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There tends to be a public misconception, at the consumer level, about residential project management. Many ask, “Why, would I need or want to pay for a project manager to handle my construction? Can’t I, just do it myself? And, save all the money I would pay out for a professional project management firm?”

Project Management | Locally & Internationally

The simple, quick answer is this. Of course, you can. However, a task as seemingly simple, as “building a home” entails a lot more than what one might think. Or, than what meets the eye. When you look across the street, at the new home being built, it all appears quite simple to the onlooker.

“Pro’s make it look simple,” says the Construction Management Association of America (the international governing body for construction and project management). “Just like, a mechanic might make doing repairs to your car look simple. But, the reality is, these people have been professionally trained. Plus, they’re experienced in their field of expertise.”

Do It Yourself Project Management

Nevertheless, it is possible for you to ‘go it alone’ and DIY (do-it-yourself). By, acting as your own general contractor. However, you better be prepared to make a huge commitment of time. Likewise, patience and money will be substantial factors. Nonetheless, with today’s technology, the information available online, and from other places, you could “do-it-yourself” alright. But, one of the key questions you must ask yourself, before making the D-I-Y commitment is, “How much time do you want to allocate to the task?”

Another, to consider is, “What knowledge do I have of the construction process and all that it involves?” Similarly, when doing the self analysis to see if you are cut out for the task, also ask yourself, “How much do I know about reading drawings, scales, and all the integral bits, pieces, parts and components, that goes into a new home?” Or, a new landscape for that matter?

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Factors Affecting Effective Project Management

Therefore, in this article, we will attempt to break it all down and demystify it for you. Thus, allowing you to make a knowledgeable decision. Of particular importance, there are 4 primary functions in the role of effective project management:

  1. Outlining, and specifying project objectives. Plans including, delineation of scope, budgeting, scheduling, setting performance requirements, and selecting project participants.
  2. Maximizing the resource efficiency. Through, the procurement process for labor, materials and equipment.
  3. Implementing various operations. Concluded by, proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction in the entire process.
  4. Developing effective communications practices. For, informing client mechanisms. And, resolving conflicts.

Professional Custom Homes & Landscapes Project Management

Typically, project management firms employ, or ‘sub in’, residential construction project managers. Often, within the firm, these professionally trained personnel are referred to as Construction Superintendents. Or sometimes, Construction Managers.

Generally, Project Managers work for high-quality construction contractors. They are put in place by the company. To do, exactly as the term ‘project management’ implies. Manage projects. In our case, residential construction and new custom homes designs. That’s why, we, for example, are referred to as a Consult | Design | Manage | Build firm.

Usually, residential project management professionals are graduate professionals. People, who have been educated at reputable technical colleges or trade schools. To organize, budget and supervise the building of homes. Typically, they themselves, don’t participate or take part in, the actual ‘down and dirty’ construction work on site. Rather, they utilize a supervision system. That’s for, the trades and field construction teams.

Project Management Professional Credentials

Likely, the project manager has already been there, and done the construction-work at a previous point in his/her career. Construction superintendents and project managers usually hold a bachelor’s, or master’s degree, in structural engineering. Sometimes, in construction management, building science, or related field(s). With that educational background, they have been taught all the construction principles.

Sometimes, high-quality and experienced construction professionals, opt for a business degree as well. The two go hand in hand. Construction is a business. Therefore, having a thorough knowledge of recognized business protocols, such as budgeting and accounting are critical.

Similarly, before becoming qualified as construction managers, project managers or construction superintendents, individuals must have gained a thorough work experience in the construction field. Usually, this is achieved through an active, onsite, construction role. After all, it is one thing to be educated in school. But, it is quite another, to put it all into practice efficiently, in the field. As such, most quality-minded, junior project managers, work under an experienced veteran. This is done, for a pre-determined time-period, to learn “all the tricks of the trade.” As, it is often referred to. In other words, an apprenticeship of sorts.

URBREG’s Project Management Differences & Benefits

High-quality project management firms, such as Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Inc. (URBREG International Inc.), will recruit for and solicit such individuals. They rigorously screen them at the onset. Hence, ensuring those individuals fit within the firm’s area of practice, and Code of Ethics. A qualified project manager is assigned to a residential construction project by our project management firm. Characteristically, once the design has been completed. More often, at our firm, while the design-work is still in progress, for early familiarization with the project to be completed.

During the design process, the project manager will assist with materials selection, budgeting, costing, procurement and bidding. Commonly, this is done by using one of the internationally recognized selection methods.

4 Main Types of Project Management Protocols

  1. Time and materials (cost-plus) selection: Method utilized, by most clients who want quality. And, some control in their project. This method is the one URBREG International most frequently utilizes. It involves supplying factored ‘time and materials’ prices to the client beforehand. Changes can be easily accommodated on a WCO (Work Change Order) without holding anything up, as well. Also, it ensures high-quality with no shortcuts.
  2. Low-bid selection: This selection focuses only on the price of the project. Multiple bids are solicited for each component of the project. Often, the owner chooses the bidder with the lowest quote, to complete that aspect of the project.
  3. Best-value selection: Focuses on both the qualifications of the bidder, and the price he/she submits. Generally, after careful evaluation, the owner chooses the party with the best qualifications, and/or, the best price for that aspect of the work. Very often, in this selection method an RFP (Request for Proposal) is utilized. Hence, it provides the owner with detailed information from the bidder. For example, scheduling, and budgeting expected to be used for the project.
  4. Qualifications-based selection: Selection method used, when the owner decides to choose the trades and sub-contractors solely on the basis, of their qualifications. The selection method is directly related to the Time and Materials (Cost-plus) method. However, generally in locations where the project management firm has not worked and become familiarized, previously. It utilizes an RFQ (Request For qualifications) from the owners’ project management firm. Typically, through the project manager. Since, materials costs and rates generally don’t vary dramatically from one territory to another, evaluation is done based on experience, plans, organization, scheduling, work scope protocol, construction practice, references and performance. Owners’ project management firm might also require safety records, individual certifications, achievement awards, credentials etc., from the submitter.

Fundamental Skills of the Project Management Professional

Furthermore, the project manager must be strong in time management. Additionally, cost management, public safety, quality management, mathematics, human resources, decision making and working drawings. Generally, residential construction project managers, work from within the office. Alternatively, on large-scale projects, they often work from an onsite temporary ‘construction shack’. This, is a mobile office building on skids. It is trucked, onto the site for the duration of the project.

Their job duties are varied. In addition, to the obvious, their responsibilities include screening and hiring employees, specialty trades and sub-contractors. Usually, the project management firm itself, has a list of preferred vendors and trades. But, often when solicited and hired to work in geographic areas of unfamiliarity, the firm may not have an exhaustive list of these. As a result, that responsibility becomes a task for the project manager.

In addition, all the tasks of scheduling, overseeing and monitoring construction progress, lies with the project manager. Although, it is supported by the many resources of the project management firm. Securing required permits, inspections and budgeting site finances, also is the responsibility of this person, and the project management team.

Responsibilities of the Project Management Professional

Residential construction project managers, also track and maintain quality control of the work and workmanship, through a Critical Path Project Management System. Likewise, they ensure safe work conditions. Also, they enforce the project management firms’ safe work protocols. Finally, they ensure there are no incidents, that will need to involve OH&S (Occupational Health & safety). Seemingly unimportant to some, take our word for it, this is paramount. Failure can literally cost thousands. Or, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, if protocol is not properly monitored and rigorously enforced.

Another task, the project management firm often puts the project manager in charge of, is making sure trades, sub-contractors and employees time is properly attended to. And, that they are paid on time by the project management firm, via the client(s).

Submission of daily progress reports is routine task managed by construction superintendents or project managers. Construction activity documentation in all areas, is also a critical aspect of the project manager’s job. Not only, for the project management firm. But also, for the client and regulatory authorities. Especially so, if the project management firm holds and maintains a COR (Certificate of Recognition).

Required Reporting from Project Management Professionals

Mandatory project meetings are coordinated by the project management firm. These, are facilitated on-site, through the site foreman, by the project manager. As such, they take place regularly, at pre-scheduled intervals. At these meetings, discussions will revolve around the progress of the construction project. Topics include, budget, quality, health and safety, as well as, a whole host of other possible site concerns or issues. Discussions, coupled with decisions reached at the meetings, will be documented by the administrative assistant. Subsequently, those are all submitted to the project management firm, to be kept on file for reporting and audits.

Similarly, a daily diary of all activities, will be documented at various levels of site supervision and responsibility. Examples include, the site foreman, team leaders, trades, sub-contractors, etc., as well. DSR’s (Daily Site Reports) and, DPR’s (Daily Production Reports), as well as, various tracking logs of the daily activities, are done on the job site each day. Additionally, these are all supported by detailed digital photographs. These daily field reports are a more formal way of recording information on the job site. Mostly, for the benefit of the clients. For instance, those will contain information that includes the day’s activities, temperature and weather conditions. Also, delivered equipment, materials, visitors to the site, together with equipment and materials used that day.

Additional Project Management Responsibilities

Of course, labor statements are required daily, not only for time-keeping and costing, but also labor planning to complete the project on time. Members of the project management team are required to keep a project diary. These diaries contain individual documented summaries of the day’s events in each member’s own words. This documentation is used to keep track of any daily conversations, work activities, observations, and any other relevant information regarding the construction activities on the project site. The diary also includes instructions or directions from the office, client site visits, or any such visits from vendors, suppliers or regulatory authorities.

If necessary, these diaries can also be referred to. For example, if disputes arise. If so, one of the project management team members diary, will often contain information connected with the current disagreement. In addition, if the need ever arises, handwritten diaries, can and will, often be ordered into court by judges, as evidence. Various on-site logs are also kept. Done, through the reporting system protocols. These, track regular activities on the job site, such as phone conversations, transmittal’s and deliveries. As well, materials ordered, received and used to date. This, for inventory control and costing.

Project Management Personnel Auxiliary Skills

Project construction managers are well-organized. They are excellent at multi-tasking. Due, to the diversity and variety of the tasks involved in their job, daily. Also, experts at clear, honest and frequent communication with the project management firm. And, they are expert managers and delegators, with a zero-tolerance for violations. Lastly, they’re technologically savvy to aid in these tasks.

The 150 most common tasks and responsibilities of a residential project construction manager fall into 7 main categories:

  1. Project Management Planning
  2. Cost Management
  3. Time Management
  4. Quality Management
  5. Contract Administration
  6. Safety Management
  7. CM Professional Practice

Project Management Professionals Activities

CM professional practice includes many specific activities, too. Just to summarize a few, they include, but are by no means, limited to:

  • Defining the responsibilities and management structure of the project management team
  • Organizing and leading by implementing project controls
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities
  • Developing communication protocols
  • Identifying elements of project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims

Project Management Professionals Background

Many, project construction managers, begin their careers in the field working for general contractors. Often, as a specialty trade of one sort or another. As such, it deeply familiarizes them with the construction work, processes and protocols overall.

From there, the best ones, go on to learn the business and leadership skills. Requirements it takes to become a highly respected, knowledgeable and effective construction project manager. After that, these are the types of personnel that URBREG International Inc., employs and utilizes, on our projects. In so doing, we must be assured and satisfied, through the level of commitment we make to our clients as a company, is backed and supported by strong construction project management individuals “running the show.”

As of March 31st, 2018, Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Inc.’s project management experience and practices have resulted in over 6,200 highly-satisfied, repeat clients for the firm, since 1971. You can read some of their reviews & testimonials, for yourself, if you wish. Should you choose, to “go the task alone,” we wish you every success. On the other hand, if you need help, or even, just to get more information about the project management benefits, our firm brings to you, just get in touch with us.

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