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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

There’s a fascinating success story, complimentary to Puerto Vallarta real estate history. It’s a story, that needs to be told. This little oasis fishing village has transformed. Into an explosive retirement and investment safe-haven. Puerto Vallarta is now on the map. Every major US and Canadian airline carrier services it daily. As well as, some from Europe.

Success Story of Puerto Vallarta Real Estate | Retirement & Vacation Paradise

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What we can establish as being ‘a success’ story in real estate? Let alone, in retirement, second-home, vacation, and resort real estate? Puerto Vallarta real estate has had its ups and downs, over the years. But, it has bounced back. Now, it’s on the verge of an explosive boom. Like, the Dawson City Gold Rush.

Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate | Strong Canadian & US Dollar on MXN Peso | Timing Couldn’t be better

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 010Let’s look. And, break it down.

In the year 2000, Puerto Vallarta had approximately $50 million USD, in resort real estate sales. (Just to clarify; property in resort cities, that is primarily bought by retirees and vacation-home buyers, is defined as, “resort real estate”).

There were hardly any homes in Puerto Vallarta real estate, selling for more than $1 million in those days.

Additionally, only a handful of large real estate developments were underway at the time.

By contrast, in 2008, there was more than $500 million in resort-town real estate sales. That’s over 10 times, in 8 short years! Some condos were selling for over $2 million.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 019Select homes, were selling in excess of $5 million. Today, there are more than 100 developments, of Puerto Vallarta Real Estate. Scattered throughout Bahia de Banderas.

Explosive Growth in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate got ‘put on the map’. In no time, it strode out in front. Leading in real estate sales volume, for resort real estate in Mexico.

Furthermore, it was by leaps and bounds, ahead of major markets such as Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Oaxaca and Acapulco.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 006So, what happened to cause all this activity? And, such explosive growth? How did the greater Puerto Vallarta area, become such a success story? Why did Puerto Vallarta real estate take off?

Actually, that wasn’t the way it was planned. It was more good luck than good management. Puerto Vallarta, sort of became an accidental success story. Los Cabos, Cancun and Acapulco were planned as Mexico’s resort destinations, at the onset.

The FONATUR (resort development branch of the Department of Tourism), was involved in the building of planned resort developments. Originally, Puerto Vallarta was not included. There was no plan for it, initially.

Initial Builders of Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Instead, it was more a collaborative mosaic of different thoughts, ideas and inspirations, from some unique individuals. These people came not only from Mexico, but from around the world. Each had his own idea of getting and developing, a little bit of paradise for his own gain and usage.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 014However, to rewind the tape a bit, real estate development in the greater Puerto Vallarta area, was born of humble beginnings. It began simply in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Small-time Mexican builders sporadically began constructing homes. Mostly, for Americans. The place of choice, was on the hillsides overlooking miles of Puerto Vallarta real estate.

Eventually, there were enough Americans living there, that the area became widely known as “Gringo Gulch.” Gringo is the Mexican term for an American.

The most popular and well-known builders of this era were Freddy Romero and Guillermo Wulff. Romero was quite known for using the dirt, to plan the layout of the homes. He’d use a stick to draw out the rooms for the property. Since these were second homes and quite cheap, precision and quality were not top priority.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 009Hence, the styles incorporated, included the introduction and usage of the ‘cupola’. These would be unique. Later, they became what is known today, as Puerto Vallarta’s architectural style.

Also, at that time, there were only a couple of three-star hotels. Certainly, no condominiums were included in the inventory of Puerto Vallarta real estate. It was a very simple, unsophisticated market. Built, on the desire of these Gringos, to have a second home here in Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Attracts Era Celebrities

Then, in the ‘70s Puerto Vallarta started to become more popular. Largely because, of its’ two most famous migrant residents. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. A growing demand was created for four and five-star hotels in the Puerto Vallarta real estate landscape. Primarily, in the Hotel Zone. Gringo Gulch, was rapidly running out of room for people to build and live. So, Wulff and Romero, were joined by others, such as Bernardo Applegate.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 021Consequently, they began building further to the south. Mostly, on the hillsides of Conchas Chinas. The homes of the time became larger, better planned out and more stylish. Implant homeowners and Wulff tried to outdo each other, with each new home the other built.

Consequently, some small condominium projects were also introduced. At the time, they were exactly that. Small. With less than 20 units in each. Growth was hesitant, but steady nevertheless, in this era of Puerto Vallarta real estate evolution.

Subsequently, as the demand for holiday and retirement real estate in the Puerto Vallarta area increased, we entered the ‘80s. Greater risks were thus being taken too. Hesitation subsided. With that, larger condominium developments were built. Los Muertos beach became extremely popular. For both hotels and condos. All part, in the Puerto Vallarta real estate history.

Money Was Tough for Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Development In the Early Days

One of the first to begin was Rosalinda Perez. Rosalinda undertook building one of the first large condo projects. Located, along this stunning stretch of beach. Wulff also expanded his construction business. By now, he was moving into the hotel and condominium development business. But another problem existed.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 011Financing was extremely difficult to obtain. Largely, because of assessed risk factors analyzed by the local banks. Since Wulff seemed to have a perpetual cash shortage, he often would utilize the barter system. Quite typical, of the Mexican culture overall. Frequently, he leveraged his projects, by granting a condo unit to the people, funding his Puerto Vallarta real estate development projects.

For instance, people such as the electrician, the plumber, or various material suppliers would end up with a Condo, instead of payment for goods and services. In return, they kept Wulff supplied, to advance the projects. It was a creative financing approach.

And, a way for Mr. Wulff to fund his Puerto Vallarta real estate developments. Which, by the way, were steadily growing.

Over the Years Puerto Vallarta Real Estate has Attracted Many Types of People

The 1980’s, brought the Martinez-Guitron brothers. Arriving from Guadalajara, they undertook to develop a tract of land. That land, was located between the Hotel Zone and the airport of the time. Called, Marina Vallarta. The skeptics and the locals thought this development was too far from the main town to ever become popular. But in fact, it was the birth of the Grupo Situr.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 012Going into the 90’s, they would have similar Puerto Vallarta real estate developments. As well as, hotels, throughout various parts of Mexico.

Of course, it is not surprizing that one of the first people to build in Marina Vallarta, was Guillermo Wulff. His creative thought process, ability to barter and his initiatives, would really help get the development going. He got old friend Liz Taylor to help.

Brilliant Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Marketing Strategy from Guillermo Wulff

Marketing the latest, and largest, real estate development to date, the Club de Tenis and Puesta del Sol were born, next. In the past, Wulff had built homes, for both Taylor and Burton. Over the years, he once again got on his creative financing hat on. He told Liz Taylor, that if she bought one of his units, for cash up front, her second unit, would be free.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 015Thus, Ms. Taylor arrived in town with George Hamilton. After a short ceremony and photo shoot with Liz; George and Guillermo Wulff’s brilliant marketing move was initiated and off to a roaring start. Spin-off was incredible! As, after that, everyone wanted a Condo. Or, any kind of Puerto Vallarta real estate, anywhere near Liz Taylor.

Likewise, larger sites for other developers were offered in Marina Vallarta. Both along the oceanfront, and inside the Marina. Soon after that, some of the five-star and Gran Turismo hotels began being built. Thus, moving Puerto Vallarta real estate, in a strong new direction.

Nuevo Vallarta Given Birth in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Among others, Nuevo Vallarta was born. Soon, it became part of the Puerto Vallarta real estate landscape. Similar developments, began being constructed, in the adjacent State of Nayarit. However, it also had its’ challenges and difficulties. Lacking the same momentum in getting going, mostly. Largely, because like others of the past, it was viewed as being, just too far out of town.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 007But, nothing could be further from the truth, today. Nuevo Vallarta is among the most popular, luxurious and pricey developments in the area.

The first gated community, named Sierra del Mar, was also introduced and built. The Osuna family, situated it, just south of Puerto Vallarta. On the hillside, shadowing the valley below. Right in the foothills of the Sierra Madre. Later, it turned out to become prime Puerto Vallarta real estate.

Development continued in Marina Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, as Puerto Vallarta real estate moved onward in the ‘90s. Primary developments, involved mostly condominiums, and large resort hotels. Vallarta continued to grow steadily and exponentially.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Developments Move North

Risk-takers and strategized developers started looking further north for Puerto Vallarta real estate development land. Smaller communities, such as Bucerias, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Sayulita and San Pancho, seemed like a more cost-effective place to build homes. Caused, because oceanfront property in Puerto Vallarta was becoming increasingly expensive. And, and more limited. Hence, these entrepreneurial sorts moved farther north. So, it was, that the landscape of Puerto Vallarta real estate expanded once more.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 031However, by 1994, Mexico began to experience more wide-spread problems. Interest rates shot through the roof. Financing, and credit was almost impossible to get. Many large developers, among which was Grupo Situr, did not survive during this economic time.

These were tough years. Generally, for real estate development throughout Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta real estate was not exempt. Development slowed, due to these causes. It remained largely that way, throughout the late 90’s. In fact, on up to the beginning of the next century.

Then, the calendar rolled over to the year 2000. It was like someone turned on a light switch! Recovery began virtually overnight. And wow, did it ever recover! The existing, and abandoned, mega-developments of Nuevo Vallarta and Marina Vallarta, began to explode once again, and fill up. All kinds of sub-developers were picking and grabbing. Available remaining lots got gobbled up.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Attracted Opportunists

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 030Canada’s, Vancouver workaholic entrepreneur and swimming pool builder, Graciano Sovernigo, arrived permanently, in Nuevo Vallarta.

After several previous scouting trips, he saw opportunity in the sleeping giant.

Thus, he began to develop Paradise Village. Subsequently, it has become one of the hottest, and most in demand places, for homes, condos and hotel development, in the area.

Two golf courses were added. And, a marina as well. Built specifically, for a special edition to Puerto Vallarta real estate.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 042

In addition, further north, at the upper tip of the Bay of Banderas, is an arrowhead-shaped, 600-hectare (1,482 acre) peninsula. Bordered, on 3 sides by the Pacific Ocean – this is Punta de Mita.

Another, mega-development golfing resort in luxurious Punta de Mita, was thus created. Together with, Flamingos, between Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias.

These projects were in development at the beginning of the 2000’s. They encountered some challenges and difficulty attracting investors. Simply, because of the hesitation resulting from the late 90’s.

But, they offered choice development properties. With all the infrastructure in place, they were ready, when the market really rebounded in 2003.

‘Mr. Microsoft’ gets Involved in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

As a matter of fact, it rebounded so strongly, that Mr. Bill Gates himself, yes that’s right, Mr. Microsoft, bought the 5 Diamond-rated Four Season’s Hotel and Resort, lock, stock and barrel.

So, people are left to wonder, what happened? Why, did this incredible growth the region saw, begin this time?

Well, when you break it all down, the answer is really quite simple.

The amazing success recovery story of Puerto Vallarta real estate was a combination of factors.

First, it’s very safe.

The whole area, is well policed. Both, by the Federales, and several levels of Municipal Police.

Therefore, there’s a very low crime rate.

Second, it’s unusually friendly.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 023

Third, it’s stunningly beautiful.

Fourth, it’s an ocean playground.

Fifth, it’s a Golfers paradise.

Sixty, it’s full of adventure, both on the water and off.

Seventh, it’s not terribly expensive to live.

And eighth, it’s one of the most popular Cruise Ship destinations on the planet.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Offers the Perfect Blend of Climate and Activities

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 050Plus, the entire area delivers average daytime temperatures of +28 C, year-round. With moderate night-time temperatures of +22 C.

Moreover, there’s an average of 340 days of sunshine with blue skies per year.

Since, it rarely rains during the daytime, it’s the perfect place to live.

Mostly, the thunderstorms only occur at night. Then, watch out!

Vallarta offers some of the most spectacular night-time electrical storms, anywhere. They are simply stunning out over the Pacific. And, amazing sunsets too.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 069Additionally, there’s virtually no air pollution, like other places. All the amenities exist. Even, Walmart, Costco and Home Depot.

Like all that’s not enough, there’s no end of restaurants. From every end of the spectrum.

Furthermore, Mariachis and other local music abound everywhere.

Gaiety, culture, music, fun and laughter fill the Vallarta nightlife. As a matter of fact, Vallarta is nominated for entertainment awards again, in 2018.

Also, it’s largely bi-lingual. In, Spanish and English.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 018

Puerto Vallarta area is an ocean playground. For the young and old alike. Some locals also speak French, Italian, German and a host of other languages.

These are just a few of the reasons why people come to Puerto Vallarta. And, why they invest in Puerto Vallarta real estate. But, does all this cause them to stay here?

America’s Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Owners Come and Go at Their Leisure

Of course, the 9-11 disaster in the US, and the subsequent economic recession after the tech bubble burst in 2010, was certainly a contributing factor to Puerto Vallarta real estate, as we know it today.

Many hardworking Americans got a wake-up call.

Thus, causing them to rethink their lives.

How much were they working in the USA? And, were they enjoying their lives in the USA, with their families, as they should be? The short answer was a definite, no!

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 031First off, the American people had been roasted by the stock market crash. Bringing with it, the worst real estate crash in their history.

Both those, coupled with, foreclosures, bad Presidential decisions, insecurity, and fear of more horrific terrorist attacks.

Plus, the overwhelming accompanying financial burden, that the anti-terrorism counter-prevention measures, brought along. As a result, many Americans figured that the US, was ‘going to hell in a hand-basket’. And so, they wanted their money out of the country.

With all this in mind, Americans figured that Mexican or Canadian real estate, would be a good place to put their money this time around.

Why? Because both their neighbors, north and south, have very stable and strong economies.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 032

As a result, Puerto Vallarta Real Estate has never looked back since. It continues to advance and offer safe-haven for hoards of American cash!

Needless to say, this doesn’t make President Trump very happy, so that’s part of the reason why, he began his little anti-Mexico tirade. Fear mongering, of sorts.

You Too Can Profit from Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

With the Mexican economy now recovered, doing well, and with the country’s stable government, it was a logical choice to stash investment money. The Bahia de Banderas region was prepared, through all the prime real estate, being offered. Ready for building.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 033Equally important, the mega-developments already in place. Condominium projects, all-inclusive resorts and expensive home developments exploded around the bay! Tourism was growing. People needed to escape colder-climate winters. Take vacations.

The airlines were quick to recognize that. Thus, swiftly to respond and promote.

Today, the area has at least five mega-developments.

Within those, there are around 100 projects under construction.

And, more coming on stream in January 2019.

Additionally, there are now seven golf courses in existence. Three more, are in the planning or development stages and moving forward, as well.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 008Likewise, three more marinas, with inland canals being worked on.

More boat slips are currently available and planned, than anywhere else in Mexico.

All this, in the greater Vallarta area.

By comparison, Puerto Vallarta real estate is the modern-day equivalent of the Yukon gold rush. From the days of yesteryear!

Metro Puerto Vallarta is now well known. Moreover, highly desirable. Whether for a holiday, winter, or a retirement destination. An area, that continues to offer a diverse myriad of Puerto Vallarta real estate options. As well as, choices, amenities and price points. Puerto Vallarta Real Estate not only offers variety, it offers security, recreation and comfort.

Canadians and the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Market

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 043Furthermore, it’s a time when Baby Boomers were just starting to retire. Or, at least, think strongly about and plan for it.

Mexico is friendly. Very close by comparison, to Canada.

It’s close by too.

In addition, Mexico is temperately warm, 12 months of the year. What an ideal place to own a vacation or retirement home.

Shared enthusiasm has also brought Canadians to the area, in record numbers. Although the rich can be anywhere they wish in the world, middle-class, cannot. Canadians are flocking to the Puerto Vallarta area and buying winter homes.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 037Also, vacation homes and retirement homes. Bucerias for example, is comprised of about 85% Canadian population. A percentage factor, for all owned homes in the area.

Many more Canadians are on the way too. Mostly, because they want to retire somewhere safe and warm.

Likewise, “getting a bigger bang for their buck.” Right now, the Canadian dollar is 15:1 on the Mexican Peso. Pretty attractive really.

In the winter of 1982, the highly-respected Canadian architectural design-build firm from Calgary, Alberta, Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group Inc., (URBREG Inc.), began working part-time in Puerto Vallarta. Partially due, to slow times during Canada’s winter months.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate is Moving North & Closer to Canada

In addition, recognizing the need for a Canadian architectural firm and general contractor. One, that could serve the needs of Canadians and Americans. Designing and building to Canadian Construction Code Standards.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 061Hence, they established a permanent satellite location of the firm in Puerto Vallarta in 1985. After doing so, growing ever since. Today, they maintain a full-time office for International and Puerto Vallarta Real Estate.

Furthermore, for, consulting, architectural design, interior design, and construction.

As well as, project management professionals. Situated on the gorgeous marina in Nuevo Vallarta.

Among the prestigious developments in which URBREG, has become involved, is the glamorous diamond-rated, Punta de Mita project. Located just north of Puerto Vallarta in the Punta de Mita area.

Many things included, it features a private beach with 80 waterfront and ocean-view luxury single-family residential building lots. Included is an upscale Condominium project. Which will change the standards in luxury Puerto Vallarta real estate forever. The development has 3 different sizes and different floor plans to choose from.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 028

Featured, is a stunning Beach Club with a luxurious lobby. And, a magnificent lounge. Elegant dining room with an ocean-view, from the beach club, nearby. Complete with amazing views over the infinity pools. These are already designed and will be built in Phase I. Luxury living abounds everywhere. This fabulous Puerto Vallarta real estate offering is a 100% full ownership community, not timeshare.

New Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Development at Bolongo

Earthwork, utility-work and civil-work began in July 2014. Pre-selling started in January 2016. Main construction has already commenced. The building lots range in size from 600 square meters to 1200 square meters. Many are selling at well over 1 million dollars USD, each. That’s just for the lot, friends! Contact an URBREG representative, with confidence, for more information. Or, to purchase. As well, to have your own design-work and custom building done.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 062Although, there are now numerous million-dollar homes and Condos available all along the coastal regions, there are also still some residential properties available, for around $200,000.00 to $400,000.00 USD as well.

But, in that price range you won’t be on the beach.

You’ll have to drive, or walk to the waters-edge.

However, you will still be in the same beautiful climate, as the beach-owners. And, you will have a small piece of Puerto Vallarta real estate, to call your very own.

Puerto Vallarta real estate has many pluses over other resort and retirement destinations in Mexico. One important advantage of Puerto Vallarta real estate is, that it’s on the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 068Surrounding the Bahia de Banderas region, that offers shelter from any potential hurricanes and other severe tropical storms. Allowing homes on its hillsides, that also allows the area to become nearly as valuable, in some areas, as beachfront properties.

Because, of the spectacular views, sunsets and proximity to all amenities the region can offer.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate as a #1 Retirement Destination

Puerto Vallarta real estate also has its’ historic, well-known, and popular downtown central area. Most of which, has retained its charm, originality and character. Huge popularity cruise ship destination as well.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 017The redeveloped Malecon boardwalk, is unique to the town. Known the world over, for its’ fine restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and shops, with the serenity of the seashore.

All this, coupled with a river running through the middle of town, create the Cuale Island. Features, like these combined, is also something that Cancun and Los Cabos to some degree, cannot provide.

Moreover, the town’s ‘Central Park’ make Puerto Vallarta real estate more popular than anywhere else in Mexico.

To the south, it is rich in tropical rain-forest foliage. And, to the north it is semi-arid.

Therefore, offering something for every nature-lover and adventure-seeker imaginable. Numerous rivers empty into the beautiful Bahia de Banderas, making the area a rich fishing resource.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 016The Bay is perfectly sheltered for Cruise Ships. Also, for boating, whale-watching, fishing and sight-seeing. This warm, tropical ocean playground offers warm breezes for sailors, wind-surfers and papa-sailors, nearly every day of the year.

Magnificent Puerto Vallarta Real Estate | Only a 4 Hour Plane-ride from Many Canadian Destinations

Puerto Vallarta with its’ large international airport, is close to all major markets in the USA and Canada. Boasting excellent airlifting and non-stop, direct flights with nearly all major airlines servicing the region.

For example, WestJet, has daily non-stop flights from numerous Canadian Cities. Cities, including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. More international carriers and flights were added in 2015 as well. Then, in 2017, more added still.

Hence, opening it up even further, to international travelers, and markets. Unto itself, this is going to bring on another aggressive, upward surge in Puerto Vallarta real estate. Furthermore, in the demand for, and popularity of, Puerto Vallarta real estate.

Although, there was no major plan initially established for the destination, success was inevitable. Not surprisingly though, all the necessary factors for a successful resort, winter and retirement real estate destination had been in place since day one.

But, those were seriously over looked. Now, since the demand built up starting in 2003, the Puerto Vallarta real estate arena, and area, will experience explosive growth. In addition, investment opportunity for the upcoming decades.

Debacles of the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Marketplace

Despite all these positives however, there are still periodic collapses. Tales of terrible failure. Some of which, swallowed up good people’s money. Leaving them holding little more than a Puerto Vallarta real estate shell, with no deed.

One such horror story, is the one of Taheima Wellness Resort and Spa. A French-Canadian developer from Quebec, Michel Gaucher, with son David, together with some other cronies, had a dream idea. However, they had insufficient capital to fully complete the Puerto Vallarta real estate development project. As a result, the Gaucher’s changed the theme, in favor of a NUDIST RESORT, to try to salvage their venture.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 063

However, in the end, it still went ‘belly-up’. Leaving in its’ wake, a trail of devastation, legal challenges and battles.

Later, an HOA was formed, and it was renamed, Condominios Taheima. Contrary, to what Trip Advisor still advertises on their website, it is no longer a “Wellness Resort and Spa.”

Many owners of the community’s 160+ unit development, prepaid their money in full, to Gaucher’s company, Whole In One. Yet, they got burned when the Gaucher’s literally left overnight. “Flew the coop,” in 2013. As a result, these good people now have no deed to their property.

On the other hand, some got their deeds, but many didn’t. Despite, them paying for their units in full! Of particular importance, no deed means, they cannot legally sell their condo. At least, not until all the legal challenges are settled and they get their deed to the property. These units were not cheap either! Many were in excess of $300,000.00 USD. Suppliers and tradespeople got burned too!

So, BEWARE of this condo community!

More About Taheima Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 029As touched upon earlier, the defunct and abandoned development, was since been taken over by the people who had purchased units. The ‘homeowners’, so to speak. They formed a HOA (Home Owners Association), converted the previous concierge, Kristian Veitch, to manager, and now run the place as Taheima Condominios.

Many of the wealthier owners come and go. There have been numerous fights, disputes and disagreements with Veitch and the HOA, along the way. That, coupled with a private investment group foreclosing on the development, caused many owners to lose their condo altogether!

Some folks use the place as nothing more than their vacation refuge, a few times per year. But, most other owners, who are not quite so affluent, rent out their units to vacationers. Or, to long-term tenants, in order to be able to keep up, with the exorbitant  maintenance fees the HOA established and imposed.

Fraud in Taheima Puerto Vallarta Real Estate – True or False?

Despite the alleged FRAUD that took place, the place is now cleaned up. However, it is still burdened with a number of legal issues, as previously summarized. Stunningly beautiful pools though. Very safe, secure, peaceful and quiet, too.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 058Reasonably, well kept and run during the ‘high-season’. Nonetheless, the same cannot be said for the rest of the year! Unfortunately, it gets neglected, right after the winter vacation crowd leaves. Though, it should truly be, one of those Puerto Vallarta real estate gems! Sad to see, that it went ‘belly-up’. Yet, “one man’s loss is another man’s gain,” as they say!

If you’d like to know more, just get in touch with us. Our Puerto Vallarta real estate team would be delighted to assist. Avoiding calamities, like the foregoing, is a very good reason why it is important to use a highly-qualified, professional Puerto Vallarta real estate company.

URBREG’s Puerto Vallarta real estate veteran team can give you honest advice. Solid guidance, and exceptional representation, are just part of our customer service pledge. For all your Puerto Vallarta real estate aspirations, dreams and needs!

If You Seek a Stable, Growth-oriented, Safe Haven for Your Cash – Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Can’t Be Beat

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 026As of September 1, 2014, Mexico just recorded its’ 1 millionth American immigrant. As a matter of fact, Puerto Vallarta, is home to the single largest population of Americans outside the United States!

But, not only the Americans are coming.

Canadians are moving to metro Vallarta by the thousands too.

In fact, the home-owners in the community of Bucerias are approximately, 85% Canadian.

Hence, trends and analysis show that by the year 2024, there will be an additional 6 million Americans and Canadians moving into the greater Puerto Vallarta area.

Most will be buying Puerto Vallarta real estate, for the aforementioned reasons.

Any wonder why, the former Obama administration, is pushing so hard for the hated ‘Exit Tax’?

Likewise, why the current Trump administration, is on his rant against Mexico!

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Blog Article Image 064After, it’s all been analyzed, broken down and laid out like this, it’s very easy to see why Puerto Vallarta real estate has become the #1 retirement destination on the globe.

With all that it offers, it’s also easy to figure out, how it has become the most successful winter vacation and second-home end point, too.

From around the world.

Thus, don’t miss the bus.

Get in on your piece of paradise quickly!

Do it, before the prices skyrocket.

Hence, becoming in-affordable, excepting only to the very wealthy.

Just like Monte Carlo.

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