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First off, this Puerto Vallarta real estate services page was last worked on and updated on May 18, 2019. Therefore, you know it’s current. Second, when you think about the Puerto Vallarta area, what comes to mind? Beach? Sunshine? Warmth? Cold drinks? Golf? Relaxation? Writing your memoirs? Perhaps, you’ve dreamed of owning a condo or vacation home in paradise too. If so, you’ll need some help with Puerto Vallarta real estate services, right?

Thirdly, the really big question is this: When the time is right to realize your dreams, where do you begin to find the perfect property abroad? Fourthly, who do you trust? Fifth, what’s involved in buying real estate in Mexico? Sixth, how do you know you are getting the best possible deal?

URBREG Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services | Single or Dual Agency

Well, you’ll be comforted to know, that there’s a solution to it all. However, whatever your goals are, you’ll undoubtedly need some help with real estate services, if you’re not from Mexico. Remember, although very friendly and welcoming, Mexico is still in a foreign country. So is metro Puerto Vallarta. Thus, many things are done differently here. And, also don’t forget, everything legal is done in Spanish, not English. English, is a courtesy only!

Client Shaking Hands With URBREG Professional

Even if you are Mexican, the real estate business is very complex. Sometimes, the Puerto Vallarta real estate services industry is daunting too. But, it doesn’t have to be! To help with that, URBREG International Inc., had this page built to offer assistance to you. Hence, it will help unravel the unknown.

Demystifying The Best Place To Begin With Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services

Let’s begin here. The quick answer to the foregoing questions is: It really depends on your needs and objectives. What are your priorities? Finding the perfect second home? Retiring and downsizing? Or, enhancing your net worth with investment property? Maybe, your requirements relate to getting a vacation property. In any case, real estate trends may also play a role.

Your PV Real Estate Considerations

Supposing, it’s about getting a second home. Could that include buying a property somewhere in  the metro Vallarta area? If so, likely it has to be a property that serves several purposes. Probably, you’ll use it part of the time for vacationing guests. Or perhaps, an mini-escape for family and friends. After all, it is only a short flight away.

Whatever your situation is, this perfect property may also need to give you an income the rest of the time, right? Then, you’ll also need to have it professionally managed too.

Maybe, downsizing for retirement is more in alignment with your objectives, right now. Any way you want it, Puerto Vallarta real estate should be on your consideration list. Likewise, so should we! Why? Because we live there. URBREG’s personnel know the ropes, inside and out. And, we’re here to help. Let’s take a closer look.

Choosing the RIGHT Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services Team

First off, the most important thing when choosing a Puerto Vallarta real estate services professional is to find someone you can trust. A reputable firm is the required prerequisite for great personnel. URBREG International Inc., has a long history of integrity and success in real estate. Real estate success, that you can depend on. In fact, since 1971 in Alberta, Canada and California, USA. And also, since 1982 in metro Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and Riviera Nayarit Mexico.

Bidding Wars Image 081

Therefore, our first goal is to become your REALTOR®. To offer you our experience and expertise. The URBREG Teams’ focus is on listening. Listening to exactly what it is you need in an agent. And, a home. We put service to our clients first. And, with that comes our loyalty.

Whether we work together on finding you a new property, or selling an existing one, the URBREG Team are your neighborhood Puerto Vallarta real estate services professionals. In short, working with us will ensure a professional, honest and stress-free transaction. Furthermore, we’re not afraid to talk you OUT of buying or selling, if the time isn’t right for you. Honesty, sincerity, integrity and candor are among our most prided and praised qualities.

Role of the Real Estate Services Agency

Thus, give us an interview opportunity as your agent. Let’s see if the fit is right. If you’re thinking short term, long term, or even just finding out where you would stand in today’s hectic market, contact us! Our second goal is to be your chosen and favorite Puerto Vallarta real estate services Realtors.

In any case, for you, the primary basic requirement should be about finding the right real estate services agency. Overwhelmingly, obtaining outstanding results, while getting your needs served, is another goal we have for our clients.

House Services Image 077

Ponder for a moment. What real estate services experiences (anywhere) have you had in the past? Were they good or bad? Many questions, like these, are undoubtedly going through your mind. Especially so, now that you are interested in owning property in a foreign country. An amazingly beautiful and friendly country. But, nevertheless, one with a different culture, primary language, customs and practices.

As a result, a process needs to happen when you think about real estate services. To buy, sell, or become a landlord, there is a lot to consider. Hence, if you have questions like these, you’re not alone. The task, is to find answers. Accurate, precise and truthful answers. Specifically, that’s where URBREG International Inc., comes to your rescue.

Two Main Types of Puerto Vallarta Representation

Of particular importance, many people don’t realize that in real estate, there is single or dual agency representation possibilities. Consequently, one or the other, can best represent the real estate services objectives you have. Although sellers and buyers have commonalities in their needs, single and dual agency are as different as night and day.

Therefore, you should carefully consider, which representation type is most appropriate for you, on your Puerto Vallarta real estate services needs. As a seller, you need great marketing representation. Most notably, attractive property listings. Good listings, are appealing to buyers and renters alike. Likewise, so is exceptional marketing. These all begin with an outstanding real estate agent. And, real estate brokerage! Therefore, URBREG International Inc., comes highly recommended.

Buyer and Seller – Needs Similarities & Differences

Similarly, if you are a buyer. You need someone with strong, negotiating skills. True or false? These aid greatly, to get you the best deal. Nevertheless, needs differ somewhat, between sellers and buyers. Property landlords, for example require extraordinary property management representation too. Sellers on the other hand, need expert marketers. But with both, highly regarded industry pros are paramount.

Particularly noteworthy, we’ve had our metro Puerto Vallarta real estate services practice, since 1982. Therefore, contacting us is a very good step in the correct direction. Even if, it’s only to ask some questions. It’s our mission to be helpful.

Bare-faced Facts About Puerto Vallarta Services Sector

Happy Home Buyers Couple Image 080The Puerto Vallarta real estate services industry overall is full of illusions. No different, than real estate anywhere. Furthermore, what meets the eye is not necessarily the reality. Often, aspiring real estate agents see the super-successful Realtor. He’s the one cruising about the neighborhood in a shiny Lexus or BMW. Wrongly, those newbies think the real estate services business is an easy way to riches. A life of sweet, creamy chocolate with whipped cream covered truffles. Topped with fresh, plump strawberries. And, make no mistake, it can be.

Realtor Realities & Truths Related To Real Estate Services

As a result, the newbie dives head first into the Puerto Vallarta real estate services business. It seems, he/she expects that once he gets his real estate license, it’ll be instant success. He/she figures the riches will automatically flow. In no time at all, he/she will also be cruising around in a Lexus too.

However, the reality is very different. It turns out, nothing is further removed from the truth! The newcomer is quick to find out, that the veracity of the whole matter, is a very different story, from that which appeared at the onset. In other words, it is not what the eye has led him/her to believe. Realistically, the Puerto Vallarta real estate services profession actually takes work! Lots of it too! There is no time off. People are calling at all hours. Outlandish, and sometimes preposterous demands are being continually made of the newbie.

And yet, despite him/her complying with all this, there may be no income. For example, often, six grueling months has already gone by, and not a dime so far. The savings account has been depleted as well. Certainly, none of this, is what he/she expected! So, what happens next? The newbie quits. He/she can no longer afford to be run off his/her feet 24/7, with no income!

How The Variable Puerto Vallarta Services Stats May Play Out For You

To the foregoing, you might say, “So what? Why should I care if someone can’t make the grade and measure up?” But, let’s be blunt folks. You had better care!

Especially relevant, is this point. Supposing, the fate you get, is associated with that of Murphy’s Law. What if, you happened to pick up this little sweetheart newbie to be your representative, just before he or she packed it in? Then what happens? How would that affect your goals? Or, your dreams and needs? If, for instance, you were part way through the process of getting your dream home? Would it impact you negatively, if you happen to draw ‘ a dud ‘ out of the hat? Perhaps, because you didn’t do your homework in the first place?

Here’s a truth, to help you evaluate, before, you get into hot water. In fact, over 80% of people who get into the real estate services business (anywhere, not just in metro Puerto Vallarta), drop out within the first year. Why? Because, they ‘starve to death’ ! Most notably, many never make it past the six month mark.

Realities About the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Business

Thus, Puerto Vallarta real estate services business is tough! Success comes, if you are prepared to make a lot of sacrifice. Plus, it requires dedication, persistence and a lot of initial expense. All, out of your own pocket. Self-discipline, time management and undying commitment are basic key traits for success and longevity, in the Puerto Vallarta real estate services business. Or, in any other geographic location for that matter.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services Image 078Consequently, the Puerto Vallarta real estate services profession demands long hours. Often, without excluding evenings, weekends or holidays. Furthermore, likely without any paycheck for a very long period of time, at the beginning. Hence, because of all this combined, many try. But, only a few succeed.

Commission Split and How It Affects YOU

Interestingly enough, about 82% of all real estate service transactions done globally, are completed by 18% of all the real estate professionals. Equally interesting, by contrast, about 18% of all real estate services done globally, come from 82% of the real estate services people. Did you realize that?

When you consider the number of Realtors in the world, that a pretty small piece of the commission pie for each one! It’s often called the 80/20 rule. Therefore, one might also call it a ‘starvation diet’. Hence, no wonder over 80% of people who ‘ give real estate a try ‘, drop out so quickly. They simply cannot survive on what (wages) they make. Their income is just too small. So, they quit the real estate services sector and get an hourly paying job instead. Why? It’s because they have to. Just to keep food on their table.

Defining Your Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Representation

Therefore, just a word of caution. Do you want one of these folks representing YOU? Not only with Puerto Vallarta real estate services agents and brokers. The same statistics apply globally. We’re one of the fortunate, successful ones. It’s primarily because, our firm has the right belief system and core-values. Also, our training plays a significant role. Likewise,  our style, technique and practices.

Equally important, is our experience. URBREG’s top-quality personnel and 6,600+ fabulous clients who have selected us and who we’ve had the pleasure of serving and satisfying, fortify the foregoing. Our practice is tried, tested, proven and true. Since 1971, in Canada and the USA, and since 1982 in supernatural Mexico.

‘Super Stars’ in PV Real Estate Services Are The Exception, Not The Rule

As recorded by the International Association of Realtors, approximately 18% of all the Realtors, do 82% of all the real estate services business. Probably, those are the ones you see cruising around in the BMW. Or, the shiny new Lexus. Realty dictates, that the services life can be a very rewarding and lucrative one. But, not without sacrifice along the career path.

Exceptional, is the type of Realtor you should be selecting to work for you! Why? Because they have passed the test of time. These agents are tried, tested and proven! Committed, dedicated and driven. Excellent time and people managers. And,  expert marketers. Most importantly, the desired RESULTS are gotten! Owner listings get SOLD, or RENTED. Of course, depending on which one is applicable. And, buyers are satisfied.

The Truth About Costs of Representation

So, you might ask: Does this 18% charge a larger fee? Certainly, it may appear that way on the surface. Sometimes! However, in the bigger scheme of things, one must ask: Are these professional realtors really more expensive? Definitely not! Why? The answer is very simple. Just for starters, your experience (as a seller or a buyer) will be much less stressful and more satisfying. These Puerto Vallarta real estate services people know what they are doing. Consequently, they get the job you hired them for – DONE! Generally, with zero mistakes too. Smoothly and efficiently. Thus, a huge benefit to you.

The Type of Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Agent to Choose | Our Professionals Are Seasoned, Experienced, Expert, Veterans

Image 15 of Water Wall from URBREG Int'l.

But, certainly, you have other choices available to you. However, just like anything else in today’s world, it comes with a price-point, no doubt. Don’t forget, you get exactly what you pay for. Just like with anything else. Therefore, always remember that. Especially so, when it comes to the Puerto Vallarta real estate services sector!

If you choose one of the ‘aspiring‘ individuals in a Puerto Vallarta real estate services transaction, what happens?

Are certain you’re receiving representation to get the best deal possible?

Will the property get sold, so you can move on as planned?

Do you think your deal will get done successfully?

What kind of activity in the marketplace?

And, the new property you want?

How will it all play out?

In conclusion, these are just a sampling of the questions you should be giving serious consideration!

D – I – Y in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Book About Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services Image 068On another hand, if you’d like to give it a try on your own, kudos! However, here’s a book we highly recommend to help you in your undertaking. It was written by 20 top-quality Realtors. Thus, you’ll get the best advice possible from it.

On the other hand, if you’d sooner get our help, just submit a request from our Contact Page.

Expert Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services Negotiators

Particularly noteworthy, the realtor-types outlined in previous paragraphs are highly respected. Especially so, by the other associates in the Puerto Vallarta real estate services community. Dedicated, committed and passionate about the Puerto Vallarta real estate services business. Also, there’s a sort of unmentioned brotherhood among them.

Especially relevant, is that these folks, are of a similar mind-set. Hence, a synergy exists. Success, comes from an environment of like-minded individuals working together harmoniously. Therefore, high-quality listings, that get tons of activity, showings, and SOLD!

Lastly, URBREG International Inc., Realtors are knowledgeable, experienced, expert negotiators. You’ll benefit from the very best dollar for dollar deal. Especially relevant, there are no mistakes and other hassles. Whether, buying or selling!

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Final Summary

Summarized above, is just the beginning of the reasons why, your Puerto Vallarta real estate services representation is so important. Great clients who are motivated people, continually head-hunt URBREG International Real Estate Services Group. Consequently, we’re chosen as the preferred international Puerto Vallarta real estate services provider, by many, many clients.

Image 14 of Evening Sky over Vallarta

Expert representation is a by-product of our success in real estate. Firstly, for the seller. Secondly, but no less importantly, the buyer. And, likewise our Puerto Vallarta real estate services firm. There’s our secret formula folks! Frankly, we’ve got an even lesser desire to work with duds or greenhorns. Than you do. To have one working for you. That’s why, our people are all hand-picked. Hand selected, one-by-one!

Join URBREG’s Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services Team | Whether You’re a Buyer, A Seller, or Someone Looking for a Rewarding Career | We’re Here to Help You Succeed

In conclusion, success in the Puerto Vallarta real estate services business takes undying commitment. Listings like the ones we accept, require an agent with passion, drive and initiative. Probably, marketing ability, time management, exceptional communication skills, and a ton of expense, go hand in hand.

Most noteworthy, is that longevity and success in the Puerto Vallarta real estate services business is demanding. To get listings rented or sold, the combination of self-sacrifice and superior mentor-ship are required. In support of what we’re stating, read for yourself what our previous clients say about us.

Receive All The Experience You’ll Need

Thus, Realtors at URBREG International Real Estate Group say, “we’ve been there, done that.” Believe it. They have! The URBREG Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services team has endured. Also, we’ve carefully built home designing success. Together with modern sustainable technology. And, building practices too. Most importantly, this all came through careful and deliberate, hand-selection of our personnel.

Therefore, if you need expert help, get in touch. Do so online. By clicking the big orange button below. Our Contact Form is there. Then, just complete and submit. Alternatively, give us a call.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services from Canada & USA | Toll-free at 1 877 9 URBREG (1 877 987 2734)

Within Mexico, Call URBREG Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services at +52 1 322 146 8325 (English) or +52 1 322 152 6747 for (Spanish)

From anywhere else on the globe, call us about Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services and Products at 011 52 1 322 146 8325

Finally, keep up with all the latest architectural trends. Equally important, visit our Nuevo Vallarta realty section. There, you’ll discover more metro Vallarta real estate material. Additionally, news, deals, rewards, bargains, incentives, contests and more.

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Instantly, you can receive the top Puerto Vallarta real estate services info. You should also be aware, that there are other divisions to our company. Also, have a look at the Vallarta realty overview. Or, learn more about the 8 top benefits to having professional house plans done up when you are planning to build. Lastly, thanks a million for getting in touch!

From Grande Prairie to Bonnyville. Lloydminster to Edmonton. And, from Red Deer to Calgary | Kelowna | Vancouver | Bellingham | San Diego | Phoenix and Puerto Vallarta – You’ll love experiencing our Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Services Top-producers Team! 

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