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Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Inc. (URBREG International Group Inc.) has made payment a breeze, with a variety of secure payment options. Para una versión en español, contáctenos.

However, please note that as of April 12th, 2016, we no longer use PayPal International. Nor, do we accept payment from them any longer. The reason? Too many problems and very poor customer support with them! Therefore, please do not send any payment on our behalf through them, as we will not get it. Thus, your account will remain showing ‘Unpaid’.

Instead, we now exclusively use STRIPE as our online Credit Card Processor, for all countries. Safe. Secure. Convenient. Fast.

And, they have proven to be far superior to PayPal. More secure too, with their 256-bit encryption. As a matter of fact, even Microsoft, Expedia, Amazon and Facebook use them! Contact us for more details or see their website HERE.

Payment Made Easy | Safety & Convenience | Pago fácil y Seguro

Of particular importance, by using our website, you are agreeing to, and accepting, URBREG Terms of Service. Not to worry about a thing, though. Privacy, security and confidentiality are safeguarded and fully protected. It’s all set out in our Privacy Policy. Of course, Interac, direct deposit, wire transfer and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) remain popular payment choices that clients frequently like to use, and we accept, as well.

Payment for Canadians, Americans & Mexicans | Never Easier or More Safe

URBREG Group is dedicated to making your experience with us pleasant, safe and trustworthy. In addition, part of that mission is to give you safe and easy options to handle paying for goods & services. Thus, with the STRIPE Payment Gateway System, you always know you are secure when paying online for anything, with us. That, coupled with our pledge to your privacy and security protection, it’s a winning combination.

A Variety Of Payment Options Are Available To Choose From

Furthermore, whether, it’s paying a booking deposit for your winter vacation condo rental, a consultation fee, a product purchase, a design fee, project installment, or paying an invoice, it can be done here, through STRIPE. You simply use the credit card of your choice. STRIPE will handle the rest. Especially noteworthy, we never see, or obtain any information about, your credit card payment. Only STRIPE gets that information from you.

Interac Email TransferCash | Cheque | Certified Cheque | Bank Draft | Cashiers Cheque | Wire Transfer | EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) | Direct Deposit

Alternatively, you can use Interac, direct deposit, EFT or wire transfer. URBREG International Group is pleased to advise, that you are also able to make any payment to us easily,  using the foregoing methods.

Payment For Real Estate

On the other hand, paying for real estate must be done through either direct deposit, an EFT, or wire transfer to our Bank Trust Account. The reason is due to international money anti-laundering laws and treaties, regarding real estate.

However, for real estate payment, you can still use the bank account, Interac, debit account or credit card of your choice. But, these can only be used to make an EFT, a wire transfer or direct deposit, through your own bank, to our bank trust account. That way, you have the proof you need, in case your transaction is ever questioned by authorities.


Currency Exchange On Payment

We understand how important it is for our clients to have a clear, easy to understand, total cost amount for their purchase. For ease and consistency, all payment amounts are quoted or invoiced in United States Dollars currency, unless otherwise stated to you in writing. Reason being, the US currency is the most widely used currency in the world.

However, we will be happy to do the conversion to your local currency. That way, the payment amount(s) will make total sense for you, no matter where you are from. Just let us know your preference, and we can quote in that currency at the onset. Applicable local taxes will be shown separately as a line item but will be included in the total quoted/invoiced amount.

Equally noteworthy, if you are paying in your local currency directly to us, all currency exchange is calculated at 12:00 PM, PST (Pacific Standard Time), one business day after the payment is made. This will automatically appear in your home currency, on your credit card statement.

Safeguarding Online Payment | The Highest Level of Encryption

Additionally, for your peace of mind and general information, here’s a short excerpt taken right from the STRIPE Security Center… Safeguarding your financial and personal information is one of our most important priorities.

That’s why, we automatically encrypt all sensitive information sent between your computer and our servers.

Payment From Your computer:

When registering or logging in to our site, we verify that your internet browser is running Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL) or higher.

Payment In transit:

Information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 256 bits (the highest level commercially available).

Bank Payment Servers:

Your personal information is stored on our servers and heavily guarded, both physically and electronically. To further shield your credit card and bank numbers, we do not directly connect our firewall-protected servers to the internet.

Whatever You Need To Pay | Payment to URBREG Group | Confidence & Safety is Assured

Furthermore, all money-related matters at the firm are handled out of our Vancouver Canada offices, by Kathy Thomas and her Team. She is our CFO, Comptroller and Chartered Accountant. Absolutely no exceptions can be made on these Administrative Policies.

Our accounting email address worldwide is: accounting . general @ urbreg . com. Please note, our email is secure, protected by an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate, so you also, never have to worry when emailing us.

  • Wire Transfer | Direct Deposit | EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) | Courier payment

These forms of payment require specific Bank routing information. Email us, at accounting . general @ urbreg . com, or call us at 1 877 9 URBREG (1 877 987 2734) to request our Payment Options Document. Because, Wire Transfer and EFT requirements vary from Bank to Bank, we’ll send you the exact Payee Name and Banking information, so errors and delays are avoided.

  • Personal Cheques For Payment Of Goods & Services

Likewise, we welcome your personal cheque. However, please note that because we are dealing with international transactions, all un-certified cheques will be subject to a 60 day ‘hold’ being placed on them, by our Bank. That’s to give your personal cheque time to be cleared at your originating bank.

As such, your payment cannot be applied to your account immediately, unless in the same country. For example, you are Canadian giving us a Canadian cheque to our bank in Canada. In that case, the hold is reduced to 10 banking days, for clearance. Your account will be updated right after your cheque clears your bank. Then, you will receive your goods, and/or, services promptly thereafter.

  • Interac Email Transfer Payment

All Interac Email Transfer payments need to be sent to: accounting . general@urbreg . com.

Particularly important, is for you to please let us know the ‘answer’ to the ‘Security Question’ you used. Otherwise, we will not be able to receive your payment and credit you. It is ‘case-sensitive’ with upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and/or, symbols, so it is important give us the answer exactly as you specified it on your Interac Email Transfer.

Certainly, you can email us that information in a separate email. Our email is secure and encrypted. Alternatively, make a call to our International Call Centre at 1 877 9 URBREG (1 877 987 2734) with it, or leave a message if we are on the phone or out of the office.

Payment Questions

Importantly, if you have any questions about payment, paying for the products and services we offer, or your invoice, just shoot our Accounting Team an email, accounting . general@urbreg . com. Or, click the big button below and submit your inquiry.

Essentially, there are two types of payment. The first is ‘general’. Secondly, is ‘trust’. General is when you are paying an invoice, for example. Since there is likely no third-party disbursement involved, these payments go directly into the company general account. There is no trust conditions placed upon them.

However, if you are making trust-related payments of any sort, there is a high probability there will be third-party disbursements. Thus, these, must go into a Trust Account. As the word suggests, they are held, and/or, disbursed in trust for someone else, not us.

An example, would be a real estate purchase deposit. While it is essential to bind a real estate purchase contract, there is also some possibility that it might have to be refunded, if the deal collapses. And, if the deal proceeds, then it will have to be transferred to the seller’s lawyer, once the contract is unconditional. He/She must also hold those funds in trust, for the applicable parties to be paid out, at closing.

Trust Account Payment Info

Trust Accounts, unlike general operating accounts, are governed by more specific legislation. Additionally, they have a number of terms and conditions placed upon them, which must be adhered to. They must balance to the penny! Furthermore, those are subject to regular government audit.

Also, generally speaking, once a payment has been released from a trust account, it is gone to its’ final destination. As such, it usually cannot be recovered, for any reason.

If, you’d like to learn more, Ms. Katherine (Kathy) Thomas, the Firm’s CFO, (Chief Financial Officer), Chartered Accountant and Comptroller, together with her Administrative Support Team, will be glad to help in every way possible.

Trust-Related Payment to Our Main Bank

Every Interac payment goes through TD Canada Trust in Calgary. URBREG’s electronic notification system, informs Kathy Thomas’s office automatically and immediately, as soon as your payment is received by TD Canada Trust.

At that time, Kathy’s office enters the Security Question answer you supplied, through our online banking, and your payment goes into our Trust Account, with TD Canada Trust. They are our main Canadian bank, where our primary Trust Account is located.

  • Payment from all our Foreign Clients, including American, British, European, Asian, Russian, Mexican, Latin American, South American, South Pacific

Of equal importance, because we are an international Canadian-Mexican Firm, we also offer the convenience of payment directly to our Bank Trust Account in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We are set up at, and deal with a major Bank in Mexico – Banorte (Grupo Financiero Banorte, Avenida Paseo De Los Leones # 339, Locales 219 Y 220, De La Cumbre, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. C.P. 64610

Likewise, payment for goods and services can be done by Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) directly from the Bank of your choice. Email us at accounting . general@urbreg . com, or call us at 011.52.322.146.8325 to request our Payment Options Document. It contains all the exact banking and routing information you need, so errors and delays are avoided.

Vacation Rentals | Cancellation | Refund Policy

Additionally, please note that any sale is not finalized until payment is made. The exception to this rule, is a real estate purchase. Those, are not final until all conditions have been satisfied and are waived in writing.

Especially noteworthy, vacation rentals are non-refundable. Under no circumstances are refunds of any sort given after payment has been made. At the time of your booking payment, every sale becomes final. This is because all disbursement payments are done instantly and automatically. EFT, is used to pay all third party creditors, such as the property owner, Revenue Tax Dept., etc.

Third-party Payment Disbursement

In other words, as soon as your payment is received by our firm, it is instantly and automatically disbursed to the applicable parties, electronically. It has to be done this way, in order to be able to guarantee your booking. All property owners work on a “no deposit, no reservation” basis.

Therefore, once payment is made to us, we cannot give refunds of any sort, because the money is out of our hands almost instantly. Contact us at the email address provided above if you have questions or need more details. Please do so in writing prior to making payment.

However, in the event you must cancel for whatever reason, we will do our very best to re-sell your reservation to another client, for the price you paid. If, we are successful, we will then give you those sale proceeds as a refund to you.

Other Payment Information You Should Know

Optionally, if you wish, you can purchase ‘Cancellation, and/or, Damage Protection Insurance’. The cost for each of these is 5% of the total purchase price, including any applicable taxes. Purchasing either one, or both, will guarantee you a full refund within 30 days of your scheduled arrival.

Alternatively, as mentioned above, we will be delighted to give you a full, or pro-rated refund (less any disbursed fees), at any time, up to 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival, IF AND ONLY IF, we are successful in re-selling your booking, to another equivalent client. If so, your refund will be processed and issued at that time.

Partial Refunds of Payment

In some cases, we may only able to re-sell a portion of your original purchase. If so, your payment will be refunded for that amount. Providing, you approve the re-sale, at the outset. It’s important to note, that refund requests are reviewed case by case through Customer Support. Thus, individual outcomes may vary. However, you are kept informed every step of the way. And, your approval is required before a decision is finalized.

Hence, any refund amount will depend upon your cancellation circumstances and explanation, irrefutable proof of which, must be provided to us. In other cases, a credit for future booking(s), product(s) or service(s) may be issued. Either, in whole or in part to you, again, based on individual circumstances and situation.

At our sole discretion, and, upon being satisfied by your ‘proof of claim’, our Client Care Team reserves the right to possibly make an exception to most URBREG Administrative Policies. Thus, should we be fully satisfied a refund is justified, we will do our very best to convince the property owner of same. Keep in mind however, there are no iron-clad guarantees that he/she will agree and refund your payment in full.

Payment Conclusion Links

Maybe, you’d like info about getting our services for a  property in Puerto Vallarta SOLD!

Or, perhaps your interest is in getting an URBREG Franchise, or a very rewarding career with us.

Certainly, don’t overlook the URBREG Rewards Programs. There, you can get rewarded as you deserve, in a number of ways, including amazing incentives and fabulous contests.

With respect to product warranty, in the unlikely event you receive a product, which is defective, we ensure you are safeguarded. Thus, please contact Customer Support with any questions, for help, and/or, any warranty claim(s).

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