Well folks, it seems there is always something trend-setting in the Puerto Vallarta news. Most recently, the local government, in conjunction with other locals, is going to bury a centennial time capsule. Gaiety for the event, occurs on Thursday, September 27, 2018. It’s all part of the city’s World Tourism Day celebrations.

Puerto Vallarta Centennial Time Capsule

Consequently, the municipal government is creating the Time Capsule, filled with goodies from our first 100 years. A memento, that will remain buried until 2043. The idea is to fill a stainless-steel box with objects that symbolize the first hundred years of this tourist destination. Then, bury it underground. Hence, it will remain there. And, be unearthed on May 31, 2043. All part, of the municipality’s 125th anniversary celebrations. Trend-setting Puerto Vallarta news!

Local businesswoman, Martha Dau, came up with the brainwave. She, together with the municipal government. Also, private initiatives and the University of Guadalajara’s Centro Universitario de la Costa, were quick to jump onboard. Jointly, they decided to initiate the effort. Puerto Vallarta’s new time capsule project aims to leave a historical legacy for future generations.

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Full Vallarta Coverage

Dau, in a Puerto Vallarta news conference, states, “The most important thing, will be the contents of the time capsule.” She went on to say, “It, will be filled with items contributed by citizens, educational institutions and the City Council.” So, she extended an invitation to the public. Thus, encouraging everyone to participate, by contributing something to the stainless-steel box. Something, memorable for future generations. Quite exciting, when you think about it. And, it must be quite momentous too. At least, it’s making headlines in the Puerto Vallarta news, nowadays.

URBREG International Puerto Vallarta News Time Capsule Article Image 0002In conjunction with city officials, she added, “The stainless-steel metal box will be buried behind the fountain. Near the traffic island at the intersection of Av. Fluvial Vallarta and Francisco Medina Ascencio. There, it will remain sealed and buried for 25 years. Furthermore, under the watchful eye of the Centro Universitario de la Costa faculty.” Additionally, they will make an exhibition with objects not claimed, as part of the Vallarta celebrations. Those will commemorate Puerto Vallarta’s 125-year anniversary, as a friendly community.

Exciting News for Locals & Visitors Alike

According, to several sources in the Puerto Vallarta news, the city officials, also announced other highlights. Among them, Puerto Vallarta will celebrate World Tourism Day 2018 (WTD) with a large program of activities. Moreover, these are all relevant to 2018’s WTD theme. For instance, innovation and digital transformation.

Particularly noteworthy, Ecuador will be the ‘guest country’ participant. Also, it all promises to be a lot of fun too. Thus, to mark Puerto Vallarta’s centennial, this time capsule, will be filled with nostalgic items. Then, in a historic ceremony, in front of the Puerto Vallarta news media, it will be buried behind the fountain on September 27, 2018.

Tourism in Vallarta

URBREG International Puerto Vallarta News Time Capsule Article Image 0013Tourism is one of the main activities, in Mexico’s most authentic port. Of particular importance, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is celebrating its centennial this year. As such, the participants figured creating the time capsule, would be a historic way to celebrate. Especially so, as part of the city’s World Tourism Day celebrations.

Thus, Zepeda Becerra said, “There will be two collection points. One, at the tourism office in El Centro. The second at the Asociación de Hoteles y Moteles office in Fluvial. Located at Avenida Grandes Lagos #222. But, the deadline to receive will be on September 24 at 3:00 pm. Hence, the burial will take place on September 27, 2018 at 10:00 am.”

Municipal Officials Add to Excitement in Vallarta

While reporting, to the Puerto Vallarta news, he added, “The stainless-steel metal box will be buried, and remain there for 25 years. Additionally, the Centro Universitario de la Costa faculty, will later make an exhibition with all the objects. Including, objects that are not claimed. It’s all to be part of Puerto Vallarta’s 125th anniversary celebrations, in 2043.

The idea, is to fill the time capsule with objects that symbolize the first hundred years, of this magnificent, tropical tourist destination. Then, a whole new generation will unearth it on May 31, 2043. During, part of the municipality’s 125th anniversary celebrations.

Puerto Vallarta Features Tourism Deputy Director

URBREG International Puerto Vallarta News Time Capsule Article Image 0012The Deputy Director of Municipal Tourism, Senor Miguel Zepeda Becerra, said that participants can contribute any objects that are relevant to the history of Puerto Vallarta. As well, the university community of the future. For example, documents, photographic collections, art works, digital archives on USB flash drives, and the like.

Also, the city official announced to the Puerto Vallarta news, that PV will celebrate World Tourism Day 2018 with a large program of activities. Those, will be relevant to 2018’s WTD theme, Innovation and Digital Transformation. Ecuador will be a key participant. Hence, the Puerto Vallarta news media and many others, will graciously host them, as this year’s guest country.

Vallarta Events Schedule Announcement

An official schedule of events, has not yet been released. Although, the festivities traditionally begin on the morning of September 27. The opening ceremony will be in the courtyard of the Municipal Presidency. Afterwards, a recognition ceremony will commence. Dedicated, to the people and businesses who have contributed to the development, of this supernatural tourist destination. It promises to be a significant event. All Puerto Vallarta news beagles, are bound to be on hand. Thus, capturing the days festivities to present to the world.

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