First of all, one of the many great things about a luxury property is that it is usually flexible enough to try out new interior design trends and ideas. With the New Year, comes the opportunity for a clean slate. So, it’s time to get rid of the old and embrace the new! Therefore, we’ve got a few killer design trends for 2018.

5 Killer Design Trends for 2018

Image V for Modern Design Trends 2018Consequently, even the most decadent homes worth eight figures, require sprucing up now and then. Examples, are such as those in the world famous La Gorce Island in Miami Beach. (Source) Learn about five of the hottest killer design trends in 2018. Hence, implement them, and these could put the finishing touch on your personal castle.

Using Mixed Metals In Design Trends

Of particular importance, a combination of metals in furnishings is a clear sign of the increasing popularity. Therefore, according to experts, it’s a minimalist and industrial design trend. Hence, there’s a variety of examples. These include combining oil-rubbed bronze with antique brass or polished nickel and silver. Most importantly, one of the best things in these design trends are the ease of implementation. Consequently, basic household items such as vases, lamps, and trays can get an upgrade to imbue your home with a stylish vibe.

Broken Plan Living‘ Design Trends

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Society today, has a creative evolution toward open plan living. No longer, must you knock down walls to get the private space you desire. Thus, ideas behind open plan design trends is to create one giant space. A space for freedom of movement. But in reality, it reduces privacy.

With ‘broken’ plan living, you maintain the things you love. However, the open plan design retains privacy, as each room has a particular purpose. Your open space is laid out in a subtly divided manner. Consequently, the 2017 design trends are for mezzanines, split levels, clever shelving and other tricks. Luxury homeowners can return to the halcyon Victorian days of a ‘best room.’ Enjoy a home office. Include snug eating and relaxation rooms. Thus, these design trends offer downtime on your terms.

Killer Design Trends For Wine Rooms

Image IV for Modern Design Trends 2018According to British residential and commercial firm Qualitas, around 50 percent of the whole-house projects they’re designing in 2017, involve a wine room. Oenophiles around the world know that a wine room isn’t just for investing. It’s a perfect place to sip or share vintages with friends and fellow collectors.

Hence, this year’s wine room consists of scores of wine racks, a central table, a spitting bowl for tasting and comfortable seats for hosting. Forget the old traditional dusty cellar. Therefore, embrace this new design trend as an excuse for a social occasion or two!

Furniture as Design Art

We don’t believe furniture is luxurious based solely on its price. More important qualities, include style and innovation. A unique combination that results in eye-catching design. Thus, in the modern luxury home, chairs and tables are functional pieces of art. Consequently, these add to a space’s aesthetics. The three C’s will dominate furniture choices in 2017. Comfort, Customization, and Complexity is where the design trends are at.

Basement Dwelling Design Trends

If you live in a scorching hot climate, such as the cities of Miami, Los Angeles or Puerto Vallarta, it is nice to escape from the sun and retreat to a naturally cooled private room. Therefore, when you feel as if your home could use more space, cast your eyes downwards to your basement!

Image III for Modern Design Trends 2018In addition to providing more living space, new basement design trends allow you to add the comforts you couldn’t fit in upstairs. Hence, adaptable design trends is the name of the game. Removable partition walls, surround sound and integrated technology are on most peoples’ most desired wish list. Create your own cinema in the basement. Thus, enjoy the full movie experience without noisy popcorn-crunchers behind you!

Sustainable Living Design Trends

Fuse all these with modern sustainable living technology. Solar power, rainwater harvesting and geothermal heating and cooling, will eliminate those nasty utility bills. Growing some of your own organic food is also a huge benefit. Plus, it all will help our planet remain greener and preserved for generations to come. Thus, order your master plan now.

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If you’re renovating an existing home, or building a new one anyway, what’s the point to live in yesteryear? Most people today are cognizant of the mistakes made our ancestors. Much has already been reversed, but we still have a ways to go. Therefore, it’s paramount to take a leading role with your real estate.

Design Trends Final Words

Finally, there’s no point owning a luxury property, or any property for that matter, if you can’t make your mark and live like a king. Thus, consider applying some of these killer design trends and ideas to finally create the home of your dreams in 2017. If you need some help, contact us.

Sources Used In This Design Trends Article

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Source for Broken Plan Living. Sources for Wine Rooms. A second wine room source. Source for Furniture as Art. Learn more about the author, Kaya Wittenburg. He’s an award-winning real estate strategist and author. Find out more about him, at Kaya’s LinkedIn profile.

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