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It’s possible, you may need expert and professionally trained expert personnel at some point in your life, to give you residential assistance. Maybe, for a new custom home. Or perhaps, a landscape, outdoor living space or sustainable garden.

Residential Assistance | Expert Design Build

URBREG International Group Residential Assistance Image IXIf so, the designing experts at the Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group (URBREG International Inc.) is rated as a premier choice. As a matter of fact, A+++ at the BBB, for example.

Therefore, whether it is for consulting, designing or building, Universal Residential Group has served homeowners for over 4 decades. Proudly delivering, quality, integrity, creativity and originality.

Residential Assistance Professionals

Since 1971, we’ve been designing and building. In addition, the URBREG Team has delivered some of the finest Custom Homes in the world. And, landscapes, outdoor living spaces and gardens too. Together, over 5,000 completed projects to our credit.

URBREG International Group Residential Assistance Image IIAlso, URBREG, is honored to be the proud recipients of more than 700 international awards. Awards for originality, excellence, quality, warranty and customer service. Although, it was never our intention to seek awards, we’re proud of our Teams accomplishments, just the same.

URBREG Residential Assistance Uniqueness

But, what is so unique about the Universal Group? The short answer is, benefits to our Clients. Thus, we’re a  professional residential construction contractor, with teams of architectural designers, construction personnel and international real estate agents too. Experts, that are ready to serve your needs with 5 shining Gold Star service, creativity and integrity. Consequently, we have global Universal franchises, with protected territories, available as well.

URBREG International Group Residential Assistance Image VIUniversal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group (URBREG International Group) extends residential assistance in the western hemisphere. Primarily, throughout Alberta, British Columbia, central Canada, the western United States and Mexico.

In addition, we’re in other international destinations. Places, such as Central America, South America and parts of Europe, on a request basis.

Residential Assistance Diversity

Many things, about the URBREG Group is very unique. #TheUrbregTeamOfExperts were hand-picked and gathered one by one. Together, we’re pioneers in architectural design, residential construction and international real estate.

URBREG International Group Residential Assistance Image IIIURBREG’s group of professionals has designed and built high-quality dream homes and bespoke outdoor living spaces, all over the western hemisphere. Moreover, we’ve created, patented and perfected OLE! (Optimized Lifestyle Enhancement).


To simplify your navigation on our residential assistance website, we’ve made lots of bright green-colored phrases. These are ‘live links’. Therefore, click on any one of them, to get more information on that topic.

In addition, we’ve made some of them to open in a new window, so you don’t lose your place. Others, will take you to our secondary pages. Still others, direct you to our resource websites. There, you will find more relevant information on a particular topic.

Set Apart | Residential Assistance Professionals in Design, Construction & Real Estate | Clients Benefit

URBREG International Group Residential Assistance Image IVThus, below is the first concentrated series of those links. Of particular importance, each one will get you to more specific information. These, are just a few factors that set us apart.

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Foregoing, are just some of our most recognized residential assistance attributes.

Of equal importance, browse the construction services pages too. Also, check out the real estate pages of the URBREG living advisory website.

Also, we’re fluent in English and Spanish. Visite nuestro sitio Web en Español. Everywhere, you’ll see high-quality characteristics, associated with the URBREG Group.

URBREG International Group Residential Assistance Image VIIIIn addition, visit our construction Facebook Page. LIKE and SHARE us. Furthermore, see our real estate Facebook page for your Vallarta area needs. Likewise, have a look at our Landscapes Facebook Page for all the outdoor property enhancements.

Similarly, be sure to Follow Us on Twitter, as well. Correspondingly, that’s where we do all our trend and new releases. In addition, have a look at all our Pinterest Boards. There, you will find a host of interesting Pins.

Finally, view an article about some of the latest design trends. Notably, through our Social Media platforms, we’ll display projects and new residential assistance products. Consequently, see for yourself the diversity, quality and originality we’re referring to.

URBREG Group | One-Stop-Shop | Residential Assistance

In conclusion, when you need premium residential assistance in design, construction or real estate CONTACT US. Of particular importance, we’ll extend a FREE initial residential assistance consultation. Likewise, you can get all sorts of FREE info, tips, advice and how-to’s through our news articles.

Residential Assistance | Design – Build Locally & Globally |  QUALITY is Job #1

URBREG International Group Residential Assistance Image VIILast of all, if you prefer to phone, call the Universal Residential Builders & Real Estate Group toll-free at 1 877 9 URBREG (1 877 987 2734) from anywhere in Canada and the USA.

Or, from within Mexico at +52 322 146 8325. Internationally, you can reach us at 011 52 322 146 8325, in English. For Spanish, call Alfonso at 011 52 322 152 6747, or Rogelio at 011 52 322 200 1889.

Expert residential assistance, is only a click or phone call away. Don’t spam us though. That’ll get you banned. Once you click on the big orange button, you will be automatically take to our contact forms. Choose the most appropriate one, fill it and submit. Our Team Pros will evaluate your request and get back to you ASAP.

To conclude, submit your residential assistance inquiry. You’ll be glad you did. Thank us later :-)

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