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First off, the top-producers at URBREG International Group need more Puerto Vallarta real estate listings! It’s a fact, we SOLD all ours. Therefore, if you have property in the metro Puerto Vallarta area (Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, Bahia de Banderas, Sayulita, Punta de Mita, etc.) that you want to sell, you should get in touch with us right away.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Needed | We SOLD All Ours

Although you may not realize this, there is an incredible amount of people who don’t know exactly what a Puerto Vallarta real estate listings agent does. Or, one in any other area, for that matter. Nor, do folks realize the importance of not just choosing one, but choosing the best one.

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Moreover, given the nature of the real estate business in general, it’s unlikely anyone would share any industry secrets with you. Let alone, give you an in-depth explanation of related matters. So you might ask, why then, is URBREG International Group willing to share these trade secrets openly and publicly?

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Well, the answer is real simple. We’re not like most. First off, we care. Secondly, our fundamental belief system includes sharing information. Third, our core values mandate transparency. Fourth, keeping people informed with the why’s and how’s of the residential world, has always been our way. Fifth, but certainly not least important, it’s the formula of our success. For both, you and us!

And, not only related to Puerto Vallarta real estate listings. Rather, in everything we do. Our firm doesn’t want you to have a disappointing experience.

Or, to allow you to get burned either.

So, to help clear some confusion, we’re going to revert to Real Estate 101, for a bit. This will help clear up the real estate fallacies. Please bear with us and read on. Our team, is confident, you’ll find it interesting and informative.

But, get prepared. I say that, because in some places, this article is a bit brash and forthright. No offense intended, however.

Remember though, facts, aren’t always sweet!

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Info For Your Success

First, people are of the misconception that if they list their property with someone, it is ‘exclusive’ only to that person, or real estate firm. Wrong! By listing, only one person, or real estate company, will be working to get the property sold, right? Wrong again!

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Nothing is further from the truth! On the contrary, the reverse is true, in fact. Whether it’s Puerto Vallarta real estate listings, or listings in tim-buc-too, make’s no difference. Let’s explain further.

Secondly, many people think it is better if they do not list. No contract, that way. Thinking instead, they will simply notify every local realtor they know. To let them know the property is for sale. People figure by using this approach, a sale bound to happen. Wrong, for the third time.

They also mistakenly think, that by using this approach, they will have more people working for them. Therefore, at any given time the chance of selling increases, by shear numbers alone. False, again! Totally. As we shall explain.

The reason why it’s false, you ask? Well friends, it’s quite simple really. For instance, we work with, show and sell RE/MAX, Century 21, Sutton, Coldwell Banker, Royal LePage and Domus listings, all the time. Likewise, they do the same with ours. Let’s, explore it further.

Secrets Shared of Why Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Are Required

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 049First, with the aforementioned, “I don’t want to list” practice in place, you will only get a very small percentage of the overall real estate community.

Second, the ones you do get will be the low-quality kind. You’ll end up with only the desperate realtors. And, the failing ones trying for you.

Third, sellers sometimes think that if they get someone who is desperate, the person will work harder. Additionally, they believe, that the desperate person will try harder. Because, he/she needs a commission.

Wrong, for the fourth time, friends! Here’s why.

Those realtors are simply incapable. They are the low-end producers. Ones, who are literally starving to death. And unfortunately, they are in that category for a reason. Which, could be only one, or many. However, the bottom line, is simple.

99% of those are simply, no good in the real estate business. Sure, they try. But largely, to no avail. For example, steers try too!

Who You Don’t Want Handling Your Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings

Keep in mind, they are desperate for a reason! So, here it is. They shouldn’t be in the real estate business in the first place. Why? Because, try as they might, they get no results. Therefore, no pay!

And, more importantly, no sale of your property. Thus, they’re literally starving to death. Are you comfortable placing your property in the hands of someone like this? Regardless, of what a nice guy he is? Or, having him tell you, what you want to hear, rather than market-based facts?

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Contrary, to how it might appear, the real estate business is tough. Many try, but few succeed. It takes a lot of personal discipline, guts, dedication, commitment, expense and time management, just to mention a few of the main factors.

Therefore, put another way, why would you want someone who is of poor quality, and/or, with no resources, working with the most valuable asset you own? Seems sort of silly, doesn’t it?

So, IF you don’t mind a whole bunch of duds, playing on their cell phones, and taking forever to NOT sell your property, then fill your boots! But, I promise you this. There will be no results, in your favor. Ever!

Just waste-your-time-showings. Over, and over again. Nothing, but tire-kickers and snoopers.

Sure, they might fluke out the odd time and actually sell something. But, it’s a pretty serious gamble. Plus, the odds are not in your favor!

Is this the sort of person you want representing you, with their reduced rate incentive?

Or, would you want someone with a proven track record for results working on your Puerto Vallarta real estate listing? Below, we’ll give you some facts and statistics that will further explain. So, read on.

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What Exactly Your Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Agent Does

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 054Furthermore, we’ll refer you to a blog post HERE. It explains everything in even greater depth. Have a look. You’ll learn more. Programmed, to open in a new window. So, you don’t lose your place here.

Continuing, please understand, that the good realtors are very busy looking after their clients who have listed with them. Because, there is a lot to do to properly handle and market Puerto Vallarta real estate listings. Or, listings anywhere else, for that matter. And, it is no small chore.

Thus, this is exactly why, those realtors are good. Plus, experienced. Similarly, he/she has a great reputation. Selling property. Tried, tested, true and proven.

After all, that is what you need him/her to do. To SELL! That’s what you hired him for in the first place.

6 Top Factors About Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Success

What you don’t need, is also simple. Someone, to make you a bunch of false promises, just to mollify you.

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Likewise, it’s doubtful, that you need him to give you what is pleasing to your hearing either.

What you do need is, hard, cold facts. Facts, about Puerto Vallarta real estate listings and sales. Truths, in the current market, at this particular place, and at this particular point in time. Certainties, to get property sold. Not expired. With a lonely sign in the front yard, forever.

Thirdly, and again, frankly speaking, the good quality realtors will not waste their time and marketing investment money working on something that may never give them a paycheck, in return. A commission basis is usually how realtors are paid.

Therefore, they have to produce to get a paycheck. But, to do so, they need product to market and sell. Thus, listed property is the only kind they work on. Meaning, contractual guarantees, that if they do their job properly, they are going to be able to feed their families. And maybe, drive a nice car in the process.

What Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Are Really

Simply put, a listing, is a contract between you the seller, and the real estate company agent. In addition, a listing is a piece of inventory. Or, product in the real estate market. Inventory to be marketed and sold.

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Among other things, the listing document defines the terms and conditions of the realtor’s future payment. Of course, it also shows price, terms, conditions, chattels, contract law, etc.

Hence, we’re going to be forthrightly speaking once again.

Why? Because it has a direct affect on you, that’s why.

The long and short, on behalf of the high-producing Puerto Vallarta real estate listings agents is this. No listing, no work for you.

Your property is ignored, without a listing contract in place. At least, by anyone, “who is worth the salt in his soup.” Therefore, if your property isn’t part of the market inventory, no sale! It all boils down that simply.

Cream of the Crop Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Agents & How They Work

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In other words, a good realtor will never work on trying to sell a property, that his low-producer colleague, which you hired but didn’t list, told him about. Never, ever.

It’s already been discovered through the ‘school of hard knocks’, that he’s wasting time, money and effort, by working an unlisted property, his low-producer buddy is offering.

Not to mention, he is unlikely to make any money either!

Perhaps, you might think that is unfair or maybe even illegal. But, think about this for a minute.

If he did so, how much do you think he would actually get done in the course of his workday?

Would he still be a high-producer, if he did nothing more than randomly running around showing unlisted property.

Property, from people who may or may not be willing to sell in the first place?

Equally important, what kind of debacle do you suppose you would have on your hands, if, a sale ever did occur?

Why, do you suppose the real estate industry is structured, and regulated?

Now, of course, you might be one of the lucky ones and sell quite by fluke. It does happen. Rarely, but from time to time, it does, as we shall outline briefly below.

The Facts About Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Production

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Keep in mind, this critical fact. The world over, 82% of all real estate sold, is done so by 18% of the total real estate profession. Thus, 82% of all real estate commissions generated, is done so by, and divided up between, 18% of the worlds real estate agents.

Conversely, 18% of the worlds real estate commissions, is generated by, and split among, 82% of the world’s real estate community. That is a fact, friends. Now, you know why we told you what we did, above!

Therefore, as you can imagine, there are a lot more duds out there, than there are super-stars. Why? Mostly, because they don’t have any listings. No inventory. Nothing contractual, to sell. Thus, no inventory means no paycheck. Therefore, they are literally starving to death. Plain and simple.

How A Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Agent Earns His/Her Pay

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So, exactly what else does your Puerto Vallarta real estate listings agent do to earn his pay?

Let’s delve in a bit deeper and have a closer look.

First of all, the listing agent is trained in pricing.

Furthermore, he’s trained in marketing.

And, he’s also trained in contract law, together with many other things. But, those three primaries are the fundamentals of successful sales of any real estate property. Thus, they go hand-in-hand.

Oh sure, condition, location, Benjamin Moore paint etc., all make a difference. However, those are secondary. And, very insignificant factors, truthfully. Plus, they do not get property sold! Furthermore, they don’t add value in a buyer’s eyes. However, all those, must be factored into the asking price in the first place.

Why Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Don’t Sell

Regardless, one grim fact remains, friends. The PRIMARY reason a property does not sell, is because of price. Nothing else. Price alone, is the sole determining factor as to whether your property sellsor sitswith a sign in the front yard forever.

Honestly folks, and with all due respect, you can take that or leave it. It’s totally your choice. But, consider this. There is a buyer for everything and anything, if, the price is right.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 071

Put another way, if your property is in awful condition, or in a bad location – the pricemust be reflected accordingly, if, you want it SOLD!

Furthermore, everything else related to your property is proportionate. Including your Benjamin Moore paint, and heavy duty drywall screws.

Truly folks, it makes no difference what you might think the property is worth.

Nor, does it make any difference how much you want.

Or, what you think you need to have out of the sale, for that matter.

It all boils down to the price-tag, in a given market, at a given time.

Little else, makes any difference.

Let’s analyze it a bit further.

Why do some properties sell, yet a near identical property simply sits on the market forever?

Once dissected, it’s really simple folks.

In short, it’s called fair market value.

Factors affecting fair market value are only 5.

In order, they are price, market, timing, condition, location.

What Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Fair Market Value Really Is

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 033

And how, is fair market value determined? Well, again, very simply, as we will explain.

First of all, don’t forget, real estate sales are based on supply and demandTherefore, that is the primary pricing factor. We’ll dive into that a bit further later on.

Thus, fair market value is the price-point (how much money) which, a ready, willing and able buyer is prepared to pay TO a ready, willing and able seller.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 083It doesn’t matter if the seller thinks it’s not enough, or, the buyer thinks it is too much. What matters is, the price-point, in a given market, where, the two meet.

In other words, the price, which someone will pay to satisfy the purchase of your property, based on the supply and demand rule.

That’s precisely why, sometimes you have offers and counter-offers going back and forth. Sometimes, fast and furiously.

And, when that happens, you better have a highly-skilled Puerto Vallarta real estate listings agent, representing YOU!

The time is ripe. So, you don’t want one of the duds, who does little more than play with his phone, do you?

A lot of work has been put into finding that one buyer. So, you don’t want to have it blown and lose him, through having the low-producer realtor in your corner.

Remember, the buyer is going to buy someone’s property, so be prepared to sell him yours.

How The Market Affects Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings

But wait! One more critical factor comes into play!

This is all based on the market.

As touched upon earlier, real estate, like many things, is based on supply and demand.

Thus, if there is lot of inventory on the market, prices are forced lower. This is referred to as a “buyers market.” Meaning, a buyer has a tonne of inventory to choose from.

Therefore, he is not usually forced into paying a premium price for what he wants.

By contrast, if there is virtually no inventory, prices are pushed higher. Referred to as a “sellers market.”

Simply put, this means that because inventories of property for sale is low, a buyer just might have to pay a premium price to get what he wants, since there isn’t much available to choose from.

Factors Affecting Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Price & Net Proceeds

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 047

Contrary to what people think, we Realtors do not price property. We simply present facts. Those facts, are based on all the market factors. We also make recommendations.

However, ultimately you set the price.

But, that asking price, should be based on the market facts.

Therefore, keep in mind that whether or not your Puerto Vallarta real estate listing sells, or not, entirely rests in your hands.

Hence, if you feel that based on the market facts presented, you will not be able to get enough money, at a given time in the market, you just have to wait until the market strengthens.

Either that, or perhaps settle for less in the end. As much as nobody wants to hear such a thing… It’s really that simple.

As we stated earlier, condition, location and all that jazz certainly play a role. Certainly, they do. But, a more minor one.

However, all those factors are in alignment with, and proportionate to, the property asking price. On any Puerto Vallarta real estate listings. Or, listings anywhere else on the globe, for that matter. The point being? If you want to sell, price it right.

Why Not Put Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings on the Market at an Inflated Price and See Who Comes Along

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 073ALERT: Don’t play the game many get caught up in…

“Well, let’s try it for a while at one and a half times what it is really worth, in case a buyer comes along.”

Bad approach! In fact, really bad!


Because first of all, there are no stupid buyers. They are well-informed. Believe that!

To illustrate that point further, who, wants to part with more money than they absolutely have to? To buy anything.

Secondly, all you will successfully do is make a fool of yourself. Not only among the realtor community, but the public in general. At the very least, with all the potential buyers.

Thirdly, by using this approach, your property will only sit. Furthermore, it will become stale and stagnated on the market.

Therefore,  you must decide this, and this aloneDo you want to sell, or don’t you? If you, do want to sell, price it right! Conversely, if you don’t want to sell, then don’t put it on the market in the first place.

We realize, that some of this is likely NOT, what you want to hear! But, what’s the point in lying to you? Or, in making false promises? Thus, getting your hopes up, for something that will never, ever, happen!

Buyers in the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Marketplace

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 027On the other hand, as touched upon earlier, there is a buyer for everything. From fixer-uppers to luxury properties.

However, buyers are not fools either.

They do comparisons.

Thus, if your property doesn’t compare properly to similar ones, it sits.

Passed by. Discounted.

That is called market competition.

Your Puerto Vallarta real estate listings agent, or the real estate community in general, did not make that up.

Nor, did they make it the case. The market does that, all by itself.

In conjunction, of course, with you, the property owner.

Sorry friends, but those are the bare-faced facts. However, there is some good news too!

So, that’s the first thing your real estate listing agent does to earn his pay. Being a market and pricing expert, he makes recommendations about the potential selling price of your property.

Now, here’s the good newsDon’t worry, you can never price your property too low, with an outstanding agent.

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The True Value Of Any Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 066

But, how is it possible, to not, possibly price a property too low, you ask?

Put simply, it’s because the market will control that factor.

You see, each of the quality realtors, are keeping an eye on the market for their own potential buyers.

Of course, everybody wants a deal. Thus, when a good deal comes along, they all jump on it!

Therefore, if you happen to be under-valued on the market through a competent Puerto Vallarta Real estate listings agent, a bidding war will commence. Multiple offers, from multiple realtors, will all come in at once.

If, you have a ‘hot property’, undoubtedly at least one offer, will be more than the asking price. Often, several of them will be above the listing price.

Since each offer, has a specified approval or rejection time, you and your listing agent, you can choose the very best one.

Multiple Offers With Bidding War, or Not, On Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings

That’s why, you sometimes hear of properties selling for more than, the asking price.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 070

Generally, that cannot happen if you don’t have your property listed, with a quality Puerto Vallarta real estate listings and sales agent.

Or, if it is listed with a dud agent, it is unlikely to happen either.


Because, virtually nobody will know that your property is even for sale.

Thus, with only a handful of lower-quality agents working on your job, it just might, sell too cheap. Maybe.

But, even that’s a long-shot, at best. Likely, it will never sell. Rather, just be one of those properties with a sign in front forever. A listing that expires.

Similarly, if your property is priced too high, potential buyers will just laugh and walk on by.

Thus, that’s why you need an exceptional real estate listings and sales agent.

He/She is YOUR representative. His/Her primary function is to get your property sold, for all the money he can get out of it, in any given market.

Certainly, his other job is to market the property on your behalf and do everything related to making that happen.

But again, a desperate, or poor-quality agent cannot do that for you. Neither, will 100 of them that you told you want to sell, but refused to list with anybody.

As we said earlier, no contract (listing), no work.

The Agent Difference For Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 074

Lastly, your Puerto Vallarta real estate listings agent’s job, is making sure all the t’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. That is also part of what your listing agent does to earn his pay.

After all, it’s one thing to find a buyer in the first place. However, when one is found, if your sale collapses for whatever reason, he gets nothing. Nor, do you! Everyone’s time has been wasted.

Remember, you cannot sell your property multiple times. It only sells once. 

Hence, when a buyer is found, look after him. Hang on to him for dear life.

To do all that, you need a very strong and experienced Puerto Vallarta real estate listings agent agent who will make sure that the job gets done.

Part of that, means working with the buyer (or buyer’s agent, as the case may be) to keep him satisfied with his purchase of your property! We call that, safeguarding the sale.

Just so you know, it can be a very daunting task. Thus, not one that should be left to an amateur, low-producing, or dud Puerto Vallarta Real estate listings agent.

Therefore, the age-old axiom, “The right agent can make all the difference,” comes strongly into play.

Myriad of Tasks the Right Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Agent Handles

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 029

In addition to all the foregoing, your listing agent and support staff, manage all the more menial tasks as well.

In other words, the movement of your property totally.

This ranges from managing keys, to scheduling showings.

Also, he continually qualifies buyers and other agents too.

Because, there is no point in bringing people by, who are simply snoopers and tire-kickers.

Hence, his additional role is to ensure anybody who views your property, could buy it, if they like it, if it suits their needs, and if they want to. In other words, they are qualified buyers.

So, the question is, can a dud or low-producer do that?

Well, let’s take a quick look.

Does he have the bank connections?

The Appraisers?

And, what about the Notaria, or lawyers?

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 075

The truth is, it’s very doubtful friends!

Realtors who cannot do all the foregoing combined, are mostly useless to you.

Even though, you might think otherwise.

Or, maybe he’s a friend, who you want to try to help out, by giving him a shot at getting your property sold.

But, the reality for you is this. Likely, he’ll be working pretty much alone.

People Working On Getting Your Puerto Vallarta Listings SOLD

No high-quality Puerto Vallarta real estate listings agent is going to pump his own marketing money into a property, which he has no contract on.

Nor, is he going to “waste” any of his qualified buyers, running them around showing unlisted property. Thus, running the risk of losing them altogether. Property, that might very well never lead to a paycheck.

Rather, he wants to be certain in advance, that if he does his job correctly, his family eats. Remember too, there are no threshold rights on buyers. Therefore, satisfy them or lose them, is the general rule of thumb. That, friends, is the long and sort of it.

Reasons for Dissecting Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings

Now, don’t get it wrong. We’re not telling all this to upset, offend or to aggravate. The sole reason we have this page in the first place, is for transparency. Clear explanation. Information. Disclosure of facts. And, partially also, disclosure of trade secrets.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 045

URBREG’s Team of experts is determined to give you the facts. Up front. Thus, helping avoid mistakes.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 051

Right now, you’re getting the reality of how Puerto Vallarta real estate listings (or any other geographic area listings) work.

Quality advice, is part of our mission.

Equally important, under the Code of Ethics we’re governed by, our fiduciary responsibility demands it. That’s it!

At the end of the day, you will have to decide for yourself, whether you want your property sold, or sitting. Do you want money in the bank? Or, do you want to have a ‘classy front yard ornament’ instead, while your property is getting more stale, on the market, by the minute?

That decision, totally lies with you. After all, it is your property, and as such you are free to do with it as you see fit.

Get In Touch With Any Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Questions

Anyhow, if you’ve got questions, arguments, or want any further clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us. Client Care welcomes hearing from you.

High-quality Puerto Vallarta real estate listings and sales is what we do. And, we’re good at it! Experienced, in the Puerto Vallarta real estate listings and sales market, since 1982. Over 36 years of “tried, tested, true and proven.”

Awarded too. In fact, over 700 times, since 1971.

URBREG International Group real estate Team has every confidence, you’ll see the benefits we deliver to you.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Listings Image 050

Agreed? If so, contact us below. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

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