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This Residential Renovations section of our Website is intended to give you an informational preview and some ideas of your home renovations possibilities, inside and outside. Residential renovations are as diverse and varied as are the Clients themselves.

Renovations for the Home You Love | Often Better Than Moving

Our veteran design and construction experts are here to enhance your experience, and we have been since 1971, over 6,600 satisfied, repeat Clients ago. Urbreg’s Residential Renovations division is perfect for those people who love their present home.

Often, outdoor living spaces and neighborhood are perfect, but additions, updates, upgrades or an overhaul is needed. To meet growing family needs and demands, the place where you live will at some point need a revision – inside or outside.

Residential Renovations | Re-imagining & Re-designing | Living Spaces You Love

We do everything from front end aesthetic, curb appeal enhancements, to dream kitchens. Everything in between as it relates to home, garden & landscape.

Perhaps, you want to transform an underutilized space into a Home Theater Media room? Or maybe, basement finishing for your growing teens to have their own private space? Perhaps gut and upgrade the entire interior of your home, while you’re gone on winter vacation, to avoid disruption in your daily life?

Whatever your needs or desires, our Interior Design and Residential Construction Teams are here to make sure your residential renovation experience is a successful and gratifying one. As you’ve probably seen from browsing our Website, we’re the “One-Stop-Shop for Everything Residential.”

Home Renovations | Improvements | Upgrades for Selling

If you’re looking to future re-sale value, which projects will give the best return when it comes to residential upgrades?  There are many different variables which that will depend on.  This is only one of the reasons why you should consult with a seasoned Consult-Design-Build Construction Firm, such as the Universal Residential Builders Group of professionals, first.

As a General Contractor, we can assess your home objectively, evaluate your needs, analyze your objectives, review the finances and provide professional advice. You’ll get direction for the home renovations you are contemplating.

From there, we can prioritize your needs, build you a budget and design your vision, using state-of-the-art 2D and 3D CAD technology. As with any construction undertaking, you’ll find that the UCG System for Success will eradicate the complexities and make the experience a pleasure to complete.

A future buyer gets their first impression from the ‘curb appeal’ on the exterior of your home. Therefore in order to get them in the door, front-end improvements are priceless, if you are thinking of selling soon.  Otherwise, the curb-appeal of your property should be something you are proud of whenever your guests and family arrive. You will rest better not being ashamed of a shabby front yard, or home. Exterior residential renovations may also be necessary to achieve either of these goals.

Home Renovations with the ‘Biggest Bang for the Buck

Many experts categorize kitchen remodels as one of the best renovation ways to boost your home’s value.

Although certainly debatable, from a functionality point of view, a dream kitchen is very valuable. It tends to be the most intensely occupied room in the home. Among the many valuable renovation points to consider in a kitchen upgrade, are counters, cabinets, flooring and appliances.

Bathroom renovations and upgrades are also often a focused upon area of the home. However; they are typically more personal. Therefore updates from a functionality perspective, are more important than other rooms in the home. Especially popular renovations are improvements to master suites. These include customized showers, spas, steam saunas, or jetted tubs.

Home renovations come in all forms. They are as diversified as the home owners themselves. From house roofs to building foundations. From garages to outdoor BBQ Kitchens. Even entertainment areas. Home renovations sometimes cost more than new homes themselves.

Whether you are replacing old windows to decrease your utility bill, gutting the entire interior for a makeover, making the place larger to accommodate the growing family, or doing it all, some consideration should be directed to increasing your resale value when doing residential renovations.

The Universal Residential Builders Group of experts can lend a hand in every respect. From conception to completion, URBREG experts are just a phone call away when it comes to indoor or outdoor residential renovations.

Outdoor Living Renovations & Entertaining Areas

When considering or planning residential renovations, a part of your project should always give consideration to adding a well-planned outdoor living space for functionality and increased value.

Today, more than ever, people are utilizing their own land in optimal ways.  As an example, over the past 47+ years, we’ve built everything from Patios to luxurious Outdoor Spas. From Pergolas to extravagant Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Islands. Extending your indoor living space outdoors to a patio, lanai or deck, is no longer just a trend.  It is a necessity for creating a balanced and harmonized lifestyle.  When done correctly, it provides calm, peaceful space for relaxing and enjoying life. These spaces should be planned as an integral part of your residential renovations master-plan.

Outdoor living is all about creating private get-a-ways. A retreat, or sanctuary from the outside world. Integrating the indoor with the outdoor living areas, also adds tranquility, refuge, and entertaining enhancement. Not only does a well-planned outdoor-yard-space increase your living areas pleasure and the value of your home, it also provides the harmony and balance of a wonderful flow of soothing Feng Shui energy into and out of your house.

Contact us anytime to find out more about the value of these factors.

Budgeting & Investment Control for Home Renovations

Your home is likely the biggest single investment you will ever make in your lifetime. Safeguarding that investment is therefore paramount. What a better place to store up a substantial amount of your savings, than in an investment that you have direct control over – your home. And, how will home renovations, upgrades and improvements enhance your lifestyle in the process?

Residential Real Estate is a pretty solid investment. It stands to reason then, so are residential renovations. By investing money in wise and functional home upgrades and enhancements, it is rare when the time factor on the value of money is calculated, that you’ll have deep regrets or disappointments. After all, entire monetary systems are hinged on real estate and mortgages.

If residential renovations weren’t a fairly ‘safe bet’, the Banks wouldn’t be in it, would they? Neither would CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation). Did you know that CMHC invests over 2 billion dollars in financial assistance and programs annually to aid Canadian families with housing and residential renovations?

And of course, there’s the added bonus of no stock brokers misreading the markets. No panic calls, or puts to consider. When you invest your money in your own real estate and the needed residential renovations, you protect that investment.

Case Study About Outdoor Residential Renovations

In 2008, just before the recession, stock market and economic crash, one of our associates designed and booked an exterior residential renovations project, valued in excess of $980,000.00.

The client was an obviously successful man, but sort of an unemotional chap, who moved along through the various stages of the Consult | Design | Build process with considerable comfort and ease, until all things financial really went sideways globally, in 2009. At that point he started to panic about all his financial matters, including bearing and demonstrating considerable remorse and lost sleep, over his residential renovations project.

Nevertheless, after much encouragement and support, he ended up completing the entire Project. When it was time to complete the final walk-through of his new outdoor living renovations project, he briskly walked over and gave our colleague a huge hug and said, “Thank-you so very much.”

Residential Renovations Preserve Your Investment

Since he lacked any sort of emotion previously, Haig asked him why he was thanking him so emphatically. The Client replied,

“Because you saved me close to $1,000,000.00 dollars with these outdoor renovations.”

“I pulled my money out of the Stock Market last year when things were bustling, to complete this project.  Since then, the global financial situation has steadily deteriorated.  I have been following the price of the stock I used to own, ever since I sold it off.  In this economy and with the current world economic conditions, that $1,000,000.00 worth of Stock would have devalued to approximately $10,000.00 in today’s market.”

“You pressed and encouraged me to carry on with this home renovations project and not abort it, despite the worsening economic situation. You assured and supported me, that investing that large sum of money in my property was a good and wise investment. Knowing what I know now that I followed your advice, I am extremely grateful that I did encourage me to complete the renovations project, because I still have about $1,000,000.00 in value for my money – and that is why, I am saying THANK-YOU!”

“Had I left that money in the Stock Market, I would have lost a half lifetime of savings. As it stands now, you have saved me that money, by investing it in my residence.”

Residential Renovations Value Appraisal Increases

Since that time, a recent appraisal of that particular Client’s property revealed that the value of it has nearly doubled, since 2008, largely because of the residential renovations we completed for him. Of course, not everyone is guaranteed the exact same results, but we share this true story, to illustrate just one recent example of what a great investment residential renovations, upgrades and outdoor renovations can be! We’ve got over 47 years of success stories we can share, with anyone who is interested.

Get in touch for more information or any questions you may have about residential renovations. Inside or outside. Make An Inquiry with our experts today and find out what your possibilities might be.

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