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Nuevo Vallarta Condos Taheima | The Paradisiacal Retreat

Sometimes, life just isn’t fair! Other times, it’s too fair. It often serves us with an excessive helping of abundance or deprivation. Too much of either can cause stress, anxiety, frustration & poor health. That’s where Nuevo Vallarta Condos Taheima (Condominios Taheima) comes into the equation!

Historical Snapshot Of Nuevo Vallarta Condos Taheima

Initially themed, designed, and intended as a health, wellness resort spa, Taheima Nuevo Vallarta condos didn’t quite make the grade initially. As such, it is now Condominios Taheima, prime real estate.

First of all, while beautifully designed, laid out and constructed; the Developer, Whole In One, left a trail of devastation behind when they went insolvent. Many unpaid bills floated about.

Therefore, creditors, trades, lenders and owners scrambled to take whatever action they could to protect themselves, from the impending losses, of the defunct company.

Also, good people who paid for their Taheima Nuevo Vallarta condos in full, were left without deeds. Seems like, some others were left without anything, except a valueless receipt.

Most noteworthy, a number of the homeowners received an insignificant housing shell. A shell, which could never be sold. Many didn’t get what they paid for. Many others, didn’t get paid for work and contribution to the project, at all.

What Happened At Taheima Wellness Resort Spa?

As a result, bitterness, anger and resentment set in. Those became the mood in what was initially intended to be a lavish healthful, wellness, spa and resort. A gorgeous, peaceful, relaxing, retirement and rejuvenation centre. At that stage however, hardly, an environment of healing for mind, body and spirit, as it like it was supposed to be.

The Quebec-based Michel and David Gaucher, principles of Whole In One, quickly became as popular as two skunks at a garden party.

Because of all this, eventually, they did the “midnight dash,” fleeing Mexico, ‘virtually overnight’. Yet, some defend them.

Others say, they were victims of circumstance, and brought down by the global recession and market crash of 2008. Meanwhile, some others say they were criminals, thieves and crooks. Still others say, “bad things sometime happen to good people.”

Probably, someone is correct! Whichever one is most accurate, they certainly left behind a disaster for others to reconcile. Consequently,  all the buildings, except the condos themselves, the Palapa and a small Administration office, closed.

Especially relevant, is the fact there were a number of owners left with a partially finished product. Most noteworthy, is that others got little or nothing at all, for the hard-earned money they paid out.

How Did Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condos Overcome The Challenges?

Hence, although the Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Wellness Centre development was down, it certainly was not out!

Therefore, the owners, deeded and non-deeded alike, banded together. Consequently, they formed an HOA (Home Owners Association). As a result, they faced and tackled the distressed development, and all its’ problems, head on.

Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condos Image 9Furthermore, one by one, the HOA confronted the legal challenges that the Taheima Wellness Resort & Spa presented.

Most of all, little by little, they overcame all the problems that this Taheima Nuevo Vallarta development had. Probably, a tip of the hat is in order for these brave and fearless warriors!

Outcome Of The Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condos

As it stands, a good portion of what Taheima Wellness Resort & Spa was designed for in the first place, exists today.

There’s Stunningly gorgeous infinity pools. Expansive pools decks surround them. 4 hot-tubs bubble away. Lush tropical Garden Courtyards, soothe the spirit and the eye. And, over one hundred and sixty 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condos and penthouses, await visitors, residents and vacation guests alike.

Almost everywhere, unity and happiness now abound. Beauty surrounds. Legal problems have all but disappeared. Creditors have been satisfied. Condos have been upgraded, repaired and finished.

The Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condos Of Today

Today, people come from around the globe. They flock in to enjoy what is now Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condominios, and, abundant sunshine. Worn people arrive to revive their spirit and refresh their soul. In conclusion, men, women and children alike dip in the pools and bask in the sunshine. Hence, travelers from 5 continents still go home rejuvenated, just as the original intent was.

All enjoy playing at the Paradise Village Private Beach Club. Also, they get they get the beautiful Vallarta beach sand, in between their toes.

People from all walks of life, de-stress and go golfing. Most noteworthy, is the world-class El Tigre Golf Course, which Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condominios backs onto.

Here’s a Google Interactive Map to help put it into perspective for you. We’ve pinpointed Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condominios on it. Once you follow the link, you can drag the map on your computer screen, to see the entire area. You can also zoom in and out, get walking times, bicycle and driving times, as well.

Clicking the appropriate Icon on the Google Interactive Map will allow you to do both a satellite view like this one with Google Earth, or a view from the street with Google Street View. Lastly, pinpoint other locations which might be of interest to you. If you need some help with it, just let us know. We’d be delighted to send you some screenshots too.

After all, Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condos are a paradisiacal retreat for all. To be continued….

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A Few More Images Of The Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condominiums

Below is a photo of the upper balcony sitting, socializing, recreation and sunning area on a 3 bedroom Penthouse Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condo.

Below is a photo of the upper balcony barbecuing – dining area of a 3 bedroom Penthouse Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condominium.

Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condos Image 3

Below is a photo of the upper level sleeping, relaxation and recreation area of a 3 bedroom Penthouse Taheima Condo.

Below is a photo of the upper level full-size bathroom in a 3 bedroom Penthouse Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condominium.

Below is a photo of the main floor balcony, just outside the floor to ceiling sliding doors, right off the living area, at our Taheima Nuevo Vallarta Condos. View the rest of our information.

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