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Renovation design and construction relates to people from all walks of life. Nobody is immune. Many homeowners in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or other parts of North America love their home, their neighborhood and location, but perhaps the home needs a face-lift. Or maybe expansion to accommodate a growing or maturing family.

Renovation Design Contractors in Canada, USA, Mexico

Or maybe the family has outgrown it altogether and it needs to be made bigger. Or perhaps it needs an interior overhaul, a Suite added or an addition. Whatever the case The Urbane Team can come to the rescue with a complete home renovation design and construction package tailored to your needs.

Need a complete extreme home makeover? We do those too, and although our Team of Experts are not models, we probably could teach Ty Pennington a thing or two in the process. Whether you want to book an appointment or get advice, contact us!

The idea of having a home renovation design and residential renovation contractor come in and do a home overhaul is often considered much more appealing, when compared to moving.

It could be that the kitchen is outdated. Maybe, a new bathroom needs to be added. Or perhaps you are lucky enough to have you mother-in-law moving in and a new basement suite needs to be built. Do your bedrooms need to be overhauled or the master bedroom upgraded?  Perhaps like many, you’ve been the victim of flood or fire damage and you need restoration. Or possibly your home needs to be totally gutted and a complete home renovation design and construction is in order.

Sometimes the whole house has to be renovated and made larger to accommodate a growing family. Walls have to be moved, foundations poured and a totally different look given to the home altogether. Maybe it’s a heritage home and you want a complete home restoration or perhaps it’s a residential retrofit. If it relates to home renovation design and construction, you have indeed found the right group of companies to handle all your needs – inside and outside. It could even be as simple as building a new garage and not involve the home at all. Or maybe, your recreational property needs to be remodeled.

Whatever it is, whatever the reason, according to Stats Canada, home renovation design and residential renovation construction is a $3 billion dollar a year business in Canada. That’s staggering!

But, it clearly illustrates that not everyone is up to building a new custom home, or even moving to a different one. Some people love where they are, but need some upgrades.

Any sort of home renovation to a Client’s primary residence can have stresses and inconvenience and that’s why it is important to choose a quality renovation contractor, who can both design and build the Clients vision. Unlike building a new custom home from scratch, most of the time with renovations the Client is still living in the home that is to be remodeled.

From the Moment the Dream is Born, the Planning begins for a Home Renovation Design and Construction

From the very simplest to the most outlandish, home design ideas and renovation concepts are infinite. Yet, these play an integral part of home renovation design and construction for the dream or the needs. But where does the homeowner begin, in the actual process? We suggest with a preliminary design consultation with one of our professional residential renovation designers.

For over 45+ years The Urbane Construction & Design Group and its’ 3 divisions have been designing, renovating, building and landscaping properties all over Alberta and British Columbia. Our exceptional quality craftsmanship and customer service, has taken us far and wide to many other distant international locations and tropical vacation resorts. We’ve designed and completed over 5,500 Projects in all shapes and sizes since 1971 and in all price ranges from a few thousand dollars to several million, in value.

From the initial consultation, right through the entire process, until you are waving good-bye at the front door, as our tradesmen drive away, the Urbane Design and Construction Group gives you all the support together with unrivaled 5 Star customer service. Top quality craftsmanship, and monitored supervision of every detail are a way of life with Urbane’s Team. Minimizing your stress, ensuring your peace of mind and a making the renovation process a rewarding experience is the Urbane culture. It all begins with the home renovation design process and work that gets completed during those planning phases.

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The Urbane Residential Group Design Team is here to Expertly Help with your Home Renovation Design and Build

The Urbane designers and constructors are an integrated group of consult-design-build professional team members, that will guide you every step of the way in developing and completing your home renovation design and construction dreams. From the first hand-sketch through budgeting, from the conceptual stage through final design and permit ready drawings, from permitting through engineering, from materials selections through demolition, and from framing through finishing; our Team of residential experts and tradesmen will coordinate it all. We’ll organize specialty trades, order materials and manage sub-contractors, as well as taking care of the scheduling, supervision, engineering and inspections throughout the entire process.

The only thing you’ll have to do is watch your step, keep clear of the construction areas, appreciate the precision, admire the beauty and boast about the craftsmanship, as your home renovation design all comes together in reality. And of course, make your progress payments as required.

We’re here to answer all your questions from the very beginning and feel privileged to extend our expertise, guidance and rock-solid advice as consultants, designers and builders accumulated from all our years of experience as a residential renovation contractor, a new custom home builder and a landscape construction firm, in both Canada and Mexico – in both frozen and heat-drenched conditions. We’ll also do our level best to offer you asylum from every conceivable issue, obstacle, matter and uncertainty, as well as, unraveling all the municipal red-tape for you that home renovation design and construction could possibly present – including engineering, permitting, sub-trades and construction code.

Urbane’s Teams have you Covered when it comes to Home Renovation Design and Construction

This home renovation is your dream – in alliance with our professional Team! A matchless and unbeatable combination. You’ve made the right decision and choice by coming to us. We’ll ensure you’re always in expert hands for your home renovation design, project management and construction work.

The 3 divisions of The Urbane Construction Consult-Design-Build Group Inc., which is comprised of Urbane Designers, Urbane Construction and Urbane Landscapers have got it all covered, whether it’s inside or outside, rooftop or basement, front or back, big or small – from ‘Conceptualization to Completion’ backed by over 4 decades in the custom home building, home renovation design, residential renovation and landscape construction consult-design-project manage-build business. We’re here for you from the moment your vision is first discussed, right through to handing you your keys for the new door locks. The Urbane Construction Group demonstrates unequaled customer service, satisfaction guarantee and matchless warranty, so that you have a satisfying experience, many pleasant memories and lots of ‘before and after’ pictures, after it is all completed.

The following is a very brief summary of some of the factors that could be involved when a home renovation design and construction is done:

  • Meeting, planning, concept, designing
  • Surveying, permitting, engineering
  • Excavation, drainage, back-filling, grading
  • Sub-base, forming, foundations, inspections
  • Framing, roofing, windows, doors, sliders
  • Exterior finishing, siding, stucco, gutters
  • Electrical, plumbing, gas, HVAC
  • Insulation, drywall, interior painting
  • Cabinetry, doors, casings, moldings
  • Flooring, fixtures, hardware, appliances
  • Decks, railings, patio reconstruction
  • Landscape and outdoor living remediation
  • Soft landscaping, irrigation, plantings repair
  • Finishing, walk-through, keys to Clients

We invite you to CONTACT US NOW about Home Renovation Design and Construction

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The Home Renovation Design phone to our Offices is Toll-free 1-855-5URBANE (1-855-587-2263)

We thank you in advance for your most appreciated home residential design business. All of us here at The Urbane Group of Companies, both in our Offices and on our Project Sites, look forward to working with you. Our years of experience together with the hand-picked group of experts and professionals we employ in designing, managing and building, make the URG System for Success matchless and seamless on renovation design.

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