Paradise Village Condos Owners

Continually, our firm gets online inquiries. Many are about Paradise Village Condos in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Daily, we receive phone calls. Hence, a large percentage of both types of inquiry relate to ‘The Way We Work’. Numerous property owners of Paradise Village Condos in Nuevo Vallarta, want our professional services. Services, to manage their condos and properties. However, before they can commit, information is needed, so they can make in informed choice.

On this page, we’ll give you a summary of how URBREG works at Paradise Village Condos. And, in El Tigre Golf Course too.  Likewise, our same protocols apply to other parts of Nuevo Vallarta, as well.

  • At URBREG we represent and manage properties of all descriptions in the area. Thus, the formula we use is professional.Tried, tested and proven. Furthermore, the 34+ years experience we have, dates all the way back to 1982.

We Work For Paradise Village Condos Owners

URBREG International Paradise Village Condos Image 00002

What’s more, we realize that some of this, might be boring reading. Nevertheless, we want to give you comprehensive information, just the same.

  • Moreover, this section will answer many questions you have. It is geared toward the way URBREG International works  on property management, for condos. That way you’ll know in advance. Additionally, if you like, you can use us as your measuring stick when comparing others. You’ll see why in the paragraphs following. Of course, because of our systematic, organized approach, we ask you to choose us as your condo property management agents.

URBREG International Paradise Village Condos Image 00001aWhether, it’s Marina Villas or Playa Royale. Taheima or Isla Palmares. Green Bay or Peninsula Golf, URBREG conducts business daily at some Paradise Village Condos, in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico.

How It Begins With Condo Owners

  • It all begins with that client inquiry. People just like you. People, looking for someone skilled and trustworthy to handle their property. Someone, to look after the rental business at their condos. Hence, after the initial dialogue, the condo owner will arrange to get us keys. Alternatively, they’ll arrange somebody to grant us access.

Typically, we’ll send one of our professionals to go and have a look. And, photograph the property. It’s an URBREG specialty. He/She will do an objective property inspection. Plus, take a tonne of high-resolution photos for our file and for marketing purposes.

  • Now, we’re in a much better position to make more precise and accurate recommendations. Likewise, our position is also better to make forecasts to you, the Paradise Village condo owner.

URBREG Interior Design Page Image 0006Similarly, we’ve got the same protocol and action plan effected, if the condo you own is not in Paradise Village. Thus, we work the same way, even if your property is located elsewhere. URBREG’s portfolio, includes condo living, at such places, as a beachfront condo at Playa Royale. Or, a vacation home on the canal. Perhaps, a a waterfront property at Marina Nuevo Vallarta.

Condo Owners Benefits from URBREG International 

  • Below, we’ll outline a detailed summary of the way we work. The way we work for you on professionally managed condos. Similarly, this protocol will apply with other properties we manage professionally, as well.

Furthermore, in the spirit of consistency, on the page and to avoid any confusion, we’ll use a typical one-bedroom condo at Taheima, for the purpose of our illustrations. Please, contact us directly for other specific condo types, and locations.

  • URBREG ‘Terms of Service’ is on an exclusive representation. It involves, ‘full-engagement concierge management’ basis. All our condo owners prefer it that way.

So, that’s the way we do it. Just, As You Wish

Of course, unless the client instructs us otherwise. Nonetheless, we leave no possibility unexplored. Our Firm will professionally manage your Paradise Village condo for rental, lease, rental purchase, rental with purchase option, or, outright sale. The foregoing, will entirely depend upon your needs, goals and wishes.

  • Essentially, what that means is that the URBREG International Property Management Team looks after and attends to every detail of the client’s Paradise Village condo. In full.

Single Point of Contact Paradise Village Condos Management

What’s more, we are the exclusive single point of contact for and with, our condo owners.

  • That means freed up time for you, the client. Our Firm professionally handles everything related to your Paradise Village condo’s business.

Keep in mind that some of the URBREG Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Group team members live right in El Tigre. As such, they are on top of everything for you, and, the tenants, at all times.

So, it Gives You a Significant Edge

  • Having an on-site expert authority in all aspects of Paradise Village condos, is a big benefit! Hence, someone continually on site representing you, eliminates error. Plus, any arising problems can be addressed and dealt with swiftly. Additionally, communications are also greatly enhanced. Both, for you and the tenants/guests.

Generally, clients give us ‘carte blanche’ authority, to manage their Paradise Village condos.

Services Summary for Paradise Village Condos with URBREG Professional Management

URBREG International Custom House Floor Plans Image 020Among other things, this includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Receiving instructions from you the client and acting upon same.
  • Professionally inspecting and photographing your Paradise Village condo.
  • Supplying you with an initial list of our professional recommendations. This list is regarding maintenance, upgrades, interior decorating, needed repairs, etc. That is, if, we observe any are needed. For example, at your Paradise Village condo, and/or, you request a list of professional recommendations, from us.
  • Providing you with our Service Engagement Agreement. The document, which we jointly customize is an integral part of the way we work. It is important to have all the terms and conditions laid out in advance. This will ensure clear, transparent and effective communication and detail.

The SEA (Service Engagement Agreement)

Furthermore, in our Service Engagement Agreement, everything is clearly outlined and documented. This practice prevents misunderstandings, or discrepancies, now, and later on.

  • We’ll complete and keep a full inventory list of your Paradise Village condo contents. That way, we all know what is in it, at the time we took management responsibility.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 037Jointly, we will  sign-off on these documents. Copy excerpts, are supplied to any relevant parties. Limited, of course, to how it relates to the individual(s) and the Paradise Village condo. Under your instruction.

Marketing Summary For URBREG International Property Management

  • URBREG will execute full, global, exclusive, marketing initiatives of the properties. These initiatives will include vacation rentals, short-term rentals, long-term lease, rental with option to buy, and/or, rental-purchase. Additionally, ‘for sale to potential clients’ options can also be discussed. In the event, you wish to have your Paradise Village condo sold.

Furthermore, we’ll professionally prepare and place property listings on the international and local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) networks. Through our affiliation in the Society of International Real Estate Agents.

Listing is Available, to all Interested Real Estate Professionals, Around the World

  • Similarly, URBREG executes full marketing details on our Blog as well. Your Paradise Village condo will become known to the other real estate agents. Likewise, professional property rental agents and other related professionals will be included in our platform.

What’s more, we’ll supply you, and any relevant others, with ‘Live Links’. Besides that, the Paradise Village condo property information is listed on our Website, for distribution to others, also.

  • Our professional property management team keeps, maintains and manages a master central rental booking calendar on your behalf. At a glance, we’ll be able to tell if your condo is available for a rental, or not.

CRM Management Summary For Condo Owners

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 040Moreover, URBREG International, professionally answers any, and all inquiries. For example, included, is other real estate and rental professionals, inquiries or showings.

In addition, we conduct and complete, professional, screening. Qualifying and following up on each incoming inquiry is critical. By doing so, your time is not wasted with unqualified prospects. Snoopers, price-shoppers, bargain-hunters and unfit applicants are filtered.

  • Another point, is keeping and safeguarding the keys. Each Paradise Village condo units key is at our offices. This is an essential part. It goes with our service and Terms of Engagement. Thus, ensuring that no one has unauthorized or unorganized access to your Paradise Village condo. Additionally, all interested parties will be accountable to us. We in turn, can assume full responsibility for the Paradise Village condo, to you.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 074

Ensured as well, is that the property is always in tip-top condition. For such things as showings and viewings. Keys, are accounted for and controlled in every way. Otherwise, if the keys are randomly handed out, we cannot do so. Of particular importance, our client care team, have no way of knowing for sure who is coming and going, without this protocol being in place.

Security Management At Professionally Managed Condos

  • There is a second reason for ‘key control’ of all our Paradise Village condos. Our firm, is not prepared to put ourselves into a potential liability position, for something we have no control over. Therefore, if, keys are being randomly authorized to others, we would not be efficient or accountable. In most cases, URBREG would not be prepared to represent any Paradise Village condos, where we don’t maintain key control. It’s just plain, good logic, folks.

Due to our unequaled reputation, 47+ years experience, values, integrity, business principles and the Code of Ethics we are governed by, this firm simply cannot expose themselves to any potential for negative liability situations. Likewise, it is even more important for your protection. Accountability, for every Paradise Village condo property should be a high priority for you too. Otherwise, how can you be sure who is in your property, at any given time?

  • However, there is an exception to the previous terms. When you are using the Paradise Village condo for your own personal usage, if in fact you do so, from time to time. When that happens, you simply notify us, by email in advance. A Client Care Coordinator, will record your usage dates. Thus, the Paradise Village condo central calendar will be noted, to avoid booking conflicting dates. During those times, we’ll reschedule our activities, wherever possible.

Calendar & Bookings For Paradise Village Professionally Managed Condos

  • The URBREG firm will oversee and manage all your Paradise Village condos bookings. A central calendar and CRM (Client Relationship Management) database is maintained and continually updated. Hence, such a practice, streamlines and smooths potential rough edges, on business operations.

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00004Professional URBREG Team member(s) will attend all showings, with clients. Similarly, it’s the practice with other realtors, property rental agents, etc. Similar protocols are included for any ‘Open House Receptions’ that we may host and conduct. Also, from time to time at the Paradise Village condos, we have cooperating agents partner with us. This practice, as part of our marketing initiatives.

  • Presenting you with any, all, and every, ‘Offer’ to rent, lease, rental-purchase, or, buy is standard. Your Paradise Village condos are represented, fully. With time, being of the essence, in every respect.

Handling any ‘sealed bid’ or ‘silent auction’ rentals and sales is also completed by the URBREG Management Team. Sometimes, Paradise Village Condos owners may wish to have these conducted on their behalf.

Documentation Related To Paradise Village Condo Management

  • Supplying and handling relevant, common and basic written documentation and paperwork to you is part of the service offered. From any parties involved with the Paradise Village condos, transactions handling is part of URBREG customer service protocol.

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00007Moreover, getting Paradise Village condos hospitality contract agreements, leases, sales contracts, etc., negotiated and signed is also key. Booked guests, lessors, or purchasers need these presented to you for signature. In some cases, URBREG International is given Limited Power of Attorney, over such matters.

  • Lastly, negotiating and managing all guest and tenant registrations is also covered. Paradise Village condo security and the sports-social club people require temporary guest, tenant, or purchaser registration. Whether, temporary or permanent, URBREG Client Care Personnel at the Firm, handle these registrations and memberships.

Day To Day Management At Paradise Village

  • Handling all confirmed bookings, receptions, check-ins, check-outs related to your Paradise Village condo are adeptly managed too. In addition, supplying you with any and all client feedback in regard to the ‘hospitality tenancies’, assists you to improve your property, as may be needed.
  • Conducting property inspections of your Paradise Village condos property, both when the units are occupied, or not, are done regularly.
  • Attending to the collection of all rents, and any other agreed upon fees, invoices, etc., (i.e. electricity, housekeeping costs, sports-social club fees, etc.) is part of our service package.
  • Depositing these rents, fees and dues either directly to your Mexico Bank Account, or other relevant Paradise Village condos property maintenance account, is done regularly, as agreed upon.

Getting You Paid and Other Worthwhile Stuff

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00005Alternatively, the URBREG Accounting department completes EFT’s (electronic funds transfers) to your foreign bank. In this case, applicable bank transfer fees would apply.

  • Executing of any disciplinary action(s), or eviction(s) that may be required from time to time (if any) at your Paradise Village condos, is also conducted by the URBREG Property Management Team.
  • Managing housekeeping, cleaning, laundry, etc., is done by us. But, for guest tenancies it’s at their expense. Alternatively, attending to same at your expense for the weekly and monthly upkeep is also included. This ensures your Paradise Village condos are always in good shape for client, and/or, realtor viewings and showings. And, short-notice tenancies too.
  • Making ongoing professional recommendations, we’ll also do for you. Issues regarding maintenance, upgrades, interior decorating, repairs, etc., at your Paradise Village Condo is done our property management team, as well. Of course, this only applies if we observe that any are indeed needed as our relationship with you matures.

Reporting & Strategic Advantages of URBREG Professional Condo Management

  • URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00006You’re ensured of regular reporting. Reporting, to you at pre-determined and agreed upon intervals. This reporting is regarding relevant and agreed upon matters involving your Paradise Village condo.
  • Although, we deal with over 40 currencies from around the world, we offer the convenience of doing business with our Paradise Village condos owners, in Mexican (MXN) funds. This is preferred. Since, the Paradise Village condos are located in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. And there, the local currency is the Mexican Peso.
  • Unique practices by URBREG International Inc., such as this tried, tested and proven one, is a huge marketing advantage. It universalizes any and all the marketing initiatives across the board.

Currency Conversion Marketing Strategy

  • Highly effective URBREG currency marketing strategies, levels the Paradise Village condo playing field for all potential vacation clients. Also, renters and buyers. With the strong American, Canadian dollars, the Euro and British Pound against the Mexican Peso, right now, our unique practice makes the prices of all our Paradise Village condo much more appealing to all.
  • Certainly, as well, it makes for not such a hard pill for the Mexican people (guests, renters or potential purchasers) to swallow, too. Let’s look at it another way. For instance, if, our Paradise Village condos were advertised in USD funds, as some companies do, it literally scares off and eliminates thousands of potential qualified clients. Most of them, also know how to calculate currency conversions. Therefore, if it is not cost effective for them, they look for something else, that is. Thus, discounting your condo and perhaps costing you a sale!

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00008Due to the URBREG Paradise Village Condos practices and protocols, your property becomes very attractive for Canadians. Likewise, for Americans, Europeans and people from the UK or Australia. When they do the conversion from their own currency to Mexican Pesos, they get the comforting feeling of receiving, a smoking deal.

Fees & Costs Summary For Professionally Managed Paradise Village Condos

  • The fees for URBREG’s foregoing outlined services at Paradise Village Condos are on a usually on ‘commission’ basis. We charge a flat rate of 20% of the total gross rental contract value on all rentals. Whether, short and long-term for Paradise village condos. And, all other metro Puerto Vallarta areas properties we professionally manage and market.

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00009Or, in the event of a sales contract, our fees are usually set at 10% of the gross sale price, before taxes. Moreover, when there is another agent involved in either of the 2 foregoing scenarios, we split with them 50-50.

  • Depending upon the number, location, size, popularity, history and condition of your Paradise Village condos, we could be open to some discussion with regard to our regular rates. However, bear in mind that some Paradise Village condos such as Taheima, for example, or Acqua, are going to be a much ‘tougher sell’. As such, timelines and marketing costs are generally higher. Thus, justifying higher rates.

Criteria Governing Fees & Rates

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00010This is caused in part because of the ‘black cloud’ a defunct developer may have left hanging. In some instances, it is also due to higher than normal maintenance fees charged, at a particular Paradise village condos community. A third factor, is often attributed to the degree of difficulty dealing with members of the HOA (Home Owners Association). Executives, or sometimes other owners as well, for that matter.

Regularly, these individuals, and/or, associations are rigid. Often, bitter and disgruntled because they have been hurt. And/or, due to the hardship they have endured with their own Paradise Village condos, or property. Sometimes, they are overall, very difficult to deal with because of what has occurred in the past. Especially so, the case of defunct developments. Developments, which are being revitalized and revived. Very often, these individuals and groups are also extremely guarded and protective of each other as well. Whether, justified or not, is up for debate. However, safety in numbers, is the mindset.

Past Adverse Lenders Actions At Some Condos

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00011Lastly, they view the lenders who have foreclosed, as ‘the bad guys.’ Even though, the reality is quite to the contrary. Financial institutions and investors groups, are entitled to protection on their investment. And, to the recovery of their money. However, when it involves the legal system, often it leaves a very sour, bitter flavor in the mouths of those having to deal with the day to day matters and challenges, which some Paradise Village condos, have experienced.

Just like any other lender, the financiers of these types of Paradise Village condos, generally only want to recover their investments and expenses. Nonetheless, although, all very unfortunate; anger, bitterness, resentment and disgruntlement is sometimes a reality with certain Paradise Village condos. As such, all these factors combined have a direct effect on rates charged by professionals. Professionals, like ourselves at URBREG International Inc. Largely, it is caused, because of increased difficulty and expense in marketing these sort of properties.

Optional Professional Services Offered For Paradise Village Condos

URBREG-International-Paradise-Condos-Image-00012In addition, if you desire any ‘special treatment’ or have any specific ‘extraordinary’ requests of us for your Paradise Village condos, then those costs would be borne by you initially. An example, of this might include maintaining a sales desk exclusively for your units. Either, within our Offices or elsewhere. Another, could be special signage, billboard advertising, special advertising or marketing initiatives that are considered outside normal real estate practices.

  • The reason is that these would be considered above and beyond our normal Terms of Engagement outlined above. As such, extra cost is incurred. This cost is initially fronted by the Paradise Village condo owner.

On Many Occasions We Have Done This for Previous Clients

To do so, we would require an initial financial retainer of a specified amount in MXN funds. Depending upon the complexity and expense of the service tasks desired. These funds, to be placed in our Trust Account. Then, this is drawn down upon for these ‘special expense considerations.

  • However, it is important to note that these costs/expenses would be directly offset against any future commission earnings. Results from the successes of those special initiatives are rebated back to you. That way you are not double-charged, for our Paradise Village Condos marketing efforts. And, the success of them.

What it all boils down to, is how quickly you would like your Paradise Village Condos sold. Or, vacation rented or long-term leased. And, for what values (i.e. wholesale or retail).

Project Management Service Available For Condos

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00018If desired, we will also ‘project manage’ for you. In addition, to designing and building new custom homes, domains within our experience and comfort level include, but are not limited to:

Architectural design, interior design, landscape design, renovation design, residential renovations, and/or, general construction. Any and all business matters, maintenance, repairs, and/or, upgrades required to your Paradise Village Condos property, will be as defined and in strict accordance with International Building Code and your best interests or goals.

  • This project management would include soliciting vendors, contractors, suppliers, quotes, etc. Furthermore, reporting same to you for approval. Then, hiring and supervising these groups under your direction and our direct supervision. This is done on a ‘cost-plus’ basis.

Fees and Disbursements

URBREG International Paradise Village Condos Image 00002aWhat that essentially means, is that once you approve any of the foregoing in this paragraph, you would be responsible for paying that/those expense(s), plus our project management fee. That fee is calculated and supplied to you on a case-by-case basis.

  • It is dependent upon the task(s), and/or, requirement(s). However, generally speaking, our project management rate is $27.00 MXN per minute (plus disbursements), for sub-contractor related matters.

In many cases, our ‘extended owners’ (owners who own Paradise Village condos property here in Vallarta, but live elsewhere) also engage us with a limited POA (Power Of Attorney). They do this, so our Firm can effectively attend to matters for them. It’s is totally optional, but if there is a need, we would again professionally represent you in any matter(s) required at the foregoing rate.

Architectural Rates & Fees For Condos

If architectural, interior design or any similar related services are required; our Firm’s professional fees are at the rate of $49.00 MXN per minute. As with ‘special requests’, we would require an ‘up-front’ retainer, which will be fully disclosed to you in advance.

  • Our clients simply supply an adequate sum of money to our Trust Account and replenish it as required, Generally a minimum of $100,000.00 MXN.

We then take care of any, and/or, required matters on our client’s behalf, of course supplying them with a report of any, and/or, all expense, and/or, activity details.

Please note, the preceding 6 paragraphs only apply at your request. Some of these are optional services our Firm offers to our Paradise village condos owners.
  • In cases where we are appointed as the designated Property Manager, and/or Rental Agent by our Paradise Village condos owners, most of them simply leave a cash retainer with us in our Trust Account for emergency matters that may arise (i.e. a refrigerator quitting and needing repair or replacement).

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00017Again, this varies; case-by-case, client-by-client, but generally speaking, on average, most clients supply a cash retainer of $50,000.00 MXN with us in case of any potential emergencies needing to be dealt with.

  • However, it is important to note, that we are here for you in every way needed. And/or, in the event you request us to do something related to your Paradise Village condos, or, business matters, on your behalf. (i.e. You request us to get the interior of the condo(s) repainted, or attend the Notaria’s Offices, etc.) If so, our professionals will represent you and your best interests as outlined.

What You Can Generally Expect From Your Condo

  • With regard to potential rental rates, and/or, sale prices on your condos, it really depends upon each unit.

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00015It is also dependent upon the exact location of the Paradise Village condos unit (i.e.): Does it overlook the Garden Courtyard and Pools, Golf course, or Interior Courtyard?

  • Does it have an exterior balcony with garden table and chairs, etc.? Or is it a ground floor unit with a private dipping and plunging pool? Is it a 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom bedroom Penthouse? What sort of location in the building do the Paradise Village condos you own have?

Factors Influencing Revenues at Paradise Village Condos

Another huge factor, in determining the fair market price/value (for rentals or sales) is the condition the Paradise Village condos are in. (i.e. paint, color scheme, stains, modernization, completed upgrades, general condition, interior finishing, decorating, etc.).

  • A big consideration for renters (short and long-term), is how well the Paradise Village condos are equipped. (i.e. kitchen-wares, Gas BBQ, cooking utensils, full-sized fridge, appliances, mini-appliances, towels, linens, bedding, etc.).

Peak Season Visitor Types At Condos

Also, another very significant factor is the time of the year. Peak vacation season for colder climate Canadians, Americans, Europeans and visitors from the United Kingdom, is generally mid-December through mid-April.

  • During that time, those clients are willing to pay a good dollar for well-equipped modernized, comfortable condos (either to rent them, and/or perhaps buy them).
  • In some cases, you will find a potential buyer who likes the idea and is looking for a condo with no finishing or dilapidated finishing inside, so he/she can ‘finish to suit’ his/her own needs and desires and reap the associated profits.
  • The Mexican Nationals on the other hand, generally only have a week off at Christmas-New Years and similarly during Semana Santa to come to Vallarta to enjoy Paradise village condos for their vacation time. They too pay a good vacation rental dollar, during those time periods.
  • However, there are fewer of them. And, the availability of Paradise Village condos is less. This is not only because of the short time-frame involved, but also due to many of the Paradise Village condos already being booked for longer, more preferred periods of time, by colder climate Canadians, Americans, Europeans and guests from the UK.

Low Season Visitor Groups & Types At Condos

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00019Generally, the Mexican Nationals and a few straggler Canadians and Americans will come to Vallarta during the rest of the year as well (April through November). But, we have discovered that the rental rates during those time of year need to be less than half the price, of the ‘peak’ times of year, just to obtain some occupancy.

  • The reason for this is because there is so much on the market and available then, that people have many choices. In order to get those clients, low prices, incentives, perks and benefits mean everything. This is again an area of expertise for URBREG International’s marketing teams.

Nevertheless, we handle and manage this all with no inconvenience to our Paradise Village condos owners. And, it can equate to some very nice cash flow. Cash flow, to offset expenses. Until, the peak season arrives once again. At which time, potential buyers coming from the colder weather climates, are much more plentiful.

General Rental and Sales Price Guidelines for Paradise Village Condos In Nuevo Vallarta

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00014By all the foregoing, what we are saying is that for example, a one-bedroom condo with a full sized fridge, exterior balcony and propane BBQ rents for considerably more money, than does one, facing the interior Courtyard, with no balcony, no garden table and chairs or propane BBQ and with a mini-bar fridge inside, instead of a full-sized one.

People from all walks of life look at these factors very closely. When they rent a place while on their vacation, they want to have all the features and comforts they are accustomed to having at home.

  • When they buy one, they want to get maximum bang for their buck and not have a lot of extra expense upgrading and adding after the purchase.

Unless, the Paradise Village Condos Overall Listing Price Warrants

  • If you are a Paradise village condo owner, to give you a somewhat better idea, in this current market (as at the beginning of 2019) we have rented well equipped, modernized 1 bedroom Paradise Village condos at Taheima, Isla Palmares, Green Bay or Peninsula Golf for example, to vacation clients for as much as $1,800.00 MXN per night, $9,000.00 MXN per week or $21,000.00 MXN per month.
  • This is for short-term ‘vacation’ clients. In a few cases we have been able to get even a bit more (as much as 20% more in a couple of cases). Beachfront, such as Playa Royale, Marina Villas or Peninsula Waterfront condos, generally range in the neighborhood of one and a half times, to double that price.

Attracting Long-Term Rentals to the Condos

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00013To attract long-term rental clients to (6 months or more) a well-equipped, modernized one-bedroom Paradise Village condo, you generally need to be priced between $8,000.00 MXN to $12,000.00 MXN per month. Again, this based on all the factors we outlined above.

  • On the other hand, not so well-equipped or less desirable location 1 bedroom Paradise Village condos might rent for around $900.00 MXN per night, or $5,500.00 MXN per week, or $12,000.00 MXN per month, for short-term ‘vacation’ clients and between $6,000.00 MXN and $10,000.00 MXN per month for long-term clients.

Of course, all these numbers would be ‘plus’ electricity, Sports-Social Club, perks, benefits, amenities and housekeeping. We will be able to give you a much more accurate idea of where you should be priced, once we have had a look at your Paradise Village condo.

Attracting Purchasers to the Condos

  • In a selling scenario, not necessarily restricting ourselves to the same 1 bedroom Paradise Village condo example; the fair market value (gross selling price before tax, etc.), will generally be somewhere between $6,000.00 MXN and $20,000.00 MXN per square meter.

Again, this will all depend upon the foregoing factors in the preceding paragraphs. For example, condo size, location, finishing, quality, decorating, appurtenances, inclusions, etc.

Buyer Type and Where She is From

We have fetched higher prices in the past. However, these are generally the exception, not the rule. Especially so, in this current marketplace.

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00016Much of it is caused by very strong downward pressure on the Mexican Peso by other currencies, as well as, generally poor economic conditions around the globe. We feel this situation will ease and stabilize somewhat in coming months.

  • It’s our belief, that this should give you a fairly detailed breakdown of everything about Paradise Village condos. Or, other Nuevo Vallarta real estate properties. Plus, the way we work at URBREG International Inc.
  • Keep in mind that we might appear as being more expensive than some other Companies at the outset, but the reality is actually quite to the contrary.
  • Remember, this firm is a very professional, well established, experienced and knowledgeable international firm. With clear, transparent, honest operating guidelines. In addition, to over 47+ years of international experience.

URBREG Strengths & Advantages For Paradise Village Condos

  • Our main strength lies mainly in attracting foreign (Canadian, American, European, British and South Pacific) clients.

Therefore, because we have been at this for a very long time and have perfected systems in place, we are actually much more cost-effective than many others. This, due to our efficiency, skills, international reach and experience. Furthermore, there is nothing hidden and no unpleasant surprises now or later.

  • These are the primary factors our clients love about us most.

With regard to our presence and activities in other areas of Mexico we are personally only involved minimally, at least for now.

  • Our focus, is strength and acute expertise in the Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta properties market first and foremost, before we branch out into other areas of Mexico.

URBREG International Paradise Village Condos Image 00003aOf course, we do have colleagues in most other areas of Mexico. We can call upon them for every courtesy, should the need arise.

  • URBREG’s Client Care Team chooses and screens all our associates carefully. In so doing, we can ensure you are always getting the best. The colleagues and associates we engage are glad to work with our clients. And, help us out. In this way, we can remained focused on Paradise Village condos and offer the very best services possible in Nuevo Vallarta.

Keep Abreast With Us About Condos

URBREG International Paradise Condos Image 00020Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Or, if you require any additional information or clarification. Also, Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter and Instagram or Pinterest to keep up with all the latest information. Check out our Construction Facebook, our Design Facebook and our Landscape Facebook too. Lots of info and photos there too. We look forward to working with you. And, to maintaining a very long and mutually beneficial business relationship. Thanks A Million for choosing URBREG International Inc. We look forward to hearing from you about representing your Paradise Village condos.

You can get in touch on our ‘Contact Page’. Simply complete and submit our online inquiry form. To simplify contacting the URBREG Vallarta Client Care Team about your Paradise Village Condos in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, click this big orange button, complete and submit the inquiry form. We’ll get back to you with a host of info about whatever you need to know about.

Construction Project Inquiry Image 00014Lastly, just so you’re aware, this Paradise Village Condos Page was last worked on and UPDATED on March 22, 2019. We’ll be keeping it up to date, so that the info is always current for you. Happy Holidays!

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Additional Resources

Last but not least, we’ve got some additional resources for you. Always, at the handy and ready. For example, perhaps you’d like to know about putting laminated flooring down, in your Paradise Village condo.

Or, you’re thinking about building. Thus, in need of a little bit more info on modern house floor plans. And, you’d also like to see some project photos.

Perhaps, you need to be made aware of some really bad ideas when it comes to renovation upgrades. Maybe, our company divisions page will help explain the diversity of our firm. Whatever it is you need, URBREG International Inc., is here to help, including getting you into your own franchise!

Or, maybe, permanent employment with our firm. Therefore, if you’re seeking rewarding careers, jobs or employment with us, you can submit your CV, resume and other documents to Human Resources, for consideration.

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