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  1. On behalf of the Grambling State University students, thank you for your financial support! We're almost at our $1,000,000 goal! Visit today.

  2. 8 hours ago

    Somebody called my book a "scholarly work" in a review. Look at me, Billy Big Potatoes with my scholarly work. I knew I'd make it one day!!

  3. Oct 24

    Isn't it strange how a simple piece of shiny plastic can get you so excited

  4. Oct 22
    Replying to

    Awesome gif skills!

  5. We're almost there, but we still need your help! Visit: today!

  6. Oct 18
  7. Oct 26
  8. Appreciate every person who took the time to send warm birthday wishes. Thank you so much🤗🙏🏽. I’m taking my time to read, reflect & of course, respond to each of you.

  9. Oct 22

    $1 Million Mission Fed Money Match-Winners Every Day! See winners & rules

  10. Oct 24

    showed major love on the 🎟’s 🙌🏾 ... it haven’t sat in that I’ve seen in uniform! need more work on chemistry. The is going to be playoff team 💯 ( it was smart call that dip out play )

  11. Oct 26
  12. Oct 20

    I asked how many would need to turn up for for it to be too big to ignore; timeline now filling up with people suggesting 17.4m as right answer. Given that counting stopped when the attendees breached 700k, not sure where that march could happen!

  13. Oct 23

    I'm confused as to why this still needs to be said but I'm going to make the announcement anyway. As Halloween approaches, please remember that Black Face is NOT an option.

  14. Oct 27
  15. Oct 24

    Phillips Park Green Watch for your fantastic support of Manchester Team. FRS staff are brilliant role models to young people and your support makes a huge difference to their progression into a +FE outcome! 🚒👏🚒👏

  16. Oct 25

    Brilliant work Stafford Team 13! for the work in your community. ! 👏🚒👏🚒👏🚒

  17. Oct 25

    While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary! for your brilliant support! 👏🚒👏🚒👏🚒

  18. Oct 20

    Best Of Awards🏆 Thank You Santa Barbara for voting for us year after year! . . . . . . . . . .

  19. Oct 19

    When your Mama calls and says she has a Pot of Soup and Corn Bread...and You are Country Boyz and Girlz... 🔥💯🎤

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