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First off, Universal Residential Builders has a pool contractors division. At URBREG Landscapes in Canada, the USA and Mexico. Secondly, it’s for design and build. Primarily, of high-quality outdoor living spaces. Outdoor spaces that include swimming pools and hot tubs. Likewise, spas, saunas and swim spas. Also, aerobic pools, swim ponds and everything related. Moreover, it’s all designed by expert landscape architectural designers,. And, installed by professional journeymen craftsmen.

Furthermore, most of our products are custom designed to customer specifications. Therefore, small, large or custom installations are no problem. Custom-tailored swimming pools, whirlpools, hot tubs and jacuzzi spas. Plus, in-ground or above ground pools, aerobic pools and swim spas. Also, ponds or decks. As well as, steps, stairs and gardens.

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Pool Contractors With Hot Tub | Spa & Sauna Installations

Thus, installation of a home sauna, spa, hot tub or pool in your backyard is better than a health spa vacation. Better, because you get to use it every day. Plus, it increases your property value. We have over 48 years installation experience as pool contractors. In addition, saunas, spas and high-end swim-spas and hot tubs. Hence, we’ll guide you through the custom design-build process, one step at a time. Using our proven System For Success.

For example, investing in a hot tub is a considerable purchase. Thus, you need to be confident you are buying the right hot tub, at the right price, from the right company. Here at URBREG Landscapes, we believe our hot tubs and support services are  second to none. The best they can be. We are committed to delivering great ongoing 5 Gold Star customer service for great people.

URBREG Pool Contractors – The Best Choice for all your Sauna, Spa, Hot Tub and Pool Options

Similarly, we are dedicated to providing outstanding market leading technology. All driven by our commitment to deliver superior quality pools, hot tubs and spas at sensible prices. And, without ever compromising on quality. Therefore, just two reasons why when you need URBREG’s hot tub, spa, sauna and pool contractors. So, you can have complete confidence whether you’re situated in Canada, the USA or Mexico.

Additional High Quality Products for Customers

Particularly noteworthy, URBREG pool contractors also install saunas and hot tubs. All, to your custom design and install requirements. As well, we provide an array of acrylic and tiled spas. Thus, we can work to client specific requirements. Specifically, to manufacture individual spa’s from a range of raw materials. This can be the case when a little more space is required. Which, may differ from traditional space requirements. Additionally, we can include special features. For example, features such as full or half body hydrotherapy stations. Similarly, water cannons and cascades. Or, outdoor surround sound, LED and fibre-optic mood lighting.

Highly-qualified, as complete, full service, hot tub, spa, sauna and pool contractors. Offering, a variety of exceptional quality products. KLAFS Saunas, Jacuzzi, Beachcomber and Endless Pools are just a few of the preferred suppliers at URBREG pool contractors. Plus, just some great information to aid in choosing your sauna, hot tub, spa and pool contractors.

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