailored to your specific needs. And, to that of your family, lifestyle and financial comfort level. It’s true, there are many outside factors can influence your wants and needs. In other words, your ‘Wishlist’.

Additionally, it’s also true, that a top-quality custom home design-build firm. For example, URBREG, will help you to make changes along the way. Changes, which will not sacrifice what you want or need. Furthermore, in getting the perfect set of house plans, you are interactively involved, through a proven System for Success. Therefore, nothing slips through the cracks.

Custom Plans Have No Existing Flaws

House Plans Blog Article Image 033Third, there will be no hidden defects, renovating, painting, upgrades or immediate maintenance necessary. Instead, you’re getting a brand-new product. A custom home fully covered by an industry-exceeding warranty. 

And, it’s all fully illustrated to you in advance, with a set of renderings, concepts, drawings and video walk-throughs. Ultimately, all contributing to your personalized, fresh house plans.

Getting Plans Completed Affords You Ample Moving Time

House Plans Blog Article Image 031Fourth, you’ve got plenty of time to sell your existing home. Or, for giving your Landlord ample notice of your departure. 

For instance, on average, from the time our firm is contacted, until our client moves into their new custom dream home, about 18 months go by. Of course, that depends upon such factors as meetings, getting retained, drafting, concept reviews, house plans completion, and construction.

Thus, it allows plenty of time to find exactly the right buyer for your existing home. Accomplishing this, can be worked on while your house plans are being finalized and home construction is underway.

Custom Designed Plans Incorporate Modern technology and Practices

House Plans Blog Article Image 027Fifth, designing and building a new custom home will take full advantage of modern technologies. Whereas, with an existing home, that might not be possible. Or at the very least, more difficult, messy and perhaps costly.

In the new house plans, such factors as ‘green building’, sustainability, smart technology and energy efficiency, are all considered, at the onset. This is particularly helpful given, ongoing environmental restrictions. These can all be included, as needs demand, in the first place. However, in a less impacted way, as they relate to designing the house plans and undergoing new home construction. Hence, everything complies, at the onset.

But, it does take a collaborative team of professionals, to pull this all together for you. Usually, depending upon who you get, the offset is that you are utilizing the expertise of a wide variety of professionally trained people. Experienced, veteran experts in architectural house plans design drafting. Likewise, in modern construction techniques and technologies. Certainly, with us anyway.

Plans Uniqueness

House Plans Blog Article Image 048Sixth, you’ll have the excitement and satisfaction of knowing that you will own a home, as unique as you are.

Thus, with custom designed house plans, there won’t be another house, exactly like yours, anywhere! And, as I outlined earlier in my own situation, referred to uniqueness, won’t have anything overlooked, or flawed. Your exclusive, new custom home will be built to exacting standards, from a custom set of house plans, which you helped make.

Custom House Plans Offer Peace of Mind

Top 6 Popular Home Renovation Upgrades Image 00013Seventh, is the peace of mind. Because you were involved in the process of designing the house plans, and observing the construction, comfort accompanies.

If for no other reason, just in knowing everything is built to endure time, weather, and whatever else, life might throw at it. Furthermore, all covered by the most comprehensive new home warranty available anywhere. Thus, in the unlikely event, that something does go wrong, you won’t be out-of-pocket, to get it rectified.

Personalized Custom Designed Plans Puts Total Control in Your Hands

Eighth, but certainly not least, you are in total control of the house plans and the construction of the home, from conceptualization to completion.

Certainly, the architectural design team work exclusively with you. Thus, customizing, tailoring or altering the house plans, through written Work Change Orders. Doing so, to perfectly fit your visions of design. Also, budget allowances, fixtures, interior design, landscaping, gardens and outdoor living spaces.

Getting a Set of Custom Designed Plans is Easier Than You Think

House Plans Blog Article Image 040Therefore, a custom home, need not be an impossible dream. By putting together, comprehensive house plans, top-quality custom-home designers and builders will have your dream achieved in no time. And, without the stresses you imagined, or were told about.

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