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Of particular importance, Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Inc. (URBREG International Inc.) is a landscape design, landscape construction and specialized landscape services company. Strategically located, in Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, California, Arizona, Jalisco and Nayarit Mexico – serving the world.

Western Hemisphere Landscape Services
From Calgary, Vancouver, Puerto Vallarta

First off, you’ll notice, that throughout our website there are off-colored words and phrases. Many of these, are related to things, other than landscape services. Each is a ‘Live Link’. They cover a variety of topics. Click on one of interest. Doing so, will take you to that page. Many of them, will open in a new window, so you don’t lose your place. Just one more way that URBREG International delivers the information you desire.

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Before and After URBREG Construction

Secondly, URBREG Landscapers Group, is a consult-design-build-project management contractor firm. Locations include, Vancouver, Bellingham, Seattle and San Diego. You’ll also find us in, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Lloydminster and Bonnyville.

Lastly, in Phoenix and Puerto Vallarta Mexico. From these foregoing locations, we conduct project services in all areas of the western hemisphere. Thus, offering specialty landscape services domestically and internationally.

11 Key Landscape Services Locations to Serve You

Therefore, we regularly develop new landscapes, outdoor living areas, gardens and outdoor structures on new and existing homes. As well, performing landscape makeovers, landscape overhauls, landscape restorations, landscape renovations, outdoor upgrades.

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Before and After URBREG Construction

Also, residential retrofits utilizing both 2-D and 3-D landscape designs. Permit-ready drawings, concept designs and master plans are also in our landscape services domain. Hence, a full spectrum of residential services.

Our tradesmen build everything from new paving stone driveways to luxurious outdoor kitchens. And, everything in between. URBREG’s residential team of Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects design small and large scale Projects. Then, our landscape services craftsmen build them. Following, is a summary of the landscape services we offer. Landscape elements we construct, day in and day out.

Feature Landscape Services Elements for Quality Outdoor Living

However, few are stand-alone. These are always incorporated into more sophisticated landscapes. Or, outdoor living, and garden projects. The list of landscape elements and features below, is by no means exhaustive. But, you will get an idea of what’s possible. Additionally, we’ve put it all in alphabetical order, for ease of reference. Certainly, if you have any questions, contact us.

Particularly noteworthy, on a more detailed landscape makeover project, we work with the Client’s vision for their property. URBREG’s experts, develop it through design, material selection and construction. Right, to its’ full completion and realization of their dream yard.

Of course, not all our landscape services projects are of such grandeur. Since, not everyone requires a full landscape renovation. But, for those who do, you’re at the right place! Quality landscape services should always begin with well thought out, planned landscape design – 2D and 3D

Whatever your project, whatever your dream. We’d love to be given your consideration. Expert professionals, to design and build your perfect outdoor living spaces. As, you require. We’ve included an easy to use online ‘Inquiry Button’ for all landscape and residential services below. For your convenience, it a simple matter of click, complete, submit. Customer Service and Client Care will take care of the rest.

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Landscape Services Highlights, Ideas, Features and Suggestions

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URBREG landscape services completed project

Arbors  |  Archways  |  Artificial Carved Stone  |  Artificial Turf  |  Atriums  |  BBQ Pits  |  Bio-Domes  |  Brick Paver Patios  |  Brick Stone & Wood Steps  |  Bridges  |  Botanical Gardens  |  Bubbling Rocks & Gurglers  |  Cabanas  |  Carports  |  Children’s Playgrounds  |  Climbing Walls & Structures  |  Conservatories  |  Covered weather structures  |  Creeks, Waterfalls & Ponds  |  Columns  |  Container Plantings  |  Concrete work  |  Courtyards  |  Cultured Stone  |  Decks  |  Drainage Systems  |  Driveways  |  Entertainment areas  |  Faux Rock & Stone  |  Fences  |  Fireplaces  |  Fire Pits  |  Flagstone  |  Fountains  |  Gabion Walls  |  Garages  |  Gardens  |  Gazebos  |  Great Outdoor Rooms  |  Greenhouses  |  Green walls  |  Green Roof Gardens  |  Gunite Work  |  Gurglers & fountains

Still More Landscape Services Elements & Features

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URBREG landscape services completed project

Hardscapes  |  Hot Tubs  |  Irrigation Systems  |  Living Walls  |  Louvered roofs  |  Mini Golf Courses  |  Mortar and stone  |  Outdoor Kitchens  |  Outdoor Lighting Systems  |  Outdoor Tile  |  Patios  |  Pavilions  |  Pillars  |  Planters  |  Play Centers  |  Pergolas  |  Ponds  |  Pool Decks  |  RV & Parking Pads  |  Raised planters  |  Retaining Walls  |  Roads & Driveways  |  Rock Gardens  |  Saunas & Spas  |  Segmented Walls  |  Shotcrete  |  Softscapes  |  Solariums  |  Stone Works  |  Storage Sheds  |  Sunrooms  |  Swim Ponds  |  Swimming Pools  |  Theme Gardens  |  Vertical gardens  |  Xeriscapes  |  Waterfalls  |  Water Gardens

Also, visit our Outdoor Living section

 There, you’ll be able to get more design, landscape services, outdoor living, backyard & garden ideas, info and photos.

Maintenance-Type Landscape Services

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URBREG landscape services completed project

Importantly, we do not engage in landscape maintenance tasks, throughout the whole company. Unless, it is part of the overall landscape makeover scope of work. Excluded, are tasks, such as mowing lawns, weeding gardens and pruning bushes. However, some of our locations DO engage in landscape maintenance services. Most, of our franchisees do, as well. It’s best to get in touch with us about your needs. Then, one of our horticulturalists can give you professional advice. Alternatively, recommend someone on our approved vendors portfolio, for you.

Original Design, Quality Construction | All types of Landscape Services in These Locations

Calgary  |  Springbank  |  Valley Ridge  |  Bearspaw  |  Cochrane  |  Sibbald Flats  |  Canmore  |  Banff  |  Millarville  |  Turner Valley  |  Black Diamond  |  Okotoks  |  High River  |  Longview  |  Alderside  |  Blackie  |  De Winton  |  Pincher Creek  |  Lethbridge  |  Medicine Hat  |  Red Deer  |  Rocky Mountain House  |  Drayton Valley  |  Edson  |  Grande Prairie  |  Edmonton  |  Lloydminster  |  Bonnyville  |  Wainwright  |  Provost  |  And, all areas surrounding any of the foregoing locations.

Landscape Services On The West Coast

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URBREG landscape services completed project

Over our 47+ years in the landscape services practice, our veteran pros have designed and built landscapes, gardens and outdoor living spaces throughout Canada. And, around the world. Our Vancouver Regional Area Landscape Services Office supplies Landscape Services in design and construction projects, in the following locations:

White Rock  |  South Surrey  |  Surrey  |  Delta  |  Ladner  |  Tsawwassen  |  West Vancouver  |  North Vancouver  |  Burnaby  |  New Westminster  |  Coquitlam  |  Port Coquitlam  |  Pitt Meadows  |  Maple Ridge  |  Fort Langley  |  Aldergrove  |  Langley  |  Abbotsford  |  Mission  |  Chilliwack  |  Kamloops  |  Kelowna  | And, all areas surrounding any of the foregoing locations.

Extended Area Landscape Services

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URBREG landscape services completed project

Furthermore, many of our clients, also have secondary and recreational properties. Invariably, these properties are in various other locations that need our landscape services. On a request basis, we engage in designing and building larger scale projects in those areas, as well. URBREG, also offers landscape design, landscape construction and specialty landscape services operations in many places, such as:

Yukon  |  Interior lakes of BC  |  The Kootenays  |  The Okanagan  |  Saskatchewan  |  Manitoba  |  Ontario  |  Wyoming  |  Montana  |  California  |  Texas  |  Colorado  |  Florida  | And, all areas surrounding any of the foregoing locations. 

Landscape Services Handled by our Puerto Vallarta Mexico Group

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URBREG landscape services completed project

Moreover, our landscape services work has taken us to many resorts and holiday properties, throughout Mexico and Latin America.

There, we’ve been retained to design, build and implement expert landscape services at a variety of international locations.

As a result, URBREG has grown to offer international real estate, architectural design, general contracting, custom home building, landscape design, construction, and full spectrum of residential services, in a variety of global locations.

For example, we have colleagues, associates and franchisees, for

Custom home design,

Landscape design,

General contractor

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URBREG landscape services completed project

And, Landscaping Services, in the Following Countries:

Canada  |  United States  |  United Kingdom  |  Mexico  |  Spain  |  France  |  Germany  |  Italy  |  Portugal  |  Austria  |  Switzerland  |  Norway  |  Sweden  |  Denmark  |  Ireland  |  Czech Republic  |  Finland  |  Romania  |  Poland  |  Hungary  |  Ukraine  |  Greece  |  India  |  Maldives  |  China  |  Singapore  |  Philippines  |  Japan  |  Australia  |  New Zealand  |  Puerto Rico  |  Brazil  |  Colombia  |  Argentina  |  Costa Rica  |  Cayman Islands  |  St. Lucia  |  Belize  |  Aruba  |  Bonaire  |  The Bahamas  |  Jamaica  |  Panama  |  Dominican Republic  |  Fiji  |  Barbados  |  Cook Islands and Grenada.

Helpful Landscape Services Quick Reference Information

Hence, by browsing our websites, you’ll quickly learn why the URBREG Professionals are referred to as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for ‘EVERYTHING RESIDENTIAL’. Not, just for landscape services.

Whenever, you need an expert, top-quality custom home, renovation, restoration, landscape, garden or general contracting firm, you’ve arrived at the RIGHT PLACE! For, all your residential needs. Therefore, get in touch with us easily.

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URBREG landscape services completed project

Whether, it’s for advice about landscape services, to get a question answered, or to book a major project. We’re happy, and well-qualified to help. For a consultationdesign-workproject management or construction building, URBREG’s divisions, and their veteran experts, is your premier choice.

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Before and After URBREG Construction

Just so you know, as of March 31st, 2018, we have accumulated more than 6,200 highly-satisfied, repeat clients, to our credit. Read some of their testimonials.

Furthermore, our parent company, Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Inc., has been in business, since May 12th, 1971.

Also, we are honored to have been awarded, as being #1 in ‘Business Excellence’. In fact, over 700 times in our 47+ years. If, you would like to get more information related to landscape services, you can also visit the URBREG Landscapers Facebook Page.

Presence of URBREG Landscape Services on Social Media

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Additionally, learn more about the veteran landscape design services professionals. You can click the following link, to view some of our Photo Galleries too.

Finally, by following this link, you’ll be able to get Frequently Asked Questions answered.

Likewise, for another tonne information and projects photos, and check out the rest of our websites. See completed projects from us. And, from our associates. All, professionals. Similarly, get information for custom home & renovation ideas at the main URBREG Facebook Page too.

Thus, when you need expert advice, coupled with 5 Star service, we are your very best choice. No question about it!

For, landscape services, architectural design, or a custom home, almost, anywhere in the world. Peers and clients from around the globe, have made us, a top-notch general contractor. Home design, building, renovations, landscape design, and all related general residential services.

If, English isn’t your first language, we’ve got Spanish-speaking personnel, for landscape services as well. For, all our Latino and Hispanic friends and clients. CONTACT US anytime, online, by email or phone, for advice. Also, get questions answered. Or, to book a FREE initial consultation. Related, to everything residential, including, landscape services. Customer Service & Client Care will get back to you, on your inquiry, just as quickly as we can.

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Whether, your proposed landscape services project is out your back door, or across the planet, URBREG International Landscapers is here to help you develop it. For, beauty, functionality, usability and maximum return on your dollar.

URBREG International Landscapers, is a steadily growing design, landscape services and construction company. A firm of expert professionals, who is continually creating some of the most outstanding outdoor living spaces, landscapes and gardens. That, you’ll ever see anywhere, in your travels.

Landscape Services of Every Description

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URBREG landscape services completed project

Equally noteworthy, our passions and expertise lie in creating, designing and building amazing landscapes. Both, big and small. As a landscape design & landscape construction contractor, we’ve landscaped some of the most modest, as well as, some of the most luxurious residential and commercial properties. Worldwide, for nearly 5 decades, since 1971.

URBREG’s Landscapers Team is a unique group of seasoned, experienced, hand-picked veterans. Highly-skilled, and experienced, in their professional practice. Everyone, in our group of design and construction experts brings a unique blend of skill, creativity, talent and strength to the firm. Thus, for our clients benefit. These personnel are awaiting an opportunity to earn your business. To demonstrate, what makes this landscape company diversified. Additionally, distinguished and the great organization that it has become. Tops, from Alberta, Nayarit, Jalisco and the world.

CANI Formula Mission of URBREG Landscape Services

Also, important, is that one of our key missions is CANI. Meaning, “Constant And Never-ending Improvement.” In, everything we do. For, every client we do it for.

Moreover, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, by contacting us. Plus, it’s FREE! Hence, speak with one of our landscape professionals. Talk to them, about the landscape services you aspire. A bonus, we have SEASONAL INCENTIVES in place right now. But, only for a limited time. So, don’t miss out!

The gorgeous orange button below is intended for landscape services inquiries. Just give it a click when you have a question. Or, would like some additional information. About, landscape services, of every description, anywhere in the western hemisphere. Or, Europe, for that matter.

For other inquiries, such as international real estate, careers, consultations, architecture, home building, et cetera, please visit our ‘Contact Tab’ up top. Select ‘Specialty Contact Forms’ and choose the applicable one. Then, complete and submit it. That’s it! We look after the rest! Thanks a million for your consideration of us! Now, get in touch, for your landscape services, preliminary consultation.


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URBREG Landscape Services Canada/USA Phone is toll-free 1 877 9 URBREG

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Before and After URBREG Construction

Alternatively, if you prefer calling, rather than online, about landscape services, or anything else, here’s our numbers. In addition, our phone contact info is included below too. In case, you need to call us with questions or requests.

Contact URBREG Landscape Services & Design Team by Phone

You can call URBREG International 24/7/365. Phone, toll-free, from within Canada or USA at:

1 877 9 URBREG (1 877 987 2734)

From within Mexico, get in touch at: +52 322 146 8325

Internationally, reach us at: 011 52 322 146 8325

Email us at: inquiries . general @ urbreg . com

Para hablar en Español, por favor llame a: +52 322 152 6747

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URBREG landscape services completed project

Also, below is a summary of the many places URBREG experts, have conducted custom home and landscape services, since 1971. Several of the towns and cities listed below, have their own separate pages on our websites. Places, where our Team of Pros, have completed thousands of custom home designs, builds, landscape designs and landscape project services.

Past Alberta Locations We’ve Completed Specialty Landscape Services

Calgary  |  Bearspaw  |  Springbank  |  Valley Ridge  |  Black Diamond  |  Millarville  |  Bragg Creek  |  Turner Valley  |  Okotoks  |  High River  |  Longview  |  Alderside  |  Blackie  |  De Winton  |  Sibbald Flats  |  Canmore  |  Banff  |  Cochrane  |  Cremona  |  Sundre  |  Tall Timber RV Park  |  Olds  |  Pincher Creek  |  Lethbridge  |  Medicine Hat  |  Red Deer  |  Sylvan Lake  |  Rocky Mountain House  |  Drayton Valley  |  Edson  |  Valleyview  |  Whitecourt  |  Edmonton  |  Grande Prairie  |  Bonnyville  |  Lloydminster  |  Wainwright  | Provost

Past British Columbia Locations We’ve Completed Specialty Landscape Services

URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 029

URBREG landscape services completed project

White Rock  |  South Surrey  |  Surrey  |  Delta  |  Ladner  |  Tsawwassen  |  West Vancouver  |  North Vancouver  |  Vancouver  |  Richmond  |  Burnaby  |  New Westminster  |  Coquitlam  |  Port Coquitlam  |  Pitt Meadows  |  Maple Ridge  |  Fort Langley  |  Mission  |  Abbotsford  |  Aldergrove  |  Langley  |  Chilliwack  |  Kamloops  |  Kelowna  |  Penticton  |  Salmon Arm  |  Shuswap Lake  |  Vernon  |  Creston  |  Castlegar  |  Nelson  |  Osoyoos  |  Cranbrook  |  Invermere  |  Revelstoke  |  Interior Lakes of BC  |  The Kootenays  |  The Okanagan

More Locations of Landscape Services Related Projects Finished by URBREG International

Various, more remote parts of British Columbia  |  Yukon  |  Alberta  |  Saskatchewan  |  Manitoba  |  Ontario  |  Colorado  |  Wyoming  |  Idaho  |  Montana  |  Utah  |  Nevada  |  Arizona  |  Texas  |  Oklahoma  |  California  |  Florida  |  Cook Islands  |  Bahamas  |  Dominican Republic  |  St. Lucia  |  Puerto Rico  |  Jamaica  |  Belize  |  Bonaire  |  Aruba  |  Cayman Islands  |  Costa Rica  |  Cabo San Lucas  |  Guadalajara  |  Puerto Vallarta  |  Huatulco  |  Cancun, and many other surrounding areas, in Canada, USA, Mexico and Latin America.

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URBREG Landscape Services completed Landscape Master Plan Design

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URBREG landscape services completed project

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URBREG landscape services completed project

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URBREG landscape services completed project

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Other URBREG Landscape Services Design & Residential Things to Check Out

Equally, come as our guests. Stay, in one of our vacation rental Puerto Vallarta homes. Whatever it is, that you like to do on vacation, the URBREG Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Group, likely has the perfect Puerto Vallarta vacation home or condo, just for you. Recharge. Have a cold, refreshing drink in the sunshine. Relax on the beach. Write your memoirs. Do yoga. Soak up some rays. Meditate.

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URBREG landscape services completed project

Otherwise, get tips on such things as buying a home.

Or, dealing with a mold problem in one.

Furthermore, on our auxiliary websites, you’ll find more about residential architecture. Mexico/Latino and Canada/USA custom home building.

As well as, outdoor living.

Other topics and pages of interest include, extra info related to the Puerto Vallarta real estate market, general construction and personal lifestyle notions.

More URBREG Residential Landscape Services Related Page Links

You’d like to visit the About Us page, to get to know us better? Great idea! Whatever, Canada, USA, Mexico assistance you need, URBREG is here to help.

Of equal importance, Puerto Vallarta landscape services, is an integral part.

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URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 012

URBREG Landscape Services completed Landscape Design Drawing

Or else, the landscape master plan article. There, you will learn the benefits. In addition, why, you need a landscape design plan for your landscape services and outdoor living spaces.

We’ve got a great article about sustainable gardening too. And, more info about Puerto Vallarta real estate market trends.

URBREG Puerto Vallarta Landscape Services Design Conclusion

When you make an inquiry, about western hemisphere landscape services, or anything else we handle, the appropriate member of URBREG’s Team, will get back to you.

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URBREG landscape services completed project

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A Few Additional URBREG ‘After Construction’ Landscape Services Photos | So You Can Get Some Ideas of What’s Possible

URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 009 URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 008URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 010 URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 028URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 036 URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 024URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 039 URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 040URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 033 URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 042URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 041 URBREG International Landscape Services and Outdoor Living Image 043

Finally, whether you’re from Grande Prairie or Edmonton, Bonnyville or Lloydminster | Red Deer | Calgary | Kelowna | Vancouver | Bellingham | San Diego | Phoenix | Puerto Vallarta, Puntarenas or Barcelona – Get in Touch with Us, for any western hemisphere landscape services needs! Receive the experience of URBREG’s top-of-the-line, Landscape Services System, and Products TODAY!

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